9 Best Handheld GPS for Hunting- 2022’s Ultimate Buyers Guide

Hunting is a tough sport. You need to be skilled as well as equipped with good technology in order to excel at the game.

Today, you cannot imagine going on a hunt without a good GPS device. We know how difficult it is to choose the best handheld GPS for hunting as the market is full of various brands.

In this detailed post, we have made sure that you don’t have to stress out even 1% while choosing the best handheld GPS.

We have covered the top-rated hunting GPS which has good reviews from the customers and they are quite trendy among pro and amateur hunters.

After doing rigorous research and going through almost 32 different GPS models, we were able to choose only 9 handheld GPS systems for hunting. This is because you cannot compromise on the quality when going for an outdoor hunt.

Time to check the list:

9 Best Handheld GPS for Hunting

Best Handheld GPS for Hunting Reviews

Now that you have checked the list, it is time to get into the detailed reviews and choose the best among these handheld GPS devices. We have picked these GPS units on the basis of ease of use, durability, features, price, and customer reviews.

1. Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

Starting out our list with the Garmin Handheld GPS Foretrex 401. Many of you who are new to the hunting game, let us tell you that the Garmon Foretrex 401 is the most anticipated and widely used Handheld GPS for years now.

So what makes Garmin a hot choice for your next hunting session? Let’s take a look at its features:

  • Waterproof: Garmin Foretrex is a waterproof GPS device that is an expert in telling your precise location.
  • Display: Its 100 x 64 pixels display shows crisp and clear imagery.
  • Positioning System: With the positioning, it tells you how much distance you traveled including the current speed, average speed, verticle speed, time of sunrise and sunset.
  • Elevation: It tells your elevation including features like zoom elevation.
  • Cache: It saves your travel info and captures it so you have your previous travel data. That is done by the option Route that saves your info like the turns you took, from where you started and from which route you have traveled and everything.
  • Compass: The compass used in the Garmin Foretrex 401 is pretty neat and works on the metric system which is being used for military purposes. The compass can be used in both automatic and manual modes. Thus, it is good for professionals as well as adventure seekers.
  • Battery: The battery life of Garmin Foretrex 401 lasts for 8 hours on two AA batteries

So, it not only tells you the way but also saves the path you took earlier. Not necessary for around in a new city but for the woods? We bet, it is pretty important.

This handheld GPS also offers different formats for time, elevation, speed, angle and other metrics so that you can comfortably use it. Alas! Saved you from Googling!

You can even customize the language of your GPS. It is very easy and supports multiple languages including English.

There are very few GPS units that can also connect with the heart rate monitor and bike cadence making it a really good device for outdoors. Fortunately, the Foretrex 401 has this feature.

Though we have covered all the features, there are small concerns as well. The memory of Garmin Foretrex 401 is pretty less but in the context of tacks monitoring and recording, it is fairly good. Mostly, it all depends on your usage.

The display screen in Foretrex is also small as compared to other hunting GPS systems and certainly, many brands offer better imagery. Still, because it is an affordable GPS for hunting, the features are good enough for moderate hunters who go for limited hunting sessions (4-6 times a month).

Let’s summarise the features with pros and cons and see why it is the best hunting GPS on a budget:

  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Metric System for military purpose.
  • 8 hours battery life and zoomable screen
  • Easy customization of the features
  • Features for Halo and parachutes jumpers
  • Quick satelite imaging and USB connectivity
  • Offers features like elevation, speed, heart sensors etc
  • Small Screen
  • Decent image quality
  • Small memory space

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2. Garmin GPSMAP 64st: Best Handheld GPS for Hunting 2020

Coming to our second GPS model, the Garmin GPSMAP 64st is truly a device made for hunting. It has been in the market for years now and highly appreciated by the hunters across the world.

Lets’ take a look at its features:

