Best Compound Bow for Women – 2022’s Best Buyers Guide

Hunting and archery are both aggressive sports. Although these sports were limited to men, the research shows that the number of active women participants has increased significantly from last 5 years.

So if you are women, I would like to congratulate you for taking the interest and showing your passion in the sport. Talking about the sport, I myself know many women archers who have raised the standard of archery outcompeting men at various competitions.

So now that you are reading this, I suppose, you must be looking for the best compound bow for yourself. Not to worry anymore. In this post, I will be discussing and reviewing the best compound bows for women.

These compound bows have been carefully picked after observing the top women archers and taking their guidance.

Although, there isn’t much difference between compound bows for men and women. Though, majorly all women archers prefer bows that are fairly lightweight and accurate.

Before beginning with the actual reviews, here are some of the topics and best compound bows for women that I will be discussing and reviewing in this post.

Best Compound Bows For Women- 2017’s Best Buyer’s Guide

Compound Bow Draw Weight Price
Winchester Women’s Destiny 15-52 LBS Check Price
Quest Radical 40 LBS Check Price
SAS Rage 55-70 LBS Check Price
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro 5-70 LBS Check Price
Leader Accessories 30-55 LBS Check Price

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Just to ensure you, all the bows that are mentioned in this post are good for all levels of women archers. Although, it becomes really difficult to choose the best bow from hundreds of brands.

Each bow is made to perform well by the manufacturers but, there are some bows which are excessively popular due to their features and durability.

I sincerely feel that you should read this full post and then decide the best compound bow for yourself. Although, if you are running out of time and you really want to skim through, I would recommend that you do read the reviews for the SAS Rage and the Diamond Archery Infinite compound bow. These are the best performing bows that have got very good reviews from the archers who have used them professionally for hunting, target shooting and archery.

Best Compound Bows for Women- Top 5 Compound Bows Reviews

1. Winchester Women’s Destiny

The name of the bow itself signifies that it is specially made for the female archers. The bow measures 31.5 inches axle to axle and comes with a 7.37 inches brace height which is good for women as they are comparatively shorter than men.

The bow is highly durable and comes with a 100% machined 6061 Aluminum Riser supporting ultra light Split Limbs.

You can adjust the draw weight of the bow from 15-52 lbs depending on your experience level. Also, the draw length can be adjusted between 17 inches to 28 inches. Overall, you can adjust the bow as per your convenience.

The Winchester compound bow comes with huge power and customizing functionalities. You will get a narrow grip with a smaller frame to accommodate a smaller hand (women have smaller hands as compared to men).

The Riser Cam System will provide you with great adjustability. The bow also features a Stabil-Lock limb which provides a vice-like grip. This means that the bow is highly adjustable and flexible to hold and shoot an accurate shot with great speed.

The body of the bow is made of stainless steel as already discussed. This means that the bow is going to stay for many rugged archery sessions.

  • Good for Female Archers
  • Highly durable due to 6061 aluminum riser.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • Cam system provides great adjustability.
  • Draw weight and draw length can be adjusted.
  • Good for aggressive archery sessions
  • lightweight compound bow
  • Good for beginners only.
  • Could have offered better features for money.

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Adding next bow to the list, we have the Quest Radical Compound Bow. It was introduced in late 2014 as a youth bow. However, the company has made many new modifications to make it ready for the year.

The Radical also features a 6061 aluminum riser and no bow press as it already supports a highly adjustable cam design with a Durafuse finish. It also has an adjustable string stop.

The bow comes in two different finishes, RealtreeAP and RealtreeAP Purple which is the favorite color option for females. The bow looks absolutely masterpiece as it measures 29.25 inches from axle-to-axle with 7.125 inches of brace height. The draw weight of the bow could be adjusted between 15-70 lbs along with the draw length which can be adjusted between 17.5 inches to 30 inches.

You can comfortably shoot at 295 fps when you are using a draw weight of 70 lbs. Although, if you are a beginner in archery and hunting, you will need some experience to get to that level.

The Quest comes with a decent sight and arrow rest however, you can upgrade it to better versions by spending few dollars from your own pocket.

The bow is adjustable and you can adjust the draw weight by simply moving the screws in the modules to the corresponding number. Also, make sure that while doing the adjustment both the cams are having the same setting.

The Quest Radical is definitely a good option if you are having a decent budget of around $400.

  • Supports 6061 durable aluminum riser.
  • Draw length can be adjusted from 17.5-30 inches
  • Highly accurate shooting experience.
  • Different color options.
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive for beginners and people running on a strict budget.
  • Only for Right Hand Users.
  • Speed could be an issue while hunting big animals, although it is perfect for archery and target shooting.

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3. SAS Rage Compound Bow– Best Compound Bow for Women (Beginners)

SAS Rage is the most renowned compound bow in the market. You ask any professional archer, be it men or women, 90% of the professionals will suggest you start your archery journey with the SAS Rage making it the best compound bow for beginners and newbies.

I have personally used this bow and have recommended my students to use it for perfecting their archery skills. SAS or the Southland Archery Supplies is a well-established brand for all types of bows be it compound bows, recurve bows etc.

Hands down, I would highly recommend you buy this bow if you are a beginner who is just starting her career in archery, target shooting or hunting. Also, it is your best option if you are running on a fixed budget. You can purchase the bow with a budget of around $150-$200 making it the most affordable compound bow for women.

The bow measures 35 inches from axle-to-axle (best for women who have height>5.5ft) with a draw length of 30 inches.

