Best Tactical Flashlight For The Money- 2022’s Best Buyers Guide

Looking for the best tactical flashlights? You are on the right page. Being an outdoor enthusiast, military personnel or a just a normal citizen looking for a tactical flashlight for the sake of security and day-to-day purpose, you must be looking for a bright, affordable and durable flashlight.

In this post, I have covered the best tactical flashlights for the money. All the flashlights that I have picked serve the best purpose i.e. providing a clear visibility in the dark.

Let’s see the best flashlights that I have reviewed in this post.

Best Tactical Flashlight For The Money Best Reviews

Tactical Flashlight Lumens Type Price
OxyLED MD50 Tactical Flashlight 500 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery or AAA Batteries Check Price
Solaray Pro ZX-1 Tactical Flashlight 1200 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery or AAA Batteries Check Price
SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight 400 SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries Check Price
Vizeri VZ460 LED Tactical Flashlight 460 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery or AAA Batteries Check Price
Supernova Guardian 1300 Tactical Flashlight 1300 Rechargeable Lithium 18650 Batteries Check Price
Streamlight 88040 Pro Tactical Flashlight 750 CR123A Batteries Check Price
EcoGear FX Tactical Flashlight 1200 18650 Batteries or AAA Batteries Check Price
Helotex G4 Tactical Flashlight 1000 CR123 Batteries or 18650 Rechargeable Battery Check Price
Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight 1000 Rechargeable Lithium 18650 Batteries Check Price
Klarus XT11S Tactical Flashlight 1100 Rechargeable Lithium 18650 Batteries Check Price

Best Tactical Flashlights for the Money Reviews

So now that you have finally seen the list of top 10 tactical flashlights, I would highly recommend you to read the whole article to decide and choose the best tactical flashlight for yourself.

However, if you in a hurry and just want to go through the best and selected tactical, I would recommend that you read the Streamlight 88040 Pro Tactical Flashlight tactical flashlight reviews. It is currently the best tactical flashlight on the market with the highest positive consumer reviews.

1. OxyLED MD50 Review- Cheapest Tactical Flashlight

Talking about the cheapest category first, OxyLED MD50 is a highly affordable tactical flashlight for the money.

The flashlight comes with five different light modes, three for the brightness levels (high, medium, low) and the other two for strobe and SOS function. You can even use the flashlight to zoom into the subject and for other scenarios.

Talking about the body of the MD50, the flashlight is made of a highly durable aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The body is type 3 hard-anodized along with an anti-abrasive coating. Also, the lens of the flashlight is toughened, ultra clear with anti-reflective coating.

The flashlight is good for the rugged environment and use. It is IPX-6 water resistant. Thus, you can even use this highly affordable tactical flashlight during heavy rains.

The company also promises a good customer service with a response time of 24 hours.

The flashlight works on Li-on battery with built in protection.

The OxyLED MD50 will give you a high light output with 800 lumens along with 50000+ hours of life. This is the reason why this flashlight is among the bestselling tactical flashlights.

You will get a bundle of rechargeable batteries along with a charger and a charger base when you purchase the MD50.

  • Cheap and affordable tactical flashlight.
  • Life of 50000+ hours is a good buy.
  • 5 brightness adjusting modes.
  • Made of highly durable aluminum.
  • Zoom functionality is stable and fast.
  • Uses Cheap optics.
  • Slow charger.
  • Storage case is cheap.
  • Misses many features important for a tactical flshlight.

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 2. SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Review- Best Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight

Soloray is a leading tactical flashlight brand which has won may national awards for manufacturing professional grade products. The company is manufacturing high-quality products since 2001.

Soloray has been producing amazing professional quality flashlights and the Pro ZX-1 is one of the best brightest flashlight ever manufactured by the company.

The Soloray Pro ZX-1 uses a single die chip technology making it a super powerful and ultra bright flashlight. It comes with an adjustable zoom focus lens and has an attached belt clip wth deluxe lanyard.

Talking about the body, it is made up of highly durable aircraft grade aluminum. Also, the ZX-1 tactical flashlight is water resistant and has a premium tail switch engineered for years of use.

You can use the ZX-1 for hiking, fishing, trekking, hunting, security, night-walks, spotlight, everyday home usage and also as a military tactical flashlight.

The Soloray ZX-1 is one of the brightest tactical flashlights as it comes with a maximum of 1200 lumen ultra-light Cree super-silicon carbide. This tactical flashlight is powerful enough to light up an entire hall and also zoom on the distant objects. All these features also include energy efficiency as you can use the flashlight for hours without any problem.

You will get 5 different light modes with the Soloray ZX-1- high, medium and low beam for moderate use, bright tactical strobe for self-defence and SOS for emergency purpose.

Also, the flashlight is quite handy and lightweight. You can easily carry it anywhere you want without worrying about any handling issue.

  • Brightest LED Tactical Falshlight.
  • 5 brightness adjusting modes.
  • Made of highly durable aluminum.
  • Zoom functionality is stable and fast.
  • Perfect for security, camping, hunting and everyday usage.
  • Lacks mode “Memory”.
  • Overheats on extended usage.