  • The GPS weighs around 230gm with batteries and has a Sunlight-Readable 2.6″ color display. The screen size is 1.43 x 2.15 inches and 2.6 inch diagonal (6.6 cm). The display resolution of the screen is 160 x 240 pixels which are quite good.
  • The button size is slightly increased in the Garmin 64st version. It supports easy operation with gloves and has been made keeping in mind the coldest climatic conditions.
  • It comes with a one-year subscription to Birds Eye which would help you to download your waypoint on your device. This would help you to analyze your route and track with the help of images.
  • You can expand the internal memory to 8GB
  • It supports a high-speed USB interface with NMEA 0183 compatibility.
  • It has a dual battery system. You can use the traditional AA batteries along with the rechargeable NiMH battery. The battery life is of 16 hours.
  • You can use the GPS wirelessly to connect to Garmin Connect and view it on your smartphone. Using Live track you can share the live activities. Using this feature, you can exchange the data with your friends. Exchange the track records, waypoints and you can show your friends the waypoints, tracks of their next journey which you had already traveled.
  • It comes with 100K Topo Maps which would last for years in the device. It offers GLONASS which would give you highly accurate data about your location up to 3 meters and with an outer antenna for imaging and signal in the dense forest makes it impeccable with accuracy.
  • Garmin GPSMAP 64st is a device perfectly designed to fit in your hands. It is coated with rubber for better grip and made with material that can protect the device from the wrath of mother nature.
  • It also has a barometric altimeter for calculating your altitude and in addition, you can also get marine maps and roadmaps to make Garmin GPSMAP 64st a machine to just pick and go for an adventure.

With all the above-mentioned features, the Garmin 64st is certainly one of the most accurate handheld GPS for surveying and hunting which could be used with precision even in a dense forest. It is the best selling hunting GPS for a reason.


Though we have nearly covered all the important details about the device, it could have been better if the company had laid down detailed instructions to use the device as well.

We guess they assumed that the device would be used mostly by professionals who can accustom to the device quite easily. Though, as a newbie, you can watch the tutorials on YouTube and understand in the depth about the usage of the device. You won’t be disappointed by this best handheld hunting GPS for 2020

Time to summarize the post!

  • Big screen for good display
  • Accurate positioning system
  • One year subscription to Birds Eye
  • 100k preloaded topo maps
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Shows phone notifications like calls and messsages
  • GLONASS for accurate positioning up to 3 meters
  • Average Battery Life
  • Instruction manual could be made in a detailed way.

Final Words:  Garmin GPSMAP 64st is the best hunting GPS which comes at a decent budget. The trust of Garmin along with packed features makes it a favorite GPS for hunters. It is currently the best-selling hunting GPS on Amazon which has got a ton of reviews to prove its mettle in the game.  

Pro Tip: Pair the Garmin GPSMAP 64st with a good pair of hunting boots for an enhanced hunting experience.

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3. Garmin eTrex 10– Cheapest Hunting GPS

Coming to the cheapest option when you are running quite tight on your budget but you need a good GPS device, the Garmin eTrex 10 is the best option for you.

Now before we start, this device is not for pro hunters as it is just an entry-level product that can be used for hitchhiking, trekking, and newbie hunters who just need a GPS device to enhance their skills and find their tracks easily in dense terrain.

The features of this device are as follow:

  • The Garmin eTrex 10 is a basic level hunting GPS that comes with a 2.2-inch monochrome screen display.
  • It is rugged and has a good grip for stronghold. It comes with a navigator that is preloaded with worldwide basemap.
  • Supports GLONASS and Hotfix for fast positioning
  • WAAS enables and uses a reliable signal that is strong even in dense terrain.
  • IPX7 waterproof and easily sustains splashes, rain and high/low temperatures
  • Uses normal AA batteries that can power the device for upto 20 hours easily.
  • Supports paperless geocaching along with Garmin spine-mounting accessories.
  • Easily estimates time by storing the waypoint of the track including the start-finish and the high/low altitude.
  • Garmin eTrex 10 weighs around 5 ounces and has dimensions 3.6 x 4.3 cm; 2.2″ diag (5.6 cm) it can easily fit inside your pocket
  • It can easily connect with your laptop/PC using a simple micro cable and you can take a backup of all the important info on your device.

When it comes to Geocaching, eTrex supports geocaching GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit. eTrex stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints, and descriptions etc

You might think that these are pretty basic level features but as we mentioned, the device is good for most of the outdoor activity apart from really professional hunting.

Ready to buy? Wait!: It does have some exciting features but doesn’t expect it to give you a truly professional hunting experience. Well, sometimes this hunting GPS becomes uneasy to operate with the scroll button especially when you are wearing the gloves.

To summarize the features, have a look at its pros and cons:

  • Compact Size
  • Best under $100
  • Dedicated Marine Unit
  • Lunar system for fishing
  • Touchscreen display with toggle button
  • Battery life upto 20 hours
  • Uneasy to operate with gloves
  • Only shows data of nearby places
  • Absence of message facility

Final Words:  Garmin eTrex 10 is an entry-level basic hunting GPS that is good to get you accustomed to professional hunting by using a go-to rugged GPS device. You can consider this GPS if you are looking for a really affordable GPS option 
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4. Garmin eTrex 20x: Best Hunting GPS Under $200

Garmin eTrex 20x is an upgraded version of the Garmin eTrex 10x. The eTrex series is quite popular among hunters as they come for a wide range of prices with extended features.