The bow gives you a tremendous comfort while drawing a bow and shooting your target. I have already used this bow many times before and like I said, it has got great accuracy and power.

Talking more about the technical aspects of the bow, you can use draw weights upto 70 lbs. The limbs of the bow are intact by the back pivoting limb pockets that provide a stronger connection of the bow with your body. Also, the bow has a great balance as it has got compressed ABS limb spans balance with weight and strength to support the longer life of this compound bow.

Talking about the speed, I have personally measured the speed of the compound bow which was 270 fps when calculated with a chronograph. Also, the bow weight used was 70 lbs that time.

I don’t believe in buying expensive equipment until I am adapted to use that equipment. Likewise, I would suggest this bow to any female beginner archer who is aspiring to become a great archer and target shooter one day.

Frankly speaking, SAS Rage is your best bet if you are planning to buy a budget compound bow that is good in both features and durability. The bow has got a great response from the public and the last time when I had checked, the bow was almost sold.

  • The best compound bow for beginner women archers and intermediate professionals.
  • With 70 lbs draw weight, you can definitely use it for hunting.
  • Highly Affordable Compound Bow.
  • Carries the trust factor of SAS.
  • Will stay intact for years due to high durability.
  • Provides a great focus and accuracy.
  • It actually helps in developing outstanding skills as a beginner.
  • Good for beginner and intermediate archers. Pro archers can opt for other options such as the Diamond Infinite.
  • Speed could appear to be a little slow while using light draw weights.

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4. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Review– Best Compound Bow for Women

Coming to the best compound bow from the list and my personal recommendation, Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is the best compound bow.

Don’t get me wrong but it has nothing to do with women alone. The Diamond Infinite is good for both men and women. Some people say that it is good for beginner level archers which I totally disagree with it.

Of course, any bow can be used by both beginners and professionals, it all depends on how you get mature along with your compound bow.

The bow is good for standard archery for women as well as target shooting sessions. The bow supports a dual cam eccentric system. The cams are elliptical in shape and are perfectly synchronized for a perfectly straight flight.

The Infinite Edge is one of the most adjustable compounds which can be adjusted in draw length from 13 inches to 30 inches. Depending on your experience, you can also adjust the draw weight of the bow from 5 lbs to 70 lbs.

Although you may feel some vibrations while shooting your target, it does come with a string stopper which helps in eliminating the hand-shock vibrations and noise effectively.

The axle-to-axle length of the bow is 31 inches which is quite acceptable if you have a height more than 5.10 ft. The bow weight’s 3.1 lbs making it an average weighted bow as you can get other bows which are lighter or heavier. However, 3.1 lbs is a perfect weight for an archer to shoot their target with better accuracy and power.

Making the bow stylish are its different color options. The bow can be bought in three different colors i..e. BlackOps, Mossy Oak Infinite, and Pink Blaze. A funny fact, here also, most of the women prefer to buy pink.

The Diamond Archery are a great option for any experience level archer.

I have used the bow personally. Frankly speaking, you won’t get another bow with such a great quality and price. It is a great and an affordable option as it costs less than $400. There are many bow brands which promise to be the best from the lot and are quite expensive. However, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro definitely speaks for itself as it is the most preferred compound bow for women.

  • Highly adjustable lightweight compound bow.
  • Great build quality for the money.
  • Produces minimum vibrations while shooting.
  • A highly balanced bow which provides accurate shots.
  • Adjustable draw length and weight.
  • Best for beginners and seasoned archers and hunters.
  • Need to manually install the peep sight.
  • Tundra sight and arrow rest can be improved.

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5. Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories is another great addition to the list. It is a highly affordable bow which comes for a budget of less than $250.

Talking about the body of the bow, it has an aluminum riser which is highly durable and will sustain for many archery and hunting sessions. The size of the bow is 31.5 inches when measured from axle-to-axle.

Moving to the adjustability option, the Leader Accessories is an adjustable bow where you can easily modulate the draw weight of the bow between 50-70 lbs. However, the bow weighs 4.4 pounds which is way more than the other compound bows discussed till now, you can attain a maximum speed of 310 FPS. Thus, it is best suggested for women who want to go for aggressive hunting sessions.

Moreover, you can choose the SAS Rage or the Diamond Archery Infinite if you are looking for archery and target shooting, Leader Accessories can be chosen only if you are eager to hunt animals like wild pig or deer.

Being a budget bow, you cannot expect it to compete against other medium level bows. That is why there is room for many upgradations in the bow where you can upgrade the arrow rest and the 2 pin sight to a better version.

The draw weight should be kept between 50-70 lbs for perfect and accurate shots along with the arrow length which should be kept to 30 inches as it is recommended by most of the experts.

Well, it’s now your choice to decide whether the bow will be worth the value. You can definitely purchase the bow if you are running on a strict budget. I won’t say that it will offer you the best features but it is truly worth the money.

  • You can adjust the draw length and weight.
  • Provides great accuracy.
  • Durable and can be used for back-to-back hunting and archery sessions.
  • Can be used for bow fishing too.
  • Great speed promotes the bow for hunting sessions.
  • Highly Affordable compound bow.
  • Great color combinations available.
  • Only for Right Hand Users
  • Will have to buy extra accessories seperately.
  • Might seem a little heavy to beginners.

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Now that you have read the reviews of the top 5 best compound bows for women, it is time to decide and choose the perfect bow. According to personal experience, I have picked two compound bows which you can review and pick for yourself.

Do let me know which bow you are planning to buy next. I would love to hear your views in the comments section below.

Best Compound Bow for Women – 2022’s Best Buyers Guide
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