Best Budget Compound Bow For The Money- 2022’s Ultimate Buyers Guide

If you on this page, you must be looking for the best compound bow for the money so that you can become ready for archery, target shooting or hunting. If not, I suppose, you are searching for the best compound bows.

There are so many compound bows available in the market. Some of them are good and some of them are great. In this post, you will get to know about the best compound bows that will surely enhance your hunting and target shooting experience to a whole new level.

So these are some of the topics including the best bows which I’ll be covering for a detailed review in this post:

So whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional archer and hunter, choosing a compound bow can become quite confusing when you have to choose the best bow from hundreds of brands. Well, my best compound bow reviews and buyers guide will surely help you to make the correct choice and choose the best bow for yourself.

Let’s look at the top compound bows which I have picked for reviewing.

Best Affordable Compound Bows- For Beginners and Professionals

Compound Bow Draw Weight Price
SAS Scorpii 30-55 LBS Check Price
Bear Archery Attitude 60-70 LBS Check Price
SAS Rage (Editors Choice) 55-70 LBS Check Price
Leader Accessories 50-70 LBS Check Price
Raptor Compound Bow 30-70 LBS Check Price
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro (Editors Choice) 50-70 LBS Check Price
PSE Prophecy 5-70 LBS Check Price
Martin Archery Lithium 15 LBS Check Price

Recommended Read:

Now that you have seen the top compound bows, I would highly recommend you read the full post to decide the best compound bow for yourself.

Although, if you are in a hurry and want to just skip to the best-recommended compound bow, I would suggest you read the reviews for the SAS Rage and Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro which would be your best choice for a perfect archery and hunting session

Best Compound Bows for the Money – Best Compound Bows

1. SAS Scorpii– Best Compound Bow on the Market


The Southland Archery Supplies(SAS) is not a new brand which needs an introduction in the compound bow segment. It is one of the most notable and reputed bow brands which makes the highly durable compound and recurve bows.

The SAS Scorpii compound bow is the best compound bow on the market. The bow is highly adjustable such that you can adjust the bow length and the weight of the bow according to your convenience. The draw weight can be adjusted from 30-55 LBS and the draw length can be adjusted between 19 to 29 inches depending on your personal preference.

The bow is compact and weighs around 3.3 pounds which is very less as compared to the other complex compound bows in the market. It measures around 28 inches from axle to axle.

The SAS Scorpii is not a complex compound bow. Everyone knows that archery, target shooting, and hunting are one of the most expensive games. Keeping this in mind, SAS has introduced the most affordable compound bow Scorpii so that anyone who is passionate about the sport can enhance his skills and become a pro in the game step by step.

The SAS Scorpii is a good buy for you if you are a beginner who wants to learn the basics of archery and target shooting. The bow comes with 7 years limited manufacturer warranty from SAS. The SAS Scorpii is definitely a hot selling and the most affordable buy in the market which has got awesome reviews from the customers who have been using it for archery.

  • Easy to carry due to a compact size.
  • The bow is extremely durable.
  • Easily Adjustable Draw Length(19-29 inches).
  • The build quality is good.
  • Different Draw Weight Options (30-55 LBS).
  • Good Option for Beginners for basic archery.
  • 7 Years or manufacturer warranty.
  • Not good for hunting as you need extreme power for that.
  • Good for beginners only.

Check Price

2. Bear Archery Attitude– Best Compound Bow for Hunting


Adding to the next list of compound bows, Bear Archery Attitude is something which I cannot miss. I have tried this bow and frankly speaking, it will impress you with its high speed and accuracy.

Bear Archery is known for its legacy of producing the best bows in the game. The Bear Archery Attitude signifies the style statement and comes with EZ3 single Cam system with rotating modules.  You can shoot comfortably at speeds of up to 310 fps.

The bow is a little advanced and would be a good buy if you are really looking to enhance your game in archery and hunting. The bow is lightweight and can be easily managed by any level of archer be it a newbie, intermediate or a professional.

