14 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Men And Women – Buyers Guide

Selecting a good pair of ski boots is itself a difficult task. Adding more to the confusion, it would become a daunting task to choose a good pair of ski boots when you have wide feet.

In this detailed post, we have listed out the 14 best ski boots for wide feet so that you don’t have a room for confusion choosing the best ski boots. These ski boots have been chosen after rigorous research where we reviewed more than 40 ski boots before comprising this list.


Skiing is a performance driven sport and becomes risky if you are not wearing the right kind of gear during the game. Especially, the ski boots because not wearing the right kind of boots may result in shoe bites and even worse, accidents during skiing downhill.

So if you are really looking for “wide ski boots”, this detailed guide will certainly help you make the right choice.

Without wasting any further time, let’s take a quick look at the best ski boots for wide feet:

Now, that you have checked the list, let’s dive in and know more about each of the ski boots. We will be covering the wide ski boots for both men and women.

Best Ski Boots for Men with Wide Feet

Covering the men’s ski boots for wide feet, we could choose only 10 good ski boots from around 30+ different options. For this, we went through a lot of skiing forums and surveyed professional skiers about their choices in a specific budget.

1. Apex Ski Boots MC-2: High Performance Mens Boot

The first one on the list is the Apex MC-2 Ski boot for men. It is probably one of the most comfortable ski boots on the market. Talking about the structure of the boot, it has a snowboard boot fitted inside a ski boot frame.

Let’s talk more about the features of this amazing ski boot.

  • The boot consists of a heat-moldable inner liner. Also, it comes with a dual BOA® Fit system which flexibly allows you to cinch the upper and the lower sections separately. The whole structure supports the boots to fit exceptionally well in your feet.
  • The Open Chassis™ provides additional and strong support so that you can ski easily. You can also use its adjustable flex and set it the way you like.
  • The whole frame of the boot allows you to both ski and walk wearing the boots.
  • The adjustable flex helps you to moderate the stiffness according to your comfort.
  • The boots are really warm and stick well in the snow.
  • The rigid outer chassis gives a strong and durable stand to the boots. No doubt, these boots will give you a sheer skiing pleasure.
  • The front section of the boot is quite wide which would be a great option for someone having a broad foot/flat foot.

Final Words:  The Apex is a renowned brand and offers great superior quality in its products. The Apex MC-2 is a great boot for people having a broad foot. Although it is quite expensive, you can consider buying it if you are really looking to pursue skiing professionally
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2. Salomon Quest Access 80

The Salomon Quest Access 80 is a fine ski boot for men. It can be used by skiers of beginner to intermediate level. The Quest 80 has been solely built for skiers having wide feet.

Let’s check its features and know more about it.

  • The boot has a 104mm last and features a three-buckle design. It allows people with wide feet to ski with ease.
  • The QA80 included with a hike/ride function which will help you to walk with ease in case you are not skiing.
  • It is an advanced ski boot and has a flex rating of 80. This means that it can be easily used by different level of skiers.
  • The Salomon Quest Access 80 comes with a 104mm last which gives a roomy and comfortable feel to the skiers. This is an important feature if you prefer comfort over everything else.
  • The boots are made up of a great quality Poly Urethane shell which supports its long life.
  • The 35mm strap is wider than any regular boot. It helps you to keep the boots together so that you can have a great skiing experience.
  • The Quest 80 come with a replaceable toe and heel pads. The major advantage of this, when your soles are worn out, you can easily order a pair of sole plates and attach them to your boot. Kudos, your boots are new again.
  • You can use the dedicated locks to switch your boot and use them for hiking or riding. The Hike gives you good freedom of motion for walking.

Final Words:  The Salomon Quest 80 is certainly one of the best ski boots for wide feet. More than that, it would really give you great comfort and pleasure while skiing. 
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3. Tecnica Ten.2 100: Best Boot for Intermediate Level Skiers

Coming to the next ski boot, we have the Tecnica Ten.2 HVL 100. It is again a very durable ski boot for the money.

Skiing is a game of passion and the Tecnica HVL 100 would be your perfect companion in the sport. A special mention for its blue color which looks simply stunning and beautiful. Certainly, it will attract a lot of eyes, rest depends on your skiing skills.

