5 Best Golf Drivers for Long Distance 2022 – With #1 Longest Hitting Driver

Golf is a game of precision and the right mindset. It is one of the few games where you need to channelize the energy of your full body to hit an accurate shot.

Hitting a long distance shot is one of the most important shots for any golfer as it plays a deciding role in your game. being a golfer, if you learn the correct way to hit long-distance shots, it will be one of your greatest abilities which would significantly help you to improve your game.

In this detailed post, we have tried to bring the best in you by covering the best long distance golf drivers which would help you with an extra push so that you can hit a perfect long-range shot.

The sickest moment for any golfer is when they try to chip out from behind a tree and try to hit a tee shot. Do you face it going all the wrong fairway? Well, this post is for you.

Using a right driver guarantees shaving strokes for a golfer in their game. In this post, we have covered the best names of the industry: Callaway, Titleist, Ping, TaylorMade, and Cobra. All these brands are experts in manufacturing the best golf drivers for longer drives and use technology which makes them stand out from the rest of the brands.

We bet, that these drivers will not only help you take those long-range shots easily but, they would be something you won’t feel a jitter about of taking out of your golf bag for hitting some highly precise shots.

So without making you wait any further, let’s check out the top 5 long range gold drivers:

Now that you have checked the list, it is time to delve into these amazing drivers and know more about them.

1. Callaway Men’s XR 16 – Best Driver for Distance

Starting our list with the most anticipated longest hitting driver, the Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is a well-known driver for the budget.

The brand is well known for introducing golfers to the next generation cutting edge technology to enhance their game and take it to a pedestal.

We have covered the features of this amazing driver in details but before that, do watch this video:

Callaway spends a lot of time researching their products and brings out the best version transitioning from their concept to creation stage.

Let’s know more about the features of the Callaway Men’s XR 16:

    • While looking for a long distance driver, you should always look for a driver which has an aerodynamic head shape. The Callaway Men’s XR 16 is one of the fastest forgiving drivers which has both- an aerodynamic shape along with a speed step crown.
    • The design of this driver supports it to reach a completely new threshold of the golf ball speed. The given forgiveness is achieved due to the larger shape of the MOI which is stretched out of the crown with a bigger footprint. The driver also supports a much lower and deeper center of gravity.
  • The best part, you don’t need to have any external weights or settings to adjust the forgiving of the driver. You would be surprised to know that it is the very same driver that was used by Joe Miller to hit the 414 yard strike.
  • You will have a great experience using this long distance driver as you would be able to hit the ball with a greater speed due to faster face. Also, the driver uses the all-new next generation RMOTO face technology which enables the driver to weight nearly 9 grams lighter and thinner. Compared to other long-range golf drivers, the Callaway XR 16 is lighter too.
  • For a stronger face, it is made up of 8-1-1 titanium. One more thing to note, the driver offers less drag compared to its competitors. This supports a lot in hitting the ball a longer distance.

Final Words:  Overall, Callaway XR 16 is the best driver for distance and forgiveness as it comes with less drag, aerodynamic strong design and a light body. 
 If you have a better budget, you can opt for the advanced version of the same brand i.e Callaway Big Berta Epic, again an outstanding driver for hitting those long distance shots. 
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2. TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men’s Driver 460cc: Best Game Improvement Driver

Listing out the best golf drivers for distance was not an easy task. We had to go through more than 20 odd brands to prepare this list of best 5 long distance golf drivers.

The second spot in this list is taken by the TaylorMade 2017 Driver 460cc. Like Callaway, this driver gives a stiff competition to many in its league.