The bow size is 31 inches from axle to axle with 7-1/4 brace height. The cam is made of stainless steel bearings and integrated with a string suppressor to reduce the vibration while shooting your target. You can adjust the draw length of the bow from 25 inches to 32 inches with an adjustable draw length of 1/2 increments.

The best part, you can easily hold the bow even at full draw. Overall, I was highly satisfied by using the bow as it is highly precise and accurate. The bow features an aluminum riser which makes the bow highly durable for regular and rugged archery and hunting sessions. Though, I won’t say it is a highly affordable option. However, it is the best compound bow for hunting if you compare it to other compound bows of its range.

  • Lightweight bow with great stability.
  • Can be easily tuned using a single cam.
  • An amazing option for hunting from a tree stand or a ground blind.
  • Highly Affordable when compared to other advanced bows.
  • Great build quality.
  • Not the best option for target shooting.
  • May seem a little short for some archers.

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3. SAS Rage– Best Compound Bow for Beginners


SAS Rage is the most anticipated bow which I wanted to talk about. Frankly speaking, if you are a beginner who is keen to learn archery, target shooting or hunting, hands down, SAS Rage is your best option if you are on a strict budget.

The reason why SAS Rage is the best compound bow for beginners is it’s durable and compact design. I have already talked about the SAS Scorpii, which again is another affordable option.

Southland Archery Supplies better know as SAS is in the game of manufacturing the best bows for nearly ten years now. The SAS Rage is the best option for budding shooters and newbies to develop their talents in archery. I have used the bow in one of the events. It has got a great accuracy and power while shooting. Being the most affordable compound bow it is nearly as best as some of the most advanced and expensive bows.

The size of the bow matches the traditional 35 inches from axle to axle with a draw length of 30 inches. You will see a great balance while holding the bow as it has got compressed ABS limb spans balance with weight and strength to support the long life of the compound bow. You can use a draw weight of upto 70 lbs. The limbs are intact by the back pivoting limb pockets providing a stronger connection with your body.

I had even calculated the speed while shooting a 70lbs arrow. It was about 270 feet per second when calculated by a chronograph. It was stunning to see this highly affordable bow hitting that speed with so much accuracy when it hits the target.

You can also use a higher quality aluminum sight to get more accurate shots. This is preferred when you have got some experience in pulling and shooting a target. Once you are through with proper stance and holding the bow in the right way, you can upgrade the bow for better and powerful shots.

Frankly speaking, I have enjoyed every single shot from the SAS Rage. It is a fantastic bow for a beginner who wants to learn the dos and donts of archery and hunting. I would highly recommend this bow for its durability and affordability. Last time when I had checked online, the bow was out of stock. You can either wait or go for the SAS Scorpii if you are not able to buy the SAS Rage due to limited stock.

  • The Best Compound Bow for Beginners and Intermediate professionals.
  • With 70 lbs draw weight, you can use it for hunting.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • Carries the trust of SAS.
  • Will stay intact for years due to high durability.
  • Provides great accuracy.
  • You can develop outstanding skills as a beginner.
  • Good for beginners and intermediate professionals.
  • Speed could be an issue while hunting big animals, although it is perfect for archery and target shooting.

Check Price

4. Leader Accessories Compound Bow for Hunting


Leader Accessories Compound Bow is another great addition to the list of compound bows. The bow is 31.5 inches when measured from axle to axle. However, it is slightly heavy than other compound bows and weighs around 4.4 lbs.

Talking about the build quality, the riser of the bow is made of aluminum making it a durable option that is going to stay for many hunting and archery sessions. You can adjust the draw weight between 50-70 lbs and attain a maximum speed of 310 FPS. This makes it a good option for hunting sessions as you can easily kill an animal like wild pig or deer using this compound bow.

However, there are things which you can further upgrade to a better version like the arrow rest and the 2 pin sight. The arrow rest is made of plastic and can definitely be upgraded to a Whisker Biscuit or a drop away rest.