Let us know more about the features:

  • The boot has a 106mm width and it is ultra wide. Even if you have a very wide foot, the Tecnica Ten.2 HVL would fit comfortably in your foot.
  • The Quick Instep Max helps your foot to slide right inside the boots very comfortable. You won’t have to struggle even a bit while wearing these awesome pairs of boots.
  • The 45mm Velcro Powerstrap helps you to tighten the boots so that you do not have room to shift around. It ensures that you are well equipped and locked in safely.
  • The boots will give you a good response because of the i-Rebound Constriction which fixes your upper cuff to your lower cuff.
  • You can use the Tecnica HVL 100 for all types of mountain peaks. It works really good on the trail and off trail.
  • It comes with a flex of 100. You would need some skill to wear it. Even if you are a beginner, you would get how to wear it right in 2-3 tries.

Final Words:  The Tecnica Ten.2 100 HVL is a very good boot. It is a perfect companion for intermediate to pro level skiers. We would recommend this boot if you have a flexible budget and you are looking at skiing as your career or passion sport .

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4. Rossignol Evo 70: Best Ski Boot Under $200

We know how difficult it is to choose the right ski boot. There are so many brands that it became a hefty task for us as well. Nevertheless, after days of hard work and research, we were able to choose some selected pair of boots so that you don’t have to search much in the market.

The fourth boot in the segment of boots for wide feet is the Rossignol Evo 70, a highly affordable and the best ski boot under $200.

Let’s uncover the facts and features which makes this boot a preferred choice of the skiers.

  • The Rossignol Evo 70 is a sharp looking boot that will certainly attract a lot of eyes when you are skiing.
  • It works perfect for people with wide foot and can be used by the beginner as well as intermediate level skiers.
  • The width of the boot is 104mm and provides great comfort for long time usage.
  • It has also got a machine PU liner which equips the boot great warmth and insulation.
  • The padding of the Rossignol Evo 70 is really thick and provides and helps your feet to stay comfortable and warm.
  • It is a favorite boot among skiers having wide feet. It is easy to fit and sticks right to your feet.

Final Words:  The Rossignol Evo 70 is one of the best ski boots for men. You must consider this for buying if you are looking for a decent pair of ski boots at an affordable price. The boots are perfect for professional skiers and have a long life. 
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5. Apex HP 28 Alpine Ski Boots: Professional Ski Boots for Men

A good pair of ski boots should be comfortable, sturdy and hold strong while skiing. The Apex HP 28 Alpine Ski boots are one of those boots which will be one of the great options for professional level skiers.

Being a professional level ski boot, the Apex HP 28 are not quite affordable but are worth every buck of their price.

Let us now unveil its features and know what’s different in this expensive boot.

  • The Apex HP 28 comes with 14 points of closure. The dual BOA® closure helps you to tighten the boots so that they fit comfortably and keeps your foot sturdy while skiing.
  • It has an external tongue construction which helps you to keep a secure closure. This also helps in effective water shedding and is a helpful feature for skiing.
  • The boot offer 4 forward lean positions due to its adjustable flex-arm.
  • You can adjust the flex settings using the turnable A-Flex suspension. The boot offers a flex-index range of 95-110.
  • The width of the boot is 101mm which fits comfortably for skiers having wide feet.
  • The boot consists of multi-density heat-moldable liners and has dual-density ergonomic insoles which help you to move your feet comfortable as well as keeps them warm.
  • It also includes a medial and lateral cuff alignment.
  • You can easily traverse parking lots as well walk easily using the inner boots.

Final Words:  The Apex HP 28 are not your regular skiing boots. They can be used by both intermediate-pro level skiers. We would not suggest these for beginner level skiers as they should first learn the basics, get their hands on in the game and then later look forward in investing on this expensive ski boots. However, if you do not give a fish about expenses, you shouldn’t think twice as the Apex HP 28 is worth every penny
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6. Rossignol AllSpeed Elite 130

While buying the skiing boots, one should be more concerned about the comfort the boots provides as compared to just the looks of the boot.

The Rossignol AllSpeed Elite 130 is another addition to this list of great ski boots for men. Like the Evo 70, the Elite 130 is both comfortable and looks stunning.

Time to check its features:

  • The Rossignol AllSpeed 130 comes with a fixed cuff pack of 98mm, 100mm and 102mm.
  • The built quality is good and the boot is made up of polyurethane plastic. It has got a ribbed rear spine construction also called as Sensor Blade which helps in shaving weight while increasing the torsional rigidity.
  • The flex range is 80-130 which supports a comfortable fit.
  • The Rossignol AllSpeed Elite 130 is comparatively lightweight to other ski boots.
  • The boots offer a great amount of lateral range which could be adjusted using a single cuff adjuster. You can adjust the flex feel by playing with the three pins. You can either utilize the top two or bottom two pins for placements.
  • These ski boots have swappable soles so you can easily use the boots for walking and easy mobility.
  • The boot has 98mm lasts and supports a super stiff flex which enhances the performance of the boot.
  • It includes four micro-adjustable buckles and locking power strap for enhanced rigidity and powerful fit.
  • Talk about technology and the Rossignol 130 uses the new sensor blade shell tech to eliminate the extra material and make the boot lightweight.
  • To keep the performance at par with other advanced ski boots, the Rossignol AllSpeed Elite 130 uses Thinsulate lining in their boots that help to keep your feet warm.