The Garmin eTrex 20x falls in a league of good hunting GPS owning which will make you satisfied during your hunting sessions.

Let’s unwind the features of this amazing device.

  • Garmin has extended a lot of focus on this device. They have upgraded the display to a 2.2″ sunlight-readable display. You will get an increased resolution of 240 x 320 pixels along with 65K colors which are quite good in terms of imagery.
  • It comes with 3.7 GB internal memory along with a microSD card slot using which you can load a variety of maps into this device.
  • Keeping the navigation in mind, you can also load a variety of maps, including TOPO maps 24K, HuntView, BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT, and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. Although you will have to subscribe to these services separately.
  • The display size is 1.4 X 1.7 inches and the device also includes worldwide basemap with shaded relief.
  • The Garmin eTrex 20x is a WAAS enabled GPS receiver which includes GLONASS support and HotFix satellite prediction. Not only that, but it is also very sensitive even in a dense forest.
  • The Garmin 20x hunting GPS also offers connectivity to your laptop or PC with a Micro cable so you can take and upload stuff and info on your device for your next hunting session.
  • When it comes to Geocaching, Garmin eTrex 20x supports geocaching GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit. This highly precise hunting GPS stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints, and descriptions etc.
  • Like the 10x version, in eTrex 20x, you can upload all your waypoints and tracks on the Garmin website.
  • The Garmin eTrex 20X stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints, and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper printouts.


With all the above features a point to ponder is that the device doesn’t have a messaging system that could be included for an emergency.

Also, it becomes difficult to scroll when you are using a device with gloves. Though, the touch sensitivity might not be as great as your smartphone, still in the current version, having additional touch layers in fact protects the device. Still, if you are looking for a good package, no doubt, the eTrex 20x is the best hunting GPS.

  • Great display even in sunlight.
  • Extendable storage using micro SD
  • Pre stored maps
  • BirdEye and geocaching makes location precise
  • Inbuilt 3.7 GB storage
  • Precise and quick location finder
  • Rugged for all type of outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and trekking.
  • Scrolling the device becomes easy with hand gloves.
  • No messaging system

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5. Garmin GPSMAP 64s

Taking the series to an advancement, the Garmin GPSMAP 64s is a device that needs no introduction. It is a widely used hunting GPS which you can imagine after checking the reviews of the device on Amazon.

Most of its features can be found in the 64st version which we have already covered in this detailed hunting GPS review post.

Let’s see how far this device travels along with your expectations and requirements.

  • This hunting GPS device supports a 2.6-inch color display which works well in the bright sunlight.
  • Garmin 64s weighs just 230g including batteries.
  • You can use the normal AA batteries or rechargeable batteries with this device. Though, it works the best with polaroid AA batteries.
  • The 64s has a 3 axis compass with a barometric altimeter. It also has a highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS receiver which would give you a perfect location up to 3 meters.
  • It also comes with optional ANT+ sensors which include heart rate, heat sensors, and many more features. The device can be attached to various sensors for fetching different functional data.
  • It can also be connected wirelessly to your phone from which you can get your data as well as, you can upload your data from your GPS to the smartphone. So it is a two-way flexible device.
  • It also shows your phone notifications on its display so you don’t have to worry about your important calls during the hunting session.
  • You can also upload your live data on the Garmin App.
  • It includes a one-year subscription to BirdsEye for better precision in your location finder. Also, it comes with built-in basemaps. So just start your jeep, load the ammo and go after your kill.
  • Garmin GPSMAP 64s has an internal memory of 8GB which can be extended using a MicroSD card.
  • The Garmin 64s hunting GPS also supports an action camera and you can easily connect it with your action camera and use the device for clicking instant shots. Quite fancy isn’t it?


Though the device is good in all respects, it would have been better if the geocaching feature could be enhanced a bit for usage. Currently, it is a little complex for new users. In this case, you can always look for tutorials on YouTube. You will find many videos covering the functionalities of the device.

Simple features like battery life notification etc aren’t available before eyes. So you have to search for them but they aren’t properly mentioned in the manual.

