10 Best All Mountain Snowboard Bindings for Men (2022)

Looking for the best all-mountain snowboard binding? You are at the right place. In this detailed post, we reviewed more than 27 snowboard bindings by different brands and manufacturers and jotted down a list of top 10 snowboard bindings for men.

Choosing a proper snowboard binding can be a difficult task for sure. After all, there are so many options that are available in the market that one might get a bit confused.

Well, to ease this issue, do check out this video on how to select and choose a snowboard binding:

Before we begin with the detailed reviews of the 10 best all mountain snowboard bindings, here’s a list of binding that are making the rounds this year:

Now that you have seen the top rated all mountain snowboard bindings, it is time to dwell into the details of each of them and decide your next purchase.

Best All Mountain Snowboard Bindings : Reviews Including Pros & Cons

Snowboarding and skiing are two outdoor sports that demand precise and high quality gears. Typically because if you are not using the right gear, be it heated socks, ski boots etc, you are risking your life to be frank.

Here we have some of the best all mountain bindings, tested, reviewed, and compared just for you.

Just to make sure, we did a deep analysis on what brands the snowboarders are using in the current time, the technology that they look in the bindings and price range. Thus, we could prepare a list of 10 different and most vivid all mountain bindings for men.

1.Flow Alpha MTN: Best Snowboard Bindings for Beginners


The great performance and the affordability of the Flow Alpha make it a very popular snowboard binding for the snowboarders.

This rear entry binding is suitable for men as they have got a composite plate on the base that is molded. Also, the rear entry high back is another great feature.

The base plate corners have got rockers that will help in maintaining the natural flex of the snowboard.

Apart from that, the Exofit Powerstrap is something that provides more support and control to the snowboarder.

Then again, there is a versatile mounting system that has a combi-disk which is exactly compatible with the different mounting patterns.

However, those riding any snowboard that has got a channel mounting system, they will have to use a particular adapter in order to use the bindings. The flex rating of these bindings is 3 and it has got toe EVA inserts and full heel.

Here, check this review to get into more details:

  • EVA cushion inserts along with full heels provide comfort.
  • The base plate is rockered and is molded.
  • Uniback highback is a star quality.
  • Flex rating of the snowboard is 3.
  • A suitable product for all mountain snowboarding.
  • Control and support with the help of mini ratchets.
  • Lightweight and provides control to the rider.
  • It takes some time to get used to the highback.
  • Boards having channel mounting systems need to use an adapter.

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2.Ride LX Snowboard Bindings


The Ride LX Snowboard Bindings are pretty much known for the comfort that they provide. Also, the adjustment is pretty simple with just a plug/play option provided.

This binding has recently got some updates and is very reliable. The performance and comfort are top-notch.

It has a Spectrum Chassis System built for a progressive look. There is also a heel cup for the stance that will enhance the performance of the rider.

There is a Wedgie Footbed that can also provide additional control for the beginners who need a little help in honing their skills.

This freestyle all-mountain snowboard binding also comes with a particular strap that has a ThinGrip toe. This is best for having a grip that is a tight fit.

Also, the RAD Ankle strap is the best for providing proper performance and comfort. This type of snowboard binding is best used for downhill slopes.

Check this detailed review:

  • The snowboard binding is pretty adjustable as there are heel cups which can be adjusted.
  • The different features of the product are all for providing comfort to the rider.
  • The Spectrum Chassis System is a great construction method used for the binding and it is sturdy as well.
  • The easy installation method provides a time-saving opportunity for the users.
  • Extremely light-weight and suitable for downhill snowboarding.
  • Suitable for the beginners who need to hone their skills.
  • The snowboard binding can sometimes be a bit hard to release.

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3.5th Element Stealth 3 Snowboard Bindings


The 5th Element Stealth 3 is your basic economic choice as it is not expensive and it also provides a good performance.

The toe straps in this snowboard binding are so easy fitting that they can easily strap themselves to any shape of boots. There are oversized ratchets which can provide additional support.

This means that the rider gets to have a tight grip and control over the snowboard that they are riding. It is known as the lock-in control feature.

This feature is best for beginners who need a little bit more control on their boards. Also, the base plate of the binding is padded and that will allow the riders to have a pretty stable and smooth ride without facing the shocks and the vibrations.

Even if someone is on a high speed, they will be able to move effortlessly. The high back also comes with a forward-lean adjuster which can be changed easily while on the go.

The flex level is also very slow which will provide a very progressive feel to the riders. All in all, this freestyle all-mountain riding bindings are best suited for every level of snowboarding.