Final Words:  Talk about unmatched performance and the Rossignol AllSpeed Elite 130 fulfills all of it quite well. The boots are good for beginner to advance level skiers and promote extended comfort and warmth for your broad feet. A must buying option if all you crave for is performance. 
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7. Atomic Live Fit 80 Ski Boots: Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet Under $300

Moving to the next ski boot, the Atomic Live Fit 80 Ski Boots are one of the top choices for skiers. It is a boot which has got really good appreciation from professional skiers.

During professional level tests as well, the boot performed really well and is a great option for skiers having wide feet.

Let move on to its features:

  • The Atomic Live Fit 80 comes with a 102-106mm last. The best part, the shell width automatically fits due to the Live Fit system. Also, the boot is a great option for skiers having average to wide feet.
  • The boot comes with a flex rating of 80 which makes it stiffer and strong. This is appreciated by skiers who are just beginning with skiing to pro level skiers.
  • The Live fit system of the boot is really amazing. The boot has two elastic zones which adapt to the width of your foot. This feature is helpful and thus, the Atomic 80 fits almost any skier.
  • Compared to other entry-level skiing boots for wide feet, the Atomic Live Fit 80 has got 2 oversized buckles instead of 4. These buckles have the same pulling power as compared to boots with 3 or 4 buckles. This further saves you from all the extra hassle. Just pull the two buckles and you are ready to roll.
  • The single canting on the exterior of the boot helps you correct an uneven ski platform. All this is done without changing the fit and flex of the boot.
  • Removing the boot from your feet is very easy. You just need to remove the loop of fabric o the top of the tongue and you are done.
  • The replaceable toe and heel pads make this boot a favorable choice of the skiers. When your soles are worn out, just order a new pair of soles and your boot will become new as ever.

Final Words:  The Atomic Live Fit 80 are a great pair of ski boots. These are just entry level boots which are superior in quality and features. These are certainly the best skiing boots under $300
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8. Salomon X-Access 80

Another one from the Salomon family, we have the Salomon X-Access 80 Wide boot. Though we are covering the best ski boots for men with wide feet, Salomon is quite a notable name in skiing.

No doubt, the brand they have built after years of manufacturing the best of the skiing products is quite marvelous.

Let’s check the features:

  • The Salomon X-Access 80 Wide is a boot that is specially developed for skiers having wide feet. With a 104mm last, it can fit all types of wide feet.
  • Talking about the built quality, the boot is developed using Salomons Twinframe Technology. It uses very strong and stiff plastic on the sole of the boot for unmatched energy and performance while skiing downhill.
  • You will get added control as the X-Access has a 24mm oversized pivot for driving immense energy to the edges of your skis.
  • The calf adjuster helps you to get a fit dialed in across your calf muscles using an allen wrench.
  • The buckles adjustment of the boot is very good and you will get an optimized adjustment.
  • The 35mm powerful velcro strap can be used for a good fitting. Moreover, the boots will adjust to your feet after just a few minutes of wearing them.

Final Words:  The Salomon X-Access 80 Wide is a great boot for beginners as well as intermediate skiers. Professional skiers are best suggested to go for advanced boots like the Apex HP 28 or Rossignol AllSpeed Elite. The Salomon X-Access offers a great performance during downhill and increased speed and would be a perfect choice if you have got wide feet. 
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9. Tecnica Ten.2 70

Skiing is an expensive sport just like golf. If you delve in to get the best of the skiing gear, the kit would cost you at least 5 figures ($$$$$).

Though we understand that many of you might be just beginners, it was at most important for us to introduce a cost-effective and cheap ski boot which offers great performance when you are playing the sport.

The Tecnica Ten.2 70 is one of the cheapest ski boots for wide feet. Being an affordable ski boot, do not think that the boot will offer any less performance as compared to other ski boots mentioned in this post.

To know more about the boot and get things straight to you, let us uncover its features.

