Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet – Men’s & Women’s Ultimate Buyers Guide

Looking for the best hiking boots for wide feet? You are at the right place.

If you are planning on going for a hike any time soon, the first thing that should be on your mind is to choose a proper pair of hiking boots. This is especially the case for people who have comparatively wider feet. For such people, their boots should be a little wide from the toe area.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, having a properly fitting and comfortable hiking boot should be your top priority.

There are so many options in the market that sometimes it can get a little bit confusing, isn’t it?

After all, there are so many things to look for. The size needs to be perfect and the boots need to be comfortable as well.

Choosing the perfect boots for hiking can be such a pain if you don’t know what to look for. Well, if you find yourself in that position, then this post will help you out.

In this detailed post, we reviewed more than 37 brands and finally segmented the list to 11 best hiking boots for your wide feet.

Let’s have a quick look at the best hiking boots for wide feet that we have reviewed in this post:

Now that you have checked the list, it is time to delve into more details and help you choose that perfect pair of boot for your next hiking session.

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet : Men’s Buyers Guide

Just to let you know, we have chosen these boots after doing a rigorous research about the same and keeping in mind the reviews of the customers who have bought these boots and have/are using them personally.

We will be covering boots in two sections – men and women. Starting from the best hiking boots for men with wide feet, we have covered 6 boots which are currently hot in the market and provide a comfortable experience for those long hiking sessions.

1. Keen Men’s Targhee II

The Keen Men’s Targhee is one of the best rated hiking boots for wide feet. Its dual compression mold and the dual density soled ward off the pain after traversing rough and rugged paths.

The 4mm lugs of the shoes help the user to travel on the beaten paths very easily. It is waterproof. Also, what we love about the product is the event technology that provides breathability to your feet ensuring you have long lasting comfort with maximum support for your legs and special pain points like ankles, toe etc.

Also, there is a lot to say about the shoe’s lacing technology which will allow you to properly tighten the 2” shoe heels while making sure that the toe box of the shoe is relaxed. PU heel cushion is also provided which is a good feature considered for hiking and walking along unlevelled roads and terrain.

  • The product is extremely durable and long-lasting because it is made with wear resistant leather material.
  • The shoes are waterproof so they can be easily worn for a wet terrain as well as rainy season.
  • Perfect for people with wide feet as the toe section is a little wide as compared to normal boots.
  • Best option for people who are on a budget
  • Provides protection to the toe during the long treks
  • Provides solid traction
  • The product is pretty light-weight
  • Less color options.
  • Better options available for more price.

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2. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX

This is Lowa’s award-winning collections of hiking boots for wide feet. Made with the perfect combination of textiles and leather, this boot is especially known for the comfort that it provides the user.

There are 10 different styles that you can get with these boots. We are very impressed by the GORE-TEX make of the shoes which make them waterproof.

The shoes are made with Nubuck leather that provides maximum comfort. MONOWRAP construction of the shoes offers excellent support and stability.

The shoes also provide mind-blowing grip and traction for rugged and rough terrain making it a great option for hiking and hunting. While selecting, make sure that it is half a size bigger than your foot size.

  • The boots are extremely durable and supports everyday usage.
  • It is very easy to wear and has a proper fit.
  • The outsole is made for providing excellent traction and grip.
  • Provides decent support to the foot and the ankle.
  • GORE-TEX system is waterproof and is suitable for all kinds of weathers.
  • Extremely spacious and can be worn by people who have wide feet.
  • Different colors and styles to choose from.
  • The system of lacing can be a bit old-fashioned for some people

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3. Merrell Men’s Moab : Most Trusted Hiking Boot

This boot is perfect for short trekking experiences, The Merrell Moab FST hiking boot is very lightweight and provides a comfortable experience for long hours.

The M Select Dry seal which is waterproof makes sure that your feet stay dry for the day.

The build of the shoe is such that rarely any customer has reported about getting blisters in their feet, a common experience after wearing hiking boots for a long day.