  • The universal EVA padded straps for the toe are a tight fit and provide the perfect control and grip.
  • The ratchets are oversized in order to provide more support and comfort.
  • The padding in the base plate ensures a smooth and effortless ride for the users.
  • The price is not that high and can be afforded by people on a budget.
  • Forward-lean adjuster provided which is changeable.
  • There is no canted footbed in the bindings and that can be a problem.
  • Strap quality is not very premium.

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4.K2 Men’s Sonic


With the perfect combination of simplicity, proper function, and reliability, this snowboard binding is the proven formula for amazing adventures.

Built with a Pro-Fusion PC Chassis build, this product is quite durable and promising. The highback is properly padded so the rider will have a pretty smooth ride and will have total control over the board.

The secure adjustment doesn’t require any tool. This allows the user to center the straps precisely. A Lever is provided for easy exit. The product is made with durable composite resin.

Also, the baseplate comes with EVA padding which is perfect for the riding as it provides more smoothness to the board.

The price of this all-mountain snowboard binding is not over the top and it comes at a very affordable price. Also, you will see that the two-strap binding might need some adjustments to get used to.

Check this video to get more insights:

  • Easy to install.
  • The price is not that high when compared to other products.
  • EVA padded baseplate is best for providing comfortable rides.
  • Light-weight and easy to carry.
  • Padded airframe highback offers the users with additional support and comfort.
  • The two-strap binding needs some adjustments.

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5.Gnu Mutant Snowboard Bindings


When you need affordability and quality, this is the option for the professionals as well as the beginners. The flex stiffness and the quality are some of the reasons why it is so popular.

The aluminum formed baseplate has got Hyper core 6061 aluminum which is both responsive and lightweight.

The triple wrap can be used during the bumpy terrains as it helps in absorbing the vibrations. Apart from that, the ankle strap is provided for comfort all the way.

There is also a micro-buckle which will help you in fitting the binding properly to the snowboard. Not just that but there is also an Auto Lever that provides the comfort of sliding right into the bindings.

Such amazing features for such a less price. What more could you ask, right?

Check this video to get more insights:

  • Affordable and can be bought by anyone on a budget.
  • Suitable of all mountain professional snowboarding.
  • Proper quality Hyper core 6061aluminum used to build the product.
  • The flex stiffness provides awesome performance.
  • Triple dampening in the wrap helps in eating up the shocks and vibrations in rocky terrains.
  • Auto Lever for comfortable sliding.
  • Micro-buckle makes the product a proper fit for riders.
  • The ankle strap adds a whole new level of comfort.
  • This product can only be used by the professionals as it is an advanced level snowboard binding.
  • There is no toe cap provided.

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6.Burton Freestyle: Best Freeride Snowboard Bindings


The forgiveness of the model is quite high along with a medium-high flex rating. The response of the model is very good with the Re-Flex design that it has.

So that means this product will be able to feel and absorb the shocks that it has.

Also, the versatile compatibility of the model is due to the different mounting systems.

The baseplate has an EVA padding which consists of polycarbonate that guarantees a consistent response. With a living hinge disc, this binding is light-weight and cored as well.

What more is that it also has a Reactstrap along with the strong Flex Slider that will allow the users to step right in and buckle.

The Gettagrip Capstrap for the toes is an added comfort for the users as they don’t feel any pressure and it also ensures a proper fit for them. Along with that, you will have aluminum ratchets for a modern look.

Check this video to get more insights:

  • Polycarbonate EVA Padding with Triple Axis finish allows the rider to have an amazing and consistent response.
  • Flex slider is strong and durable enough to provide a hassle-free entry.
  • The Gettagrip Capstrap provides an additional amount of grip on the model.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Flex rating is medium-high which makes it suitable for all-mountain snowboarding.
  • The binding can be a bit heavier than the other models.
  • The high back of the model doesn’t really fall flat.

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7.Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings


This model has polyester and nylon materials used for the design of the product due to which these all mountain snowboard bindings are super lightweight and durable.

The material quality alone makes it one of the best snowboard bindings. With a medium rating of flex, this product is most suitable for the all mountain snowboarding.

The bindings come along with a very properly designed footbed which is also canted. With this 2.5 degree canted footbed, the rides will have a better position to keep their ankles.

That means that this model is suitable for the long-distance snowboarding adventures. Along with that, you will also get the best locking slap ratchets from Flow which will add a new level of grip to the snowboard binding that you have.

That is not it, the model has highbacks for speed entry as well. There is also a hybrid Cap Strap for some more protection to the toe cap for the riders.

Although this all mountain snowboard bindings are a little expensive, the high-quality materials that are used here guarantee longevity and durability for the product.