  • Sunlight Readability
  • 1 year BirdEye subscription
  • Pre-loaded base maps
  • Wireless connectivity with action cameras
  • Live uploading of your adventure to Garmin app
  • 3 axis compass with barometric altimeter for precise reading
  • Various sensors can be attached through ANT+
  • Battery drainage is a issue if you use all features
  • Use of geocaching isn’t easy
  • For first timers, operations are not very easy

Final Words:  Garmin GPSMAPS 64s just like 64st is a great device. With some similar features and some different options, 64s is a great hunting GPS. As the bonus you also get Garmin App which is one of the best hunting GPS app .

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6. Garmin Oregon 600t: An Advance Hunting GPS

Moving to an even more advanced hunting GPS, we have the Garmin Oregon 600t.

Well, we feel that GPS and binoculars are the most essential device that should be present in your hunting kit.

Let’s know more about its features.

  • It is one of those few multi-touch capability touchscreen GPS devices for your hunting needs. It has a 3-inch screen that displays and offers readability even in bright sunlight.
  • Though, most hunting GPS which are covered till yet do not operate that well with gloves, the Garmin Oregon 600t, on the other hand, can be operated quite well with gloves.
  • Having a bigger touchscreen does not make this hunting GPS vulnerable to sudden drops as the device is pretty rugged and durable such that it can withstand all terrains and forms of hunting.
  • One of the best GPS units to offer auto-switch landscape and portrait view so you could view all the desired information as you like.
  • There is a dual battery system using which you can operate the device both on AA battery and rechargeable NiMH battery pack. We think that this feature should be present in all the hunting GPS systems.
  • The Garmin Oregon 600t works on dual-band GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning service which helps you to keep a record of your past locations, tracks, and other details.
  • Not to mention, like all the other Garmin GPS models, this device also has good sensitivity and can even catch signals in dense surroundings.
  • The Oregon 600t has a built-in 3-axis electronic compass with accelerometer tilt compensation to show where you’re heading even when standing still.
  • Its barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint at your precise altitude. You can even use it to plot barometric pressure over time to keep an eye on changing weather conditions. A good feature for cold places.
  • With Oregon 600t you can share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches up to 50 times faster with other wireless compatible Garmin handheld device.
  • You can even share large files like photos, Garmin Adventures and Custom Maps.


Though the device is amazing, it would have been even better if they could have provided a detailed user guide manual because as of now, the manual contains very minimal information.

Gadgets and devices like rangefinders and GPS systems should have a detailed manual so that even a new user who is using the device for the first time could get a hold of it.

Though, you will always have the option of watching YouTube videos which we feel are better than reading boring manuals.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons:

  • Potrait and Landscape view
  • 3 axis compass, accelerometer, barometric alimeter
  • Dual Battery Sytem
  • Dual band positioning system
  • Multitouch Capability
  • Impact resistant screen
  • Screen is low to read
  • Manual isn’t very informative

Final Words:  The big screen of this hunting GPS device is really good and you won’t face any comfortability issues. The big display screen is really great for people looking for a clear perspective and that is why the Garmin 600t is one of the best GPS for elk hunting. 
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7. Garmin eTrex 30x Handheld GPS for Hunting: Garmin Hiking GPS

Garmin has certainly made a good name in manufacturing the best hunting GPS range for different budget. We have already covered the eTrex 10x and 20x and now it’s time to review the last one of the eTrex model i.e. Garmin eTrex 30x.

Let us understand the features of this device and see what it has to offer.

  • The eTrex 30x comes with a screen size of 2.2 inches with 65K color display and like the other models, you can read the screen quite easily in bright sunlight.
  • The increased resolutions of 240 x 320 pixels give you visual pleasure while viewing maps and other content on the device.
  • This hunting GPS is quite handy as it just measures 2.1″ x 4.0″ x 1.3″.
  • When it comes to positioning, Garmin eTrex 30x adds a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass and a barometric altimeter that tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude, and you can even use it to plot barometric pressure over time.
  • It also has a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction. The eTrex 30x locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its GPS location even in heavy cover and deep canyons.
  • With 3.7 GB of internal memory and MicroSD card (Upto 68 GB capacity) for more space, it gives you a free hand for using different maps services like TOPO 24K, HuntView, BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. Services like BirdEye is available on subscription for which you can pay a small amount to access maps along with a ton of other features.
  • It can track both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously. When using GLONASS satellites, the time it takes for the receiver to ‘lock on’ to a position is (on average) approximately 20 percent less as compared to using a GPS.


This Garmin hiking GPS knows every corner, gets the precise location, has awesome map storage and has great built quality as well. So, apart from hunting, it can be your perfect hiking companion.

