5 Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers (2022) – #1 Resource for Golfers

It is always a tedious and somewhat confusing task to choose the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

In this detailed post, we have tried to bring the top golf drivers that would help you take those tee shots more accurately.

In order to make this post more helpful, we did a survey with the golfers. We asked them the same question- which is the perfect golf driver for mid handicappers?

Though we got to know about various brands and different models of those brands, we jotted the list to 5 best golf drivers for mid handicappers from over 17 different drivers.

On our website, we try to bring the best of the golf gear reviews so that you don’t have to stress much on finding the best ones.

Either way, without letting you wait any further, here’s our top golf drivers for mid handicappers:

Since you have seen the list now, it is time to see their detailed reviews and know more about their features and pros & cons.

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers: Detailed Reviews

When it comes to golf, what is the one thing that players want to do the most?

Well, it is to hit the perfect tee shots, what else? If you think of yourself as a golf enthusiast then you know what we are talking about. To be able to hit the perfect tee shots that go straight, high, and long is the ultimate dream for a golfer.

With the help of the long range golf drivers, the golfers are easily able to hit higher and straighter tee shots.

But then again, how does one decide which golf driver to choose so that they get the best results?

Here, we are sharing the detailed specifications and features of the listed golf drivers for mid handicappers.

1.Wilson Staff D300 Driver

For the mid handicappers, the Driver Technology in the Wilson Staff D300 is literally very good.

The Aerodynamics of the driver helps the golfer in hitting the ball to a longer distance.

Apart from that, with the Right Light Technology, this particular driver is very handy and lightweight. It also helps in increasing the speed of the clubhead.

Do watch this video review to get a better understanding of the driver: Also, it provides more stability and control to the golfers during their swings which you can analyze further using a good golf swing analyzer. The Micro Vortex Generators are provided in the driver’s crown in order to reduce the drag and it further leads to the improvement of the balance.

You will also be able to see that the hosel that is in this model is very light-weight and smaller when compared to the other models. Also, the players can completely adjust the driver without even having to remove the head of the club.

There are 3 draw bias settings that are also provided. Even the driver’s stock shaft is very light-weight which makes it perfect for higher launches.

The spin offering is mid-level and the grip is also excellent. This product is not only suitable for the mid-handicappers but for the players of other levels as well.

With an ample amount of forgiveness and impressive distance, this driver should be your top pick.

  • There is an adjustable hosel that provides more draw settings and lofts.
  • Increased speed of the swing due to the lightweight structure of the model.
  • The price of the model is not that expensive and can be afforded by anyone on a budget.
  • Forgiveness produces acceptable results for the mis-hits as well.
  • There are spikes on the model’s crown that can be a bit off-putting for some players

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2.Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver

This particular golf driver gets the name HB from the HBore Crown that is used in the golf driver. Due to the use of this crown, the golf club is able to deliver the best performance for the high handicappers by creating a very deep and low Center of Gravity.

It also shaves some weight from the driver making it pretty light-weight and easy to carry. Also, the Bonded design in the hosel provides more weight-saving benefits for the users.

Here’s a detailed video:

Using the Cup Face technology for building the driver, the manufacturers claim to provide an increased speed in the balls. It doesn’t really matter where the shot is hit, this technology will control the speed of the ball.

The Flex-Fin tech that is used in this golf club helps in controlling the speed of the ball in an even better way.

Along with that, the shaft is a pretty light-weight one and is extremely durable and long-lasting. This is because it uses that Miyazaki C Kua 50 graphite for the shaft.

All in all, it can be said that this product is very durable and reliable when it comes to choosing the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

  • The golfer will get straighter shots and much higher launch
  • The club head is very forgiving and perfect for mid handicappers
  • A deep and low center of gravity provided
  • The speed of the balls has a lot of improvement
  • The ball speed is also increased from every single impact locations
  • The construction of the driver gives a very solid sound during the impact
  • The style of the drivers needs a little time to get used to if the golfer is not a professional
  • The alignment and the finish need a little bit more improvement

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3.TaylorMade M4 Driver

The TaylorMade M4 driver has got everything that you need to make it the best. With a 460cc head of the club which is relatively a bit larger than the rest, this driver creates a forgiveness that cannot be compared with anything else.

Also, there is an increased area of contact due to the large size.

The technology of Twist Face is another benefit that will bring a whole new curvature as it helps in reducing the spin. It does so by a slight alteration to the loft.

Here’s a detailed review of the same:

For that reason, if you have a mis-hit, the shot will not be that bad. Another thing here is the hammerhead slot that is just a slot for the sole which allows the golfer to have a flexible and better clubface.