Check this video to get more insights:

  • The snowboard binding has got some quality nylon and polyester materials for the designing.
  • Additional ratchets that are locking slap-type help in providing a strong grip.
  • Canted footbeds at 2.5 degrees ensure well posture and positioning for the ankles.
  • Suitable for all terrains and mountains due to a medium rating of the flex.
  • Very comfortable to enter and exit and saves a lot of time.
  • Highbacks provide a comfortable way of transport at high speeds.
  • The product can be a bit expensive for the people who are on a budget.
  • The stance of this particular model is quite high.

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8.Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Bindings


Burton has been consistently one of the best providers for snowboarding gear and this time with the Burton Cartel EST, it does it again.

There are different sizes available for riders of all sizes. The bindings even come with 6 different colors as well. There is also a base plate that has dual components which provide more response and cushioning.

Also, stiffer materials are used in the binding edges which give them more responsiveness. The underfoot has a very light-weight cushioning built that is why the board awareness increases.

With a very unique approach for the high back, which has a Living Hinge, the snowboard binding is very dynamic and adjustable.

Check this video to get more insights:

  • Lightweight underfoot provides smoother rides.
  • More attractive color options.
  • Very comfortable for the professional riders.
  • Dual components used for making the base plate that provides more comfort and response to the bindings.
  • Cushioned footbed for additional comfort.
  • Living hinge highback ensures more ankle support.
  • This model is compatible just with the snowboard of Burton Cartel.
  • Less durability of the straps can be an issue.
  • There is no minidisc

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9.Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings Mens


This is one model that is both stylish and delivers great performance as well.

The Union Contact Pro snowboard binding is easily the best fit for the professional snowboarders as they have the best quality materials for their built.

The model comes with a very light-weight highback which is an added comfort to the riders as they can travel smoothly in the rough and rocky terrains.

Also, the bottom has a full-on system of cushioning which will help in absorbing all the shocks and vibrations. The cushioning system is known as Vaporlite and it can be used for the improvement of natural canting.

Mini ratchets are also provided so that the adjustments are quick and easy. The flex of the snowboard binding is medium which makes it perfect for all-mountain snowboarding.

The durability and the light-weight nature of the binding are what make it the best in the lot.

Check this video to get more insights:

  • Lightweight highback provides the comfort of transporting in the rocky terrains.
  • The footbed has a cushioning system for added comfort.
  • Buildup of snow is prevented.
  • The model comes with mini ratchets for easy adjustments.
  • Super comfortable for riders.
  • The flex rating is medium and perfect of all-mountain riding.
  • The price of the model is a bit on the higher side.
  • Only suitable for the snowboarders who are professionals.

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10.Union Force Snowboard Bindings


When you want a quality snowboard binding at a price that doesn’t really burns your pocket, the Union Force bindings will be your best companion.

This particular model from Union Force has the perfect blend of responsiveness, toughness, durability, longevity, and comfort.

Union Force snowboard bindings will be able to handle the stressful environments of groomers, pipes, and parks as well. Offering a stiffer baseplate that has got some bushings with dual density, this snowboard binding is just perfect for the professionals.

Also, the dampening and the responsiveness of the model is quite commendable. With a magnesium ratchet buckle, the riders will be able to experience reliable and smooth ratcheting.

Apart from that, the model also has a proper multi-zone highback that offers much support and flex. We agree that the price can be a bit too high for some people, but the long list of features make up for that.

Check this video to get more insights:

  • Durable and strong due to high-quality materials.
  • Bushings with dual density provide more support.
  • Stretched highbacks give better control.
  • Stiff flex rating makes it suitable for professionals.
  • This particular model is a little bit expensive.
  • The snowboard binding is not suitable for the beginners.

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Choosing The Perfect Snowboard Bindings

Some important factors must be considered when you are choosing the right snowboard bindings for you.

  • Riding Style: Select a binding that completely matches with the riding style such as free riding, all mountain, and others. If the flex is not matching with the style, then it will not be worth it.
  • Flex Rating: The flex rating whether it is medium or low or high, is very important as it decides how well the snowboard binding will perform in the different types of terrains.
  • All-Mountain: Bindings with medium flex are recommended for the riders who are not that experienced and want to hone their skills on the groomers, pipes, and parks.
  • Free-Riding: The free-riding snowboard bindings are for the professionals. People who like to ride more on the deep and uneven terrains can go for these snowboard bindings.
  • Durability: The durability of the snowboard bindings also depends on the materials that are used.

Final Words

Snowboarding is definitely an addictive sport for most people and for them, these are some of the best all mountain snowboard bindings. If you have an addiction to snowboarding, then it is high time that you choose the safety gear needed for that.

Well, these products would be a perfect fit for you. Now that you are guided with the factors that are important to choose the mountain bindings, you are all set.

Do let us know your views in the comment section below. We would be happy to know your opinion regarding the listed all mountain snowboard bindings.

10 Best All Mountain Snowboard Bindings for Men (2022)
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