  • The 106mm last is truly the best in class for skiers with wide feet. This is being created by the High Volume Last Liner which is thinner at the forefoot and provides you with a wide fit.
  • The boot has i-Rebound Construction which promotes rearward support, flex resistance and adds rebound for the mellow skier which additionally gives them a wide room to control over their skis.
  • You can easily slide in and out of the boot due to Tecnica’s Quick Instep Max. No need to waste a ton of time adjusting the buckles and trying to put your foot in the boot.
  • The actual flex is 70 which is pretty decent considering that you are using the boot to learn the basics.
  • The warranty of one year is great value for the buck.
  • It consists of the conventional 4 buckles using which you can adjust the boot and fit your feet accordingly.
  • Best for downhill, this all-mountain boot is very sturdy and lightweight.

Final Words:  The Tecnica Ten.2 70 is a great ski boot for beginners. You can use the boot to learn the basics. Though, do not consider the boot for professional skiing as there are plenty of other options which are already covered in this detailed post. A must buy if you are looking for a affordable ski boot
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10. Rossignol Men’s Alias 120: Bestselling Men’s Ski Boot

We have already covered two boots by Rossignol in this post. After the Rossignol Evo 70 and Rossignol AllSpeed Elite 130, we have the Rossignol Men’s Alias 120 which is another marvelous ski boot by the brand.

Rossignol is one of the top ski gear brands which makes quality products. In this review, we will be looking into more insights and features of the Alias 120.

  • The Rossignol 120 uses the Sensor Fit technology using which it uses the same heel pocket keeping the toe-box wide. The boot has a 104mm last which is the widest that is manufactured by the company. The boot thus would accommodate well for a wide feet.
  • The flex is 120 which is best in the class and suits skiers thriving for a stronger boot with high performance.
  • Easily slides in and out of the boot as the boot has got Easy Entry Insert which uses the soft plastic injected over the instep of the foot.
  • The boot has a self-shaping tongue which helps to mold to the shape of your foot once you have used the boot for skiing for a few days..
  • The inner Sensor Fit liner is soft and made up of polyurethane and has got really comfortable padding. It is stitched to reduce any pressure points.
  • The Rossignol Men’s Alias 120 has also got standard 4 buckles to modulate the stiffness of the boot for your feet.
  • The boot offers a neutral stance and is a great option if you are looking for the best wide ski boot for the money

Final Words:  The Rossignol 130 is one of the widest ski boot for the money. The boot is a great choice for both beginner to pro level skiers as it fits comfortably and offers great stability while skiing. 
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Best Women Ski Boots for Wide Feet

Seeing the active participation of women in skiing, the manufacturers have started manufacturing more skiing boots personalized for women than before. Although, as compared to men, fewer women have wide feet. In this section, we will be covering the best wide ski boots for women.

11. Apex ML-3 Ski Boots Womens

Covering the first wide ski boot for women, the Apex ML-3 Ski boot has been specially manufactured keeping in mind the needs of women skiers.

Though, when it comes to skiing boots, there is not that big difference between men and women ski boots apart from the calf room. Overall, women have shorter feet in most of the cases.

Let’s check more of its features.

  • Powering the A-Flex suspension system, the boot has a flex range of 90-110, you can use the boot for various types of skiing.
  • You can take out the inner boot and utilize it for walking in the streets. Though, most of the boots do offer these features, we think it is a must-have feature which should be there in all the ski boots.
  • The inner Thinsulate insulation keeps your feet warm and cozy even on long lift rides.
  • The upper portion of the boot is specially designed keeping in mind the toe of a women.
  • The boot has got 18 points of closure and promotes a dual BOA® system for a precise fit.
  • The external tongue construction is highly rigid and durable. The turnable A-Flex provides extended adjustment and customization.
  • For better performance along the slopes, you can easily adjust the cuff alignment and forward flex to get a perfect balance inside the boots.

Final Words:  The Apex ML-3 Ski Boots are really good for women skiers. They are comfortable, sturdy and durable for long usage. Certainly, the best wide ski boots for women, the Apex ML-3 is a great option for the money. 
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12. Nordica Cruise 75 Ski Boots for Women

Moving to the second boot for women skiers, the Nordica Cruise 75 ski boot has been developed keeping in mind the spirit of skiing.

The structure of the boot itself gives you a strong appearance. Also, one more thing to notice, most of the skiing boots for women come in a grey or black color. The Nordica Cruise 75 is another great ski boot for women with wide feet.