Also, the 2-pin default sight is enough for starting out but if you are looking for professional bowhunting sessions, you can upgrade it to a better version sooner or later.

I would suggest you keep the draw weights between 50-70 lbs as it will be the best for shooting the arrow and getting the maximum output from the bow. Regarding the arrow length, you can keep it to 30 inches as recommended by most of the experts.

This bow is a good option if you are looking for a beginner level hunting and archery experience. However, I would strongly suggest going for the SAS Rage or Scorpii if you are looking for a beginner level archery and hunting. That will be your best bet and an affordable option than the Leader Accessories.

The difference between the SAS and Leader is not much. Although, you can buy the Leader Accessory for its better grip and advanced customizability options or better choose the Diamond Archery if you are looking for professional archery.

  • Bow is adjustable. You can adjust the draw weight and draw length.
  • The bow provides great accuracy.
  • Made of durable material.
  • Can be used for bow fishing too.
  • Great speed promotes the bow for hunting sessions.
  • A Highly Affordable compound bow.
  • Great color combination.
  • Only for Right Hand Users
  • Will have to buy accessories seperately.
  • May seem a little heavy to beginners.

Check Price

5. Raptor Compound Bow


Raptor is not a known compound bow but, it is a great addition to the list of best compound bows for the money.

Firstly, it is not a normal compound and I would not suggest you buy this compound if you are a complete newbie. It is because it needs some adjustments and tuning for a perfect shot. Thus it would suit the best to intermediates or people who have some sort of experience in shooting a bow.

Talking about the technicalities, you can adjust the draw weight of the bow between 30-70 lbs. The draw length can be adjusted from 24.5-31 lbs. This depends on the level of an archer. If you don’t have much experience, try the draw weights between 50-70 lbs.

Overall, the bow is an absolute joy to shoot. The draw is very smooth and it doesn’t produce much vibrations or noise while shooting at your target. All this without any stabilizer gives a good impression overall.

You can grip the bow in a balanced way such that, you can even go for multiple rounds of shooting without an ache in your arm or shoulder. That means more consistent shots in the kill zone groups which is an impressive feat.

The overall size of the bow is 30 inches when measured from axle to axle. The weight being 3.6 lbs is not much as compared to the other complex and advanced compounds. The bow is good when you are willing to customize it adding more updates for cheap.

Lastly, the Raptor compound is a highly durable compound which produces minute or no vibrations while shooting. It is best suggested for intermediate and professional archers and hunters.

  • Adjustable draw length and weight.
  • Produces no noise while shooting.
  • Highly balanced for long archery sessions.
  • Strong Grip.
  • A highly smooth bow with great stability.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • Better options available for slightly more price.
  • A little complicated for beginners.

Check Price

6. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro– Best Compound Bow for 201


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is not a simple compound bow for beginners and newbies as assumed by many. I have read numerous reviews online which appear to be coming from people who haven’t even seen a compound bow in their life.

Less to say it is exceptionally good for beginners who are looking for a great compound bow to learn the basics of archery and hunting. The Diamond Archery provides a newbie an opportunity for growing in skills from a complete beginner to a professional with this amazing compound bow.

Talking about the bow, I have used the bow for a while and I am very impressed by the features it offers. The bow has a solid back wall along with an extended draw length for longer draw archers. It is one of the most accurate bows. Thanks to the dual cam eccentric system. The bow supports cams which are elliptical in shape and are perfectly synchronized for a perfectly straight flight.

You can switch the draw length from 13 inches to 30 inches and the draw weight from 5 lbs to 70 lbs. The bow isn’t the quietest compound bow but nor it is annoyingly noisy either.

The Diamond Archery is a great bow for target shooting and hunting. Frankly speaking, I haven’t seen a compound bow which offers both style and features in one package. Diamond Archery is one bow which fulfills both the style with an attractive design along with a ton of features.

I can simply brag about this bow all day. The reason for this is only high quality and accurate shots. On a count of ten, I will give this bow nine as it is the best option for beginners and professionals to enhance their archery and hunting skills.