The Garmin eTrex 30x is the strongest hunting GPS for the money because it can be used for different outdoor activities.

Let’s uncover its pros and cons:

  • Great display even in sunlight
  • Extendable storage
  • Worldwide base maps and various maps services are also available
  • BirdEye and geocaching makes location precise
  • In built 3.7 GB storage with MicroSD card expandable up to 64GB
  • Precise and quick location finder
  • Scroll button is not very good with gloves on
  • No messaging System
  • Display Screen size could appear a little small for people how are more comfortable with a smartphone screen

Final Words:  Excellent Accuracy, Good Building Material, Shock Resistant and can sustain in most environments, the Garmin eTrex 30x is worth every penny. It is a great option for professional hunters. 
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8. Garmin Oregon 600: Best Hunting GPS

Coming to the last handheld hunting GPS of our list, we have the Garmin Oregon 600. Though we have already covered its other model i.e. 600t, we couldn’t miss this one as it has got some pretty good features and has been in a great demand during the hunting season.

So let’s dive in to uncover its amazing features.

  • Garmin Oregon 600 is a multi-touch capability touchscreen hunting GPS device. It has a 3-inch screen that displays and offers readability even in sunlight.
  • The device is durable and can withstand tough situations.
  • The Garmin Oregon 600 offers auto-switch landscape and portrait view so you could view the information as you like.
  • The Oregon 600 supports dual battery system so you can operate the device both on AA battery or rechargeable NiMH battery pack.
  • The device works on dual-band GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning service. You can easily get the location, route, and tracks that you have traveled.
  • This hunting GPS has a built-in 3-axis electronic compass with accelerometer tilt compensation to show where you’re heading even while you are standing still.
  • Its barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude. You can even use it to plot barometric pressure over time to keep an eye on the changing weather conditions.
  • With Oregon 600 also, you can share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches up to 50 times faster with other wireless compatible Garmin handheld GPS units.


The Garmin 600 is one of the smartest GPS devices which is manufactured after doing multiple updations in the design and features by the Garmin team. Overall, the device looks really appealing, and it is good to have hunting GPS for serious hunters.

Although this device also lacks a proper user manual, you can pretty much watch the tutorial videos on YouTube or even call the Garmin customer care if you get stuck while using the device.

We found the device to be a little expensive but then again, we couldn’t resist adding it to our list as it is one of the favorite hunting GPS systems that is heavily used by the Hunters.

  • Potrait and Landscape view
  • 3 axis compass, accelerometer, barometric alimeter
  • Dual Battery Sytem
  • Dual band positioning system
  • Multitouch Capability
  • Impact resistant screen
  • Screen is low to read
  • Manual isn’t very informative

Final Words:  The Garmin 600 is a cool to have device for serious hunters. For beginners who are just starting with hunting, we would suggest them to go for more affordable option like the Garmin GPSMAP 64st which is a perfect and the best hunting GPS .

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9. Garmin Montana 680t

After reviewing so many GPS units, one thing is pretty clear that Garmin as a brand has an upper edge as compared to all the other GPS brands in the market. This is mainly because Garmin offers GPS models in all sort of price range. You can literally choose from a budget GPS to a high end model like the Garmin Montana 600t

So let’s dive in to uncover its amazing features.

  • It supports and comes preloaded with more than 250k worldwide geocaches.
  • Like most of the Garmin models, it comes with a 1-year Birdseye subscription which is a good thing for most of the hunters.
  • It has a WAAS enabled receiver that offers GLONASS support.
  • It is super quick in locating your location and even maintains its location even in deep canyons and heavy cover.
  • Take great quality pictures using its 8-megapixel camera with better resolution.

Overall, it is a top seller on Amazon and after reading a ton of customer reviews, we can definitely say that the Garmin Montana 680t is a really great choice if you are looking for one of the best high-end GPS units.

It is fast, accurate, and highly sturdy for those aggressive hunting and outdoor sessions. Rest assured, the GPS is going to stay and hold your castle for a really long time.

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Hunting GPS Buyer’s Guide

So now that you are through with the best GPS hunting devices, it is time to get some of your basics right. This section is solely for beginners who are just starting with hunting.So please pay attention to this section as we will be covering the common questions that maybe there in your mind. You will get to know more about the handheld GPS hunting device and why is it necessary to have one for your hunting sessions.

What is a hunting GPS?

A hunting GPS is any handheld GPS enabled system that comes well equipped with global and topographical maps using which you can locate yourself globally.