Let’s check out its features to know more about it:

  • The 104mm last is a delight for women skiers having wide feet.
  • You will get a great control as the boot has got supportive flex of the bi-injected shell that will help you to bend forward at the ankles supporting you to have a precise orientation.
  • You can initiate faster turn due to the Natural Foot Stance of the boot with very minimal efforts, Also, you can align the stance using the Single Canting.
  • The Nordica 75 has a hands-free slide system to get you inside and out of the boot with the least efforts.
  • The anti-slip soled provide great stability in the snow and while skiing downhill at a good speed.
  • The boot has got special Rear Spoiler which provides extra calf support due to the women’s specific ACP.
  • The standard 4 Micro_Alu buckles are there to adjust the stiffness of the boots. Overall, you will have a great comfort as the boot adjusts to your foot after 3-4 sessions of skiing.
  • The 35mm power velcro strap helps you to tighten the boots and remove any shakiness.
  • The inner heat moldable precision fit lining helps your feet to stay warm and cozy even after long and tiring skiing sessions.

Final Words:  Looking for a superior performance, these Nordica ski boots for wide feet is a great option for women skiers. You can consider buying this awesome boot if you are a beginner or an intermediate level skier. 
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13. Rossignol Kelia 50: Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet and Calves

Jotting the best ski boots for women is a tricky task, a more daunting one is to select a good pair of ski boots for wide feet because there aren’t many options in the market.

It took us nearly a month to research the boots and jot down in this detailed list.

Another ski boot which is really popular among women skiers is the Rossignol Kelia 50. Let’s uncover the features:

  • The boots have a similar appearance as of sneakers. They have an easy flex feature and fit stunningly well for a rigorous skiing session.
  • The 104mm last is the biggest in this brand. It is one of the best ski boots for wide feet and calves.
  • Great room for ankle area, forefoot along with string heel pocket for all-day comfort and support.
  • Flex is 50 and best suited for beginner level skiers.
  • The inner liner is comfortable and designed for women. They are cut lower to accommodate differences in the calf. Strong padding supports the feet and upper calf for an even comfort.
  • The Rossignol Kelia 50 have great built quality. They are made from polyurethane. The cuff/shell of the boot is made from Polyolefin.
  • The most amazing part, the boot has got diagonal buckles which provides a great shell wrap and fit. They are even helpful in easily aligning during the entry and exit.
  • The 40mm Velcro is very powerful and makes the boot stiff and fit well.

Final Words:  The Rossignol Kelia 50 is great boot for beginner level women skiers. It has a pretty wide area which gives even a person with feet a good room for comfortable skiing session. Certainly, it is the best women’s beginner ski boot for the money. 
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14. Salomon X-Access 60: Best Women Ski Boots For Wide Feet

Coming to the last ski boot of this detailed guide, the Salomon X-Access 60 is an ultra wide ski boot for women. From the very first appearance of the boot, it looks simply stunning.

Salomon is a renowned brand in the skiing industry. They manufacture products with great precision and do multiple tests to check the durability and comfort level.

Let’s know more about this much-anticipated ski boot:

  • The Salomon X-Access 60 is a great boot for women with wide and voluminous feet. The 104mm last supports this notion and makes it a suitable ski boot for skiers who look for comfort as a first priority feature.
  • It has a shell design along with sliding tabs carefully integrated to enable boot opening at cold temperatures.
  • The cuff is specially designed keeping in mind the calf and feet of women. The cuff design is lower as compared to that of men’s ski boots.
  • The boot as got a spectacular calf adjustment system. You only need to turn a screw to enlarge the upper cuff. Thus, it is suitable for all types of legs both voluminous as well as athletic.
  • The flex being 60, the boot is a good option for beginner-intermediate level skiers. For more aggressive skiing, you can consider other options with a better flex range.
  • The calf zone has a V shape to adapt to the calf shape.
  • The built quality is the same as most of the other durable and strong boots in this detailed post. Both shell and cuff are made of Polypropylene.
  • The boots work on TwinFrame Technology. You will get enough rigidity for performance and softer shell for enhanced comfort and easy entry.

Final Words:  The Salomon X-Access 60 is a fantastic boot for women beginners. It is a good performing boot which provides you with great comfort and flexibility to enhance your skiing skills. 
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We hope you must have enjoyed reading this post. Similar to hunting boots, skiing boots need to be tough to withstand the aggressiveness of the sport. Majorly all the outdoor sports need you to have gears of top quality in order to enhance your skills.

This is the most detailed post covering the best ski boots for wide feet for both men and women on the web. Though it was a tough task to jot down all the boots with their details, it gives us immense pleasure in helping you to choose the best ski boots for your next skiing session.

Please let us know your views in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer your queries. A quick share would be highly appreciated and motivate us to bring more such amazing and detailed content for you.

14 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Men And Women – Buyers Guide
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