The Mesh lining will make room for the moisture and simulating the heat. For shock absorbing the Merrell Air cushion is the best.

For a rocky terrain, the air cushion helps your feet to stay intact on the terrain. The M Select Fresh feature helps in keeping the smell away after a long trek.

Another great feature is the Vibram MegaGrip that will provide stability to your feet and prevents you from slipping on a wet surface.

  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • High quality leather and inner lining.
  • Vibram MegaGrip provides high stability.
  • Good for sweaty feet.
  • Suitable for long hikes.
  • Affordable option if you are on a budget.
  • The shoe hooks on the top layer are not that rigid for extreme sporting session.

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4. Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3

Salomon Men’s X Ultra is extremely light-weight and that is why they are on of the most amazing boots for hiking.

These boots are completely resistant to water as they are made with GORE-TEX fabric. Not only that, they are breathable and are the perfect option for a comfortable hiking experience.

The rubber that is used in the boots are of two types and helps you to hold strong with an intense and a strong grip.

Apart from that, the heel of the boot has the ability to latch on to the rough terrains easily. The boots are all about comfort, stability, and control.

The Salomon X Ultra is few of those hiking boots with wide toe box and suits people with wide feet.

The boots are equipped with an asymmetrical chassis which is very advanced and surrounded by cushioning. It connects the sole to the shoe and provides great comfort. Salomon is a well know brand that is widely know for manufacturing some of the top hunting boots for the money.

The Sensefit technology makes the shoe completely cover your foot from the midsole to the lacing system.
Overall, it is a specially crafted hiking boot for people with wider feet.

Coming with a 2-year warranty and wide width size, the Salomon shoes are an absolute catch and worth every buck.

  • Light-weight model and comfortable fit for long treks.
  • GORE-TEX tech makes it water-resistant and suitable for any weather.
  • Strong grip.
  • Foam cushioning provides comfort and stability<./li>
  • Perfect fit for people with wider feet.
  • Finding the perfect size can be a little tricky.
  • Not many color options.

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5. Asolo Fugitive GTX : Best Mens Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

When it comes to features and design, the Asolo Men’s Fugitive GTX is something that you cannot miss.

The GTX Hiking boots from Asolo are waterproof and extremely light-weight. These boots are wide and also have an excellent design keeping in mind that they have been developed for the sole purpose of hiking and outdoor sports.

The price can be a bit high for some people but then, what can you expect from a brand that sells some of the best hiking boots for wide feet.

The light-weight collection is a perfect fit for the feet, it is resilient as well as flexible.

The main aim of the boot is to provide proper performance and fit properly in your feet. The rubber sole provides an excellent grip and control.

Also, it is extremely breathable and can survive the torture of even the roughest and the most uneven terrains of the world.

  • Great boot for people with big feet size.
  • Provides proper support to the ankles.
  • The rubber sole keeps your feet comfortable during long treks.
  • Waterproof and suitable for different types of weather and terrain.
  • Great stability for rough and uneven terrain.
  • The repairing of the shoes can be difficult if they are worn out

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6. Oboz Men’s Firebrand II Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Oboz Firebrand II is another great hiking shoe that provides a comfortable fit for people with wide feet.

With waterproof leather made with Nubuck material, it keeps your feet dry and cozy even in the wet terrain or rainy weather.

The mesh panels are resistant to abrasion. They are the perfect combination of protection and breathability.

The BDry, breathable and waterproof membranes are also responsible for keeping the sogginess out of the shoes.

The boots also have proper space for the moisture and heat to ventilate out so that your feet remain comfortable and dry. The mesh linings are made of nylon and help in enhancing the breathability of the shoes.

Another great thing about the boots is the dual-density footbeds and midsoles. They are perfect for providing a cushion which covers the feet and provides good comfort.

Nylon shanks provide extreme protection and stability in different terrains. Rubber outsoles have high traction which further increases the hold of your grip.