You will easily be able to locate the sweet spot in here. The sound of the impact is really important and Geocoustic Technology in the driver produces an amazing sound when the impact happens.

The 4A hosel is adjustable and it will allow the golfer to do a lot of fine tuning to it.

  • This model is specifically designed in order to decrease the spin.
  • The face of the golf driver is much more flexible and light.
  • The sweet spot is very easy to locate due to the large size of the blub face.
  • Explosive and loud sound comes out during the impact.
  • Straighter shots can be delivered which go a long distance.
  • The head cover that is included comes absolutely free of cost.
  • The model suits best for the professionals.
  • The flex in the shaft is supposed to be a little bit stiffer.
  • The model is a bit expensive.

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4.Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

The design and the features of the Callaway Men’s XR 16 are the main highlights in the driver for mid handicappers. The driver has a very low center of gravity.

Also, the exceptionally large head of the club provides maximum forgiveness and it also creates a Moment of Inertia that is massive.

With the use of the RMOTO technology from the next generation, this driver is a lot thinner than the other models that you will see. Ultimately the design makes it a very light-weight model as well.

Certainly, the driver is very good to be used by mid handicappers. Here’s a small test video where 13 handicappers tested the Men’s XR and shared their reviews:

For those players who need a forgiving golf driver with a very fast pace, this is the ideal option for them. The graphite shaft that is present in the driver makes it very durable.

Also, there are 3 variable options for the flex that you can choose from. You will be able to make a choice from the Senior, Regular, and the Stiff option.

The loft of the driver really makes a pretty big difference. The Callaway XR 16 comes along with different loft options as well.

In order to enhance your skills, we always suggest that you practice on golf simulators.

You will be able to choose from these options that can provide you with different speeds of the ball that go very long distances on every single shot.

  • The response of the driver to the fast swings is very good and the distance is impressive as well
  • Due to the large shape, it is very easy to find out the sweet spot in the driver
  • The driver also provides a very steady feel and a proper balance when you are using it
  • The amazing matte finish with the graphics gives this club a very attractive appearance
  • The head of the driver is pretty light and aerodynamic than the other models
  • The entire driver is light-weight and easy to carry
  • Titanium alloy used for the design makes it very strong and durable
  • The spin of the driver can be a bit of a problem for some golfers as it is not that high
  • The graphics in the club make it look very cheap and busy
  • Some shots might not go as well as planned
  • The driver is a pretty expensive one

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5.Titleist 917 D2 Driver 9.5 Degrees Rogue Max 65-S

When it comes to design and technology, no one can beat the Titleist 917 Driver. The main highlight of the driver is the amazing and new SureFit CG technology that it uses.

It allows the golfers to make sure that their clubs’ center of gravity is completely adjusted so that they can have an ideal drive shot. The movable weighs are not that common these days and this driver has it.

Also, this technology allows the additional weight to move to a particular chamber that is in the club head’s back.

Check this video review to get a better gist of the driver and its features:

Apart from that, the cylinder of the driver has got a very composite material that makes it pretty durable. The weight is in between about 8-16 gms which makes it a pretty lightweight model.

The players also have the option to make sure that they neutralize the added weight. The brand also has some heavier and lighter weights to ensure that the players are able to get their desired weight for the swing.

This particular technology also provides an improvement in the spin rates as well. Also, the forgiveness of the golf driver is commendable.

With the Radial Speed Face and the Active Recoil Channel, the entire design of the model is built to create an exceptional forgiveness for the players.

  • Forgiving driver allows even the mis-hits to become classic shots.
  • The players will get many different types of shaft choices to choose from.
  • The lie and loft combinations that are available provide the players with an opportunity to fine tune the drivers properly.
  • The shots travel a long distance.
  • All this technology can be a bit overwhelming for the mid handicappers.
  • The high rate of spin can create a problem in the distance for some golfers.
  • The advanced settings of the driver are not suitable for the beginners.

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Final Words:

So, these were some of the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers. If you want to get a new golf driver to hit the awesome tee shots, then these are the options that you should go for.

Sure enough, there are many other golf drivers out there that are suitable for the mid handicappers. You can also consider Ping G or Cobra F8 drivers as well.

Trust us, the list doesn’t really end. But these are the 5 options that are tested and proven to provide you with the best performance while you are out there playing.

We get it that choosing a particular golf driver for the mid-handicappers can be a bit of a difficulty. However, it is certainly not impossible. All you have to do is take care of some factors.

A player needs to focus on the skills that he/she has in order to decide the golf driver that they want.

Do share your views on this post in the comment section below.

5 Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers (2022) – #1 Resource for Golfers
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