  • Highly adjustable lightweight compound bow.
  • Great build quality for the money.
  • Produces no vibrations while shooting.
  • A highly balanced bow which provides accurate shots.
  • Adjustable draw length and weight.
  • A great value for money.
  • Best for Beginners and professionals.
  • Need to manually install the peep sight.
  • Tundra sight and arrow rest can be improved.

Check Price

7. PSE Prophecy


Now that I have covered the most affordable compound bows already, it’s time to discuss some high-end bows which are not exactly affordable but neither they are too pricey. These bows are a great option only if you are looking to take your archery and hunting experience to an advanced or professional level.

Okay, for some of you, you may find PSE Prophecy as an expensive buy. This is typically due to the other affordable bows that I have discussed till now. True, you can opt for SAS Rage or Diamond Archery, but, if you are keen about archery and hunting for a long time (more than 3-4 years) and you have a decent budget, PSE Prophecy is definitely a good buy.

Talking about the bow, it has got parallel limbs with a Planar Flex riser. I was simply amazed when I got to know that the material used for making the bow is 7075 aircraft grade aluminum which gives it an increased strength and decreased weight. Totally worth that money, isn’t it?

Also, the bow has the fastest ever single cam- Amp Cam (AP) with a 2nd generation posi-lock inner cam. It has got larger string track for amplified performance along with new bow geometries.

The new PSE Prophecy is smooth and accurate and you can shoot at the maximum speed of 340 FPS, another great achievement indeed.

The bow measures 32 inches from axle to axle and you can adjust the draw length between 25 inches to 30 inches.

If you have ever used a PSE bow, you will be knowing that the brand is utterly famous for its stability and accuracy. Although, being a compound bow, it will produce a nominal sound which you can minimize by using a softer stopper.

Overall, I am highly impressed by the PSE prophecy. It is definitely a great buy for hardcore bowhunters.

  • It is the fastest single cam bow ever made with flight speed of 340 FPS.
  • A Highly Durable bow which can stay intact even after long archery sessions.
  • Made from highly durable 7075 aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Smooth shooting experience.
  • Highly accurate shots.
  • Adjustable draw length.
  • A great buy for hardcore bowhunters and archers.
  • May seem a little expensive than other compound bows.
  • Draw cycle may seem to be a little aggressive to some.

Check Price

8. Martin Archery Lithium


Hunters need power, accuracy, and speed while shooting their target. This is mainly compromised when you are looking for a bow in a fixed budget.

The Martin Archery Lithium is a bow which signifies power, style, and aggressiveness to handle all circumstances. This bow which comes at a very decent budget is a great option for the professionals. I won’t say that the bow isn’t good for newbies or, it is complex to handle. However, purchasing high-end bow without having enough knowledge about the subject is absurd.

Although, if you have a zeal for performing better in the game whether it is archery or hunting, Martin Archery will surely keep your head up for the coming years.

Talking about the build quality, the Lithium bow is both lightweight and durable. You would not want to hold a heavy bow which would cause arm fatigue after a few sessions. The bow has got twin X4 limbs which provide an enormous speed and stability. The size is 33.25 inches from axle to axle, it makes the bow comfortable for young adults and professionals.

The bow also consists of a precision machined one-piece riser that provides good support to the limbs. Adding to the stability, the riser is also bridged making the bow highly stable to shoot the most accurate shots on your target.

Although the weight of the bow is 3.8 lbs, it may seem heavy to extreme young people (<12 years). You can adjust the draw length of the bow from 26 inches to 30.5 inches. Also, the draw weight range is 15 lbs.

Least to say, Martin Archery is a great buy for extreme hunting sessions and professional archery. The bow will stay intact for years.

  • X4 twin limbs provide both speed and stability
  • Lightweight and durable build quality.
  • Adjustable draw length.
  • Best for extreme hunting sessions.
  • The STS suppressor eliminates all types of noise and vibrations.
  • Supports smoother draw and release due to Nitro Cam system.
  • Arrows not included with the package.
  • Not meant for beginners.
  • May seem expensive if you are having a fixed budget.