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3. SureFire G2X Review- Ultra Durable Tactical Flashlight

Surefire is another trusted flashlight manufacturers which is known for consistently producing the best quality products.

Adding another promising tactical flashlight to our review, we have the SureFire G2X which is also known as “Virtually indestructible Flashlight” by the customers who have used it.

The SureFire G2X is made of tough Nitrolon along with an anodized aluminum bezel. Thus, it is the most durable tactical flashlight in this list.

The G2X is a highly efficient tactical flashlight. It provides dual illumination with output levels of 15 and 320 lumens. The best part, it provides a runtime of upto 45 hours. This makes it one of the best tactical flashlights for a longer run and extreme usage.

The G2X has a quite bright flash with uniform side spill. The unique part is, the output is even with an exceptional beam quality. We have seen with most of the flashlights, the beam turns into a square when projected in a long range. However, the G2X is quite stable and has an even projection even at the longer ranges.

Now that I have talked about the features, the Surefire G2X comes in six different colors. However, Black is a standard color in most of the tactical flashlights, you can also choose from Desert Tan, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Forest Green and Yellow.

To be frank, the G2X is mainly meant for a rugged use. So if you want to buy a flashlight just for normal use, I would suggest you go for the Streamlight 88040 Pro Tactical Flashlight or the Soloray Pro ZX-1.

However, if you are not concerned much, I think it is definitely a good option to buy the Surefire G2X as it can be used in multipurpose situations. It is definitely a great buy for the money. You are getting the trust of one of the best flashlight manufacturers. Plus, you won’t find such highly durable tactical flashlight for less than $100 anywhere else.

  • Ultra durable and tough.
  • Available in 6 different colors.
  • Offers great brightness.
  • Even projection even in long ranges.
  • Perfect for security, camping, hunting and rugged usage.
  • No extra accessories.
  • Difficult to fit inside small pockets.

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4. Vizeri LED VZ460– Best Military Flashlight 

The Vizeri LED comes in two different models, the VZ 230 and VZ460. Presently, I will be talking about the VZ460 model.

There is no major difference between the VZ230 and VZ460. Both the tactical flashlight have the same design, body type, warranty but, have different power. The Vizeri VZ230 offers 230 lumens and the VZ460 offers 460 lumens. More lumens means more brightness. Thus, I am reviewing the VZ460 as I love more brightness in my flashlight otherwise, it does not solve the purpose (my personal opinion).

The VZ460 is another great, affordable and best-rated flashlight. It offers five different brightness modes- Low, Medium, High, Strobe and SOS for the emergency.  

Although the VZ460 promises 460 lumens, it is fairly brighter than many of the most promising flashlights available in the market.

Claiming the built quality of the flashlight, it is made from high-grade aluminum just like the other flashlights which I have discussed till now. Thus, the flashlight is highly rugged and good for extreme usage like hunting, camping, trekking and other outdoor adventures. Also, it is tested and tried for military purpose as well.

The flashlight comes with a lamp diffuser and holster D-ring. You will also get a carabiner that can be used to hang the lamp in your tent during any outdoor camping session.

The best part, the flashlight uses flexible power options. You can use low-cost AAA alkaline batteries or the rechargeable versions of the same. However, for long usage, I  would suggest that you use rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion batteries.

The thing which sets the VZ460 apart from other flashlight manufacturers is the enviable quality. Also, the flashlight offers zooming focus with IPX7 waterproof resistance.

Certainly, the Vizer VZ460 is a great option for everyday home usage as well as for rugged outdoor sessions.

  • Ultra durable and rugged.
  • Offers great brightness.
  • 5 different brightness modes.
  • Best military flashlight in the market.
  • Uses cheap AAA batteries.
  • Great value for money.
  • Need to purchase the batteries and charger seperately.

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5. Supernova Guardian 1300– Best Rechageable Tactical Flashlight

Adding more light to the list, the Supernova Guardian 1300 is a classic addition to this list. Again, it is one fo the brightest flashlights which runs on 3 AAA alkaline batteries.

Like other flashlights, the Supernova 1300 also comes with 5 different modes of brightness- Low, Medium, High, Strobe, and SOS. The Strobe and  SOS are meant for an emergency situation only.

The body of the flashlight is high-grade aluminum which is scratchproof and shockproof. This means that the Guardian 1300 is meant for rigorous use and can handle rugged climatic situations pretty easily. Although you don’t need to worry even if the flashlight falls from your hand. It has an anti-slip handle which makes it less likely to be dropped or slip from your hand.

The 1300 model of Supernova is small but a little heavy at the head. Thus the weight being 5.1 ounces is considered to be a little bulky than the rest of the flashlights that we have discussed till now. Although, I don’t think this weight would matter much. A good quality flashlight will definitely carry some weight due to the high-grade aluminum body.

The flashlight is good to carry and is quite handy for long walks down a dark terrain (camping nights and outdoor expeditions).

Talking about the battery life of the Supernova 1300, I have personally tested the flashlight. It offers 4 hours of continuous usage on “High” mode which is pretty amazing.