  • Comfortable wear.
  • Nubuck leather make the boots waterproof.
  • Abrasion-resistant mesh panels provide very good protection.
  • Keeps your feet cool by letting heat and moisture out.
  • Perfect cushioning with dual-density midsoles and footbeds.
  • Outsoles made of rubber increase the grip.
  • The shoe isn’t able to provide much traction in the slippery areas.
  • Not the best option for very wide feet.

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Best Hiking Boots for Women with Wide Feet

This particular section is for women hikers. As you must be aware that the shape of the leg is different in men and women. Females mostly have a smaller midsection as compared to men.

In this section, we try to cover the best options of hiking boots for women with wide feet.

7. Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX: Best Womens Hiking Boot for Wide Feet

Available in many different styles and sizes, these Lowa hiking boots are an excellent choice for women who want versatile options in their boots.

For feet that have a wider size, the C/D modifier can be a great idea. Most people who have used the boots have justified that it is a perfect fit for wider feet .

What is excellent about the product is the GORE-TEX technology that makes the boots waterproof.

The shoe is quite breathable and helps your feet stay warm and cozy. Apart from that, you will have the trusted name of Lowa by your side.

It is not just an entry-type boot as it is both durable and long lasting. The Monowrap design frame of the shoe also makes it very light-weight and increases the stability of the shoes for a rugged terrain. Zero dampness due to the shoe letting out the moisture. The Vibram soles also absorb all the shocks from rough terrains.

  • The design is not too flashy and it can be a very classy choice for women.
  • Multiple colors and sizes available.
  • The design has a Monowrap frame which makes it light-weight and provides additional stability.
  • It also reduces the dampness in the feet.
  • Minimum impacts of shocks with the Vibram soles.
  • More options available with better build quality.
  • The shoes support the packs which weight up to 25 pounds and not more than that

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8. Merrell Women’s Moab FST

Women having wide feet can also choose these Merrell Moab shoes that are completely waterproof and available in 5 different colors. For maximum comfort, these boots have a removable insole.

The air cushion technology that is fitted in the shoe heel provides shock protection when you are traversing rough terrains.

The boots include the mesh upper, suede leather, and nylon arch, and also comes with a proper toe cap which is great for additional comfort.

The DRY feature in these boots will help in keeping the water and sogginess out of the shoe. Including the mesh lining, it makes the shoes more breathable helping you in keeping your feet warm and cozy.

The other amazing features include the FIT ECHO+ blended footbeds and also the foam tongue which keeps moisture and debris out. Similar features are also there in ski boots as that sport also demands comfort and durability.

  • The foam tongue helps in keeping moisture, stones, sand, and dirt out of the boots.
  • The odor control feature is a great way to have clean and non smelly boots.
  • The mesh linings are very breathable and hence help in keeping the feet cool during the hotter days.
  • Affordable option for the money.
  • Better options available if you are a regular hiker.
  • Not extremely durable but worth the money.

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9. Vasque Women’s Breeze III GTX Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Vasque Breeze III is a waterproof hiking boot. This means that your feet will be dry even if you cross 15 river streams. Also, no more dealing with the soggy socks and moisture.

The leather uppers that are provided in the boots are best for providing support to the boots. For rocky terrains, these uppers can offer great traction and support.

The EVA cushions and pods are really good in providing you with an additional support and comfort. They absorb maximum shocks and keep your feet comfortable while hiking those unlevelled mountains and forests.

The outsole of the shoe has a Vibram contact to provide a firm and strong grip over the rough and wet terrain.

Coming in 7 different color options, the Vasque Breeze III are excellent hiking boots for women with wide feet. Though they come for a price, we would suggest you only go for these if you are an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast.

  • Nubuck leather makes the shoe more breathable.
  • Abrasion-resistant mesh provides extra protection and durability.
  • Footbeds and midsoles have dual-density materials for comfort.
  • Vibram outsole provides proper grip and traction to the boots.
  • Waterproof due to the presence of GORE-TEX tech.
  • Comfortable for women with wide feet.
  • Expensive hiking boots for women.