Check this video for more info:

TaylorMade M1 is all about speed and forgiveness. Let’s check out more details of this beautiful long distance driver:

    • TaylorMade is a well-recognized brand in the Golf industry. They produce the best quality clubs and wedges. The M1 driver also adds to the list of quality golf products manufactured by the brand.
    • The TaylorMade M1 has 43% additional carbon fiber as compared to the previous driver models by the brand. As a result, it is very light but still offers a solid outlook to your game.
    • One of the most applaudable qualities of this amazing longest golf driver is that it can adjust the club making it a great choice for beginner to advanced level golf players. The players are at a great advantage of using this driver because of the adjustable clubs and a solid stroke given by the driver.
    • You might be knowing this or not, the driver is being used by many renowned names like Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. Thus, you can be assured that the driver will work great for you as well.
    • The TaylorMade M1 460cc comes with a redesigned t-track system which offers a longer track. You will also have the functionality of moveable weights using which you can modify the functionality of the driver according to your capabilities.
    • Though, not directly connected with its performance, the carbon fiber body makes the driver look very attractive. Carbon fiber adds a bold design look to the driver and also takes the performance of the driver to a pedestal.
  • You can adjust 27 grams of weight using the t-track, system which is rarely available in any other driver within this range.
  • Talking more about the design, the TaylorMade M1 2017 Men’s 460cc comes with a Lamkin UTX cord grip. It has three premium level stock shafts. Also, it offers 30+ no-upcharge shaft options.
  • The driver has 4-degree aluminum Loft Sleeve using which you can set the dial loft and face angle easily. It has 12 different settings to do so.

Final Words:  TaylorMade M1 2017 Men’s 460cc is certainly one of the best driver for distance. It is a well know brand and offers great after sale support as well. 
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3. Cobra Golf Men’s KING F7 Driver

If you are looking for an affordable driver for hitting those long-distance shots, the Cobra King F7 is the right driver for you.

We understand that being good at golf much depends on the good gear and good gear comes expensive. The Cobra King F7 is a driver that is fairly cheaper than Callaway and TaylorMade. However, do not think it to be cheap in terms of quality.

The Cobra King F7 is one of the best long distance drivers and comes packed with a lot of features.

Do check this video before moving to its detailed features:

Though the video largely covered the features of the driver, let’s check them in more detail:

    • The Cobra King F7 is a greatly finished driver. It comes along with a smartphone app to track all your drives for future analysis. This somewhat performs the function of golf analyzers to some extent.
    • Though, it comes at an affordable cost, the driver is made up of carbon fiber which makes it 20% lighter. This allows the driver to redistribute the weight to the lower and deeper club head for that extreme distance.
  • The Cobra F7 driver could be easily connected with your smartphone. Using the Cobra connect app, you can analyze the consistency of your swing. The connecting chip is located inside the grip of the driver and is hardly noticeable. Moreover, it is a perfect device to analyze your long distance shots.
  • The King F7 is a highly forgiving driver.
  • Like the TaylorMade, you can adjust the Cobra F7 at the front, rear and heel position. You can tweak the club to match your swing. Further, you can adjust the loft setting of the driver which enables you to fine tune the launch from the impact of the contact with the ball.
  • You can easily adjust the loft setting which would play a defining role in managing the trajectory of the ball.
  • Talking more of the design, the face is re-engineered with 8-11 Titanium E9. The built of the driver is very sturdy and it is sure that the driver is going to stay in with you for many long years.

Final Words:  If you are looking for a highly durable and sturdy golf driver for distance, the Cobra King F7 is the best driver. You can perfectly time your shots and hit those long distance shots quite easily using this highly upgraded tech. 
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4. Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver: Longest Hitting Driver

We have already covered the Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver which is one of the best drivers for distance. Moving to another advanced driver by the same brand, the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver is truly epic in all respects.

The cutting-edge technology used by the Big Bertha is very unique. Check this video to know more:

Let’s delve into more details and find out some of the amazing features provided by this amazing driver.