You can use the GPS system to reach a certain destination or find a way our from a dense rugged plot of terrain in order to extricate yourself in the case if you get lost.

The GPS is small enough to be equipped in the pockets of your jeans or track pants. Also, many of the hunting GPS models come along with features such as heart rate monitor, temperature analyzer, and more.

Why you should use a handheld hunting GPS?

You might have also wondered this at first. Why does one need a hunting GPS when you already have smartphones. Well, we found 4 important points where a hunting GPS will save your day during a hunting session.

1. Durability

You cannot expect to carry your smartphone and use it for finding ways and tracks during the hunting session. This is because, smartphones are mostly not rugged and well equipped to handle water splashes, wear and tear against the terrain, minor drops.

The GPS though is highly durable and specially built for outdoor sports and activities like hunting, hiking, and trekking.

2. Battery

GPS has really good battery life. The best part, most of the hunting GPS comes with dual battery options i.e. you can use a normal AA battery along with a rechargeable battery.

While on an outside trek, you cannot expect your GPS battery to drain fast and that is why using a GPS is always a better option than using your smartphone GPS (which drains the battery of your mobile very fast).

3. Geocaching

Geocaching is a really good feature on GPS. Normally it is available in most of the hunting GPS units but still, you can check this feature while purchasing the GPS.

Using Geocaching you can also tell your friends about your current location by sharing the coordinates over the Garmin App (exclusive for Garmin Device)

4. Sensitivity

A GPS system has great sensitivity and maintains signals even in a dense forest. This is of prime importance if you are going for a hunting session o a new place/forest.

What to look for when choosing the best hunting Handheld GPS?

Choosing the best handheld hunting GPS is quite a difficult task if you are just starting with hunting. We ourselves chose the best 8 hunting GPS in this post after reviewing 60+ handheld GPS devices. Certainly, it was a tedious task for us!

So what are the top things to look in a hunting GPS? Well, here are the top features we kept in mind in choosing the best ones for this list.

Data Sources

The GPS device mostly gathers data from two sources i.e the US GPS system or GLONASS (Global Navigational Satellite) deployed by Russia.

While choosing the GPS, you should look for a device which preferably queries both the systems.

This is necessary as you would be able to access the maps if any either system is down due to a reason.


A handheld hunting GPS should be handy in terms of carrying the device as well as should fit inside your track pant pocket.

Regarding the device, they can either have big screens with on-screen navigational menus or have a small screen with physical buttons.

Usually, we would suggest you to use the device having external buttons as in many cases you would want to use the GPS with your gloves which might be difficult if you are using a full touchscreen system.

Maps Quality

Every handheld GPS device comes with its’s patented mapping technology. While many manufacturers could claim that their technology might be superior to others, this might now be a valid point in most of the cases.

The whole idea of purchasing a GPS device is that it should make your task easier while trekking on rugged terrain and bushy areas.

Certainly, the GPS should show you terrains apart from highways, roads, mountain peaks and water bodies.

Also, you should be able to use Google World maps on the device and even share the details of your live location with your friends.


Though you can find out the speed of the device using various online tools these days, we would also prefer you to get a hands-on of the device from your nearest store.

You can visit various online forums and join hunting communities to get feedback from the users who are actually using that particular GPS that you have decided to buy.

Just to ensure you, while reviewing the GPS models in this post, we asked various community members to share their experience about the respective GPS units so that we could also provide you the correct info about these products.

Display Quality

While all the devices that we have covered in this post have a good display, we recommend you to check the display quality of the hunting GPS that you are looking forward to purchasing.

However, much of the display quality depends on the budget as well because it is certain that you will get a better bigger and brighter display as you go up in your budget.


Price is an important factor when you are purchasing a hunting GPS. Typically, you need not splurge a big amount such as $500 to buy a decent GPS.

We would suggest you go for the Garmin GPSMAP 64st which comes at a decent price of less than $300. The device solves all your purpose and is quite durable for all types of hunting formats.

We hope that after reading this detailed post on the best handheld global positioning systems for hunting, you would be pretty satisfied.

The main aim of this post was to provide you with clarity on choosing the right hunting GPS.

Certainly, you can use the details mentioned in the post to buy the best handheld GPS for hunting.

Please mention below in the comments section if you have any doubts regarding any GPS units mentioned in this post. You can also give your suggestions for a device that you want us to cover on our website.

9 Best Handheld GPS for Hunting- 2022’s Ultimate Buyers Guide
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