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10. Oboz Women’s Bridger B-dry Hiking Boots

The Oboz Bridger are made of superior soft leather which provides a long lasting comfort to your feet.

The Deluxe footbeds provide the ultimate support to the arches and ensure your comfort above everything else.

Another great thing about the boots is the EVA footbed that has got dual-density for extreme comfort. Additional rubber toe box is also added for protection from injury.

The outsoles of the shoes have high friction so that they can provide intense grip and amazing traction for wet terrains.

The shoe supports a light-weight design. It is certainly one of the best hiking boots for wide feet and women hikers would love it for the comfort and fit the boot provides.

  • Soft leather makes it very comfortable.
  • A durable hiking boot for women.
  • The synthetic sole adds to the comfort and provides more breathability.
  • Toe box ensures that there is no injury while hiking.
  • Waterproof boots.
  • Expensive boots and not affordable if you are on a budget.

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11. Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

The Salomon X Ultra are lightweight boots for women hikers and weighs just about 13 ounces. For those who don’t want bulky boots, this can be a great option.

The Ortholite foam and sock liner in the shoe proved to be a perfect combination for extended protection and comfort.

The GORE-TEX technology makes it very breathable and waterproof. Apart from that, another commendable feature of the shoe would be the traction that it provides from the two rubber outsoles.

The added toe box made of rubber and mudguard will protect your feet from debris and moisture. Nevertheless, these are really good boots for wide feet and can be used for long hours of hiking sessions.

  • The boots are a perfect fit for women with wide feet.
  • Durable and long lasting comfort.
  • Very light-weight.
  • Intense grip due to the outsoles.
  • Waterproof boots for hiking in the rainy season.
  • Expensive than regular hiking boots.

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How to choose the perfect pair of Hiking Boots? – A Buyers Guide

As you have already seen the best collection of hiking boots for wide feet, it is time to analyze and decide that perfect pair for your next hiking trip.

We have evaluated some important points that you should analyze and think upon. It would help you in choosing that perfect pair of hiking boots.

Look for the Toe Box

If you have wide feet and you are choosing your next pair of hiking boots, always check that the shoe has a wide toe box. This would help you in adjusting your feet better also giving a wider room to your toe.

Basically, by wide feet, it means that you have a wider toe area. This could be due to genetics or if you are suffering from flat feet.

In either of the cases, check that the hiking shoes that you are buying have a wider toe region.

Check the Important Shoe Features

Hiking demands your shoes to adjust to different terrains. In order to sustain a long hiking session, you should look for these points:

  1. Light weight: Always go for lightweight boots. Though, hiking shoes by default have more weight as compared to your sneakers and formal shoes. Within hiking boots, choose a pair which isn’t too heavy for your legs. Heavy boots in some cases provide you a better traction and durability for your feet but, they might not be a perfect choice if you are fond of going on long treks.
  2. Cushioned effect: Check the cushioning system of your boots. A good hiking boot always comes with a good cushioning system. For long distances and mountain hiking, your ankle is the most important point in your leg that suffers most of your load. In order to absorb the shocks and unlevelled roads, the hiking boost should be having a proper cushion to support your legs for those long treks.

Build Quality

Though, all the hiking boots listed in this post are extremely durable and have amazing build quality. Whenever you are choosing your next pair of hiking boots, always check that the boots are breathable and waterproof.

Return Policy and Warranty

Though, all the boots listed above can be shipped through Amazon which provides you buyers protection so that you can return the products if you do not find it good for you.

You can also check the warranty on the product so that you can get it mended if by chance it suffers a wear and tear before your expectations.

Final Words

Hiking and trekking are some of the most rejuvenating ways to relax your soul. Following the same could bring out the best version of you in your professional as well as personal life.

We hope that you must have liked our collection of the best hiking boots for wide feet for both men and women. We have tried our best to bring only the top-rated hiking boots.

Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We would be happy to answer your queries.

Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet – Men’s & Women’s Ultimate Buyers Guide
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