Check Price

Compound Bow Buyers Guide:

Now that we have discussed the best compound bows in the market, it’s is time to decide the best bow for our use.

Whether it is for the upcoming archery and hunting session or, if you are looking to upgrade your compound bow, this compound bow buyers guide will help you to pick the best bow for yourself.

Let’s discuss the basic structure of the compound bow for your better understanding.


Source: cabelas

How to choose the best compound bow?

Cam Selection:

There are 5 different types of cams:

  1. Round Wheels
  2. Single Cams
  3. Dual Cams
  4. 1.5 Hybrid Cams
  5. Binary Cams

Round Wheel cams are the slowest of all compound bows but, they are highly accurate, reasonable quiet and are easy to tune.

Single cams are quite popular as every bow manufacturer launches a bow with it. The single cams are matched to the idler wheel of the bow making it easy to tune.

Dual Cams require more tuning and maintenance although, they offer greater speed than the single cam bows. In dual cams, both the cams are needed to be properly synchronized to match the full potential of the compound bow.

The 1.5 hybrid cams are the combined forms of both dual and solo cam. Its functioning is same as that of the single cam.

Binary cams are similar to the dual cams. The only exception is that the cams are slaved to each other. This means that both the cams will move and rotate while drawing and shooting. They are maintenance free cams.


Risers are the handle part of the bow which comes in different designs, material, and shapes. The construction of the riser highly influences the functioning, performance, and price of the bow.

They basically come in three different styles:

  1. Reflex
  2. Deflex
  3. Straight

Reflex risers are curved away from the natural curvature of the limbs of the compound bow. This design supports faster speed and also reduces the bow’s brace height. Typically most of the modern-day hunting bows are made and designed with reflex risers.

Deflex risers are the opposite of the reflex risers. They follow the curvature of the limb which increases the brace height. The deflex risers are thus slower than the reflex risers but, they do support higher accuracy.

Straight risers fall in the middle of the reflex and deflex risers. They are although inclined towards the reflex risers as they have much less extreme curvature. These types of risers support a fast and forgiving feature to the bow.

Which Compound Bow is best for you?

  1. Axle-to-axle length(ATA)– This is the distance which is there between the axles of the cam(s). Longer the ATA of the compound bow, more it will be steady and easy to hold in a vertical position. However, a bow with shorter ATA is great when you are hunting from the ground blind or tree stand.
  2. Brace height – It is the strings resting position to the groove in the bow’s grip. The brace height of the bow greatly affects the arrow speed of the bow influencing the power stroke. A shorter brace height will result in the higher speed of the arrow but can also lead to less stability. A longer brace height will be slower but will result in a greater stability of the bow resulting in good accuracy.
  3. Bow weight – Simple, a heavier bow is easier to hold as it is steady but, it will eventually lead to arm fatigue when you are busy for long hunting or archery sessions. A lightweight bow is highly accurate and easy to carry.
  4. Adjustability – As I have already discussed, most of the bows that I have put on the list of best compound bows are highly adjustable whether it is their draw length or weight. You will mostly see many compounds with 15-30 draw weight, you can also see weight from 30-70 lbs. It basically depends on your experience level. Once you are on your path to becoming a pro, you will need draw weight even more than 70 lbs.

Which is the Best Compound Bow?

Well, I have discussed all the top compound bows which are currently available in the market. I have also discussed the buying guide for choosing the best compound bow for yourself. Depending on all the above data, I have selected the best compound bows in the different categories as follow:

I hope by now, you would be able to make the correct choice for yourself. I have prepared this guide using my personal experience in target shooting, hunting, and advanced archery. Also, I did a good research so that I could suggest the best compound bow for a beginner who is just about to start learning the basics of archery.

So which bow are you planning to buy? I would be glad to know your views in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your colleagues and friends who are interested in archery and want to follow it for passion.

Best Budget Compound Bow For The Money- 2022’s Ultimate Buyers Guide
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