    • The Big Bertha uses an amazingly redefined technology that makes the head and the face of the driver promote more speed more importantly along the face of the driver so as to enable hitting those long distances.
    • As stated earlier, Callaway is an innovation-driven brand which focuses on bringing better and innovative technology in order to enhance at the game of golf. The Callaway Big Bertha is one of the lightest drivers in the market which is focused to have a faster head speed.
  • You can shift up to 17g of weights on the club head to have greater control over the driver. The driver is not that good in forgiving like the latter version but, it offers slight forgiving for major mishits.
  • To promote a lighter body, the Callaway Big Bertha uses the Titanium exo-cage along with a triaxle carbon crown for an unprecedented forgiveness in a high launch and low spin design.
  • The driver comes with 21 yards of shot shape correction for giving you an extra control over the distance. It is one of the longest hitting driver
  • The head is inspired by an aerodynamic design that promotes less retention along with a better swing and speed.
  • You will get four different stock options- Diamona, Fuji, Rogue, and Hazards. All will be coming in 4 different weights.

Final Words:  One thing is guaranteed, the Callaway Big Bertha will be a game changer driver in your kit. It will certainly enable you to hit long distance shots without much of an effort. Though the driver is a little expensive as compared to the other models covered in this post, it is certainly the best driver for distance.  
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5. Titleist 917 D3 Driver 440cc

Coming to the last longest hitting driver, the Titleist 917 D3 is another great option for an affordable price.

There are very few brands in Golf like Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, and Titleist which are some of the known brands which have been manufacturing great quality golf gears.

The Titleist 917 D3 driver offers some impressive features. Let’s check them out:

  • The driver comes with weights that can be adjusted by sliding into the SureFit CG weight chamber. These weights vary between 8-16g and you can use them to have a better control over your driver.
  • The driver comes in two variants, Top Heavy and Neutral. The Top-Heavy version has more weight to it towards the heels and toe for a better direction molding. The Neutral version comes with better forgiveness as the weights are more deep and low.
  • There has been a research of more than 5 years in making the Titleist 917 D3 driver. This certainly states about the intention of the brand and how much they thrive to bring only the best version of the product for you.
  • Talking more about the design, the driver looks very premium and has a great finish and shine. One thing is for sure, you are paying for the quality. Also, the support team of Titleist is very supportive.

Final Words:  Titleist 917 is a great option and one of the best drivers for distance. Though you need to play with the settings to reach the best version of this long distance driver, it will certainly pay off your efforts in the game. 
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How to Choose the Best Golf Driver for Long Distance?

Though we have already covered the best drivers for distance, for a beginner, choosing the best one would be a tough choice.

There are certain factors you must look in a driver before making your final decision. Let’s see those factors and features for your better understanding.

Loft Angle

Always look for a driver that gives you the ability to modify the loft angle. Typically, when you are in the upper band and your swing speed caries between 90-100 MPH, you would want to go for a loft angle below 11%. Though, most of the times, the swing speed is mainly between 80-90 MPH criteria. In that case, it would be best to go for a loft angle between 12-13 degrees. In layman terms, more the speed, less will be the loft angle.

Driver Length

Many of the newbie golfers do not know the significance of the length of the golf driver. However, the driver length plays a crucial role and a deciding factor in many ways.

The length of your driver directly plays an important role in deciding the ball speed, club head speed, angle of ball contact and swing speed.

The standard length of the driver is 45.5-46.5 inches. For women golfers, the standard length is normally an inch less as compared to those of men’s drivers.

Driver Weight

As you have already seen in the drivers that are being listed above, most of them have their center of gravity deep and on the lower end of their club end.

Adding more weight to your clubhead helps in hitting the ball with more intensity which further helps the ball in traveling a long distance.

Final Words

All the drivers listed in this article are designed for hitting long distances. Though there are many other brands on the market, we only listed the 5 best drivers for distance as we found them to be truly good as per the customer reviews.

As per the suggestions from our team, you could go for the Callaway XR 16 or TaylorMade M1 id you are looking for affordable golf drivers for long distance.

If you have a good budget and want to purchase a driver that helps you to truly achieve those 300+ yard shots, you should go for the Callway Big Bertha without thinking twice. It is the best longest hitting driver on the market.

We hope you must have gained some great insights into the best long distance drivers for golf. Do comment your views in the comment section below. We would be happy to know your views.

Happy golfing!

5 Best Golf Drivers for Long Distance 2022 – With #1 Longest Hitting Driver
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