The Guardian 1300 is the best rechargeable flashlight. You can use it for multi-utility. The flashlight looks visually good and stylish too so, you can carry it comfortably with you.

I personally feel that you can give this flashlight as a gift to your friend. This is because everyone needs a flashlight for outdoor promenade or security purpose. The Supernova 1300 is a great option if you are looking for a long term good flashlight.

  • Ultra durable and rugged.
  • Offers great brightness.
  • 5 different brightness modes.
  • Last 4+ hours on full charge.
  • Stylish and compact design.
  • Operation switch is a little soft.
  • May be pricey for some.

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6. Streamlight 88040 Pro– Best Tactical Flashlight for the Money

Coming to the best tactical flashlight, we have the Streamlight 88040 ProTac. It is my favorite and the best tactical flashlight for the money.

The 88040 is among the best-rated flashlights. This moderately priced flashlight produces a blinding 750-lumen beam to a large area. The flashlight comes with Ten-Tap Programming in which you can choose from three different user selectable programs: high/strobe/low; high only; low/high.

Featuring the C4 LED technology, the Streamlight 88040  is impervious to shock and has a 50,000+ hour lifetime. Okay, so here comes an interesting part, the flashlight will run for approximately 1.5 hours on the “High” mode in which it will power 750 lumens.

The “Low” intensity beam will run for 18 hours in which it will power 35 lumens. You can use the multi-function push button tail switch for operating the tactical flashlight with one hand.

Unlike other flashlights in which the intensity falls down when the flashlight is “ON” for a certain period of time, the electronics used in the Streamlight 88040 are such that it provides a regulated intensity which enabled the flashlight to run in the same way for hours.

Talking about the body of the flashlight, majorly all of them which I have discussed till now are made up of aircraft grade aluminum and so does the 88040 version. The flashlight is highly durable and can even manage situations as tough as military combats or police encounters and search operations.

The Streamlight 88040 comes with a removable pocket clip. It is also IPX7 water resistant and can withstand pressure upto 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes.

The flashlight is tested and can blind anyone temporarily during defense operations and maneuvers. It also fits easily in your pocket and purse. You can also combat using the flashlight as it has got ridges on both sides of the flashlight.

However, it is better to use the flashlight and experience more of its features. If you are looking to buy a flashlight for all-purpose be it trekking, hunting, defense, military or normal day-to-day purpose, hands down, Streamlight 88040 is the best tactical flashlight for the money to buy without any second thought. The product has got an awesome response from the people who have used it and is currently the best tactical survival flashlight to buy.

  • Ultra durable and rugged.
  • Offers great brightness.
  • Best tactical flashlight on the market with a legit price.
  • Three different options (high, strobe and low).
  • Life of upto 50,000 hrs.
  • Body made of highly durable aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Multi-functional for one hand action.
  • Optimized for regulated intensity.
  • Comes with a detachable pocket clip.
  • IPX7 water resistant for 30min in 1-meter depth.
  • Manufacturer lifetime warranty.
  • Pocket clip is quite tight.

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7. EcoGear FX TK 120 Tactical Flashlight

The Ecogear FX is a very versatile flashlight. You can use it for different purpose like home security, military, hunting, hiking or while taking a camping trip.

The flashlight is very easy to operate and thus it is good for the household purpose. You can use this reliable tactical flashlight for taking night walks in dark or for any weather mishap such as heavy rainfall, floods or if you are living in an area facing frequent electricity cuts.

The multiple light modes of the flashlight are typically framed to accommodate you in any situation of emergency with excellent light spread and strong rigid high-quality military grade construction.

The most important aspect of the TK120 flashlight is its zoom lens. The zoom lens will allow you to focus the beam in order to enhance the light in a targeted area. It is useful and handy when you want to see something specific at a distance.

Like most of the tactical flashlights, the EcoGear also offers five different light modes i.e high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. The Strobe mode is quite popular as it is perfect to use for self-defense during any potential security threat.

When the strobe light is projected into the eyes of a person, the photoreceptors do not reset for a time. in simple words, the beam is strong enough to blind a person visually for some seconds. These few seconds can be used to vanish and run away from the situation.

The flashlight runs on 18650 batteries. You can recharge the batteries and use them again and again like most of the tactical flashlights.

The flashlight is water resistant and also has a rubber O-ring in the tail section from where the batteries are inserted. However, don’t expect to submerge the tac in water as it is just water resistant but not waterproof. The flashlight, however, is anti-abrasive with hard anodized finish and shock proof too.

  • Ultra durable and rugged.
  • Offers great brightness.
  • Five different modes(high, medium, low, strobe and SOS).
  • Water resistant, hard anodized and shock proof.
  • Good for home safety, miltary and emergency combat.
  • A little expensive as compared to similar flashlights.

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8. 1000 Lumen Helotex G4

Helotex G4 is a fantastic and one of the best affordable flashlights in the market. The flashlight has a dual power capability i.e. it can run on two CR123 batteries or a single 18650 rechargeable battery.

The G4 features a CREE XM-L2 LED to produce an incredible output of 1000 lumen.

The best feature of this tactical flashlight is that it has a tactile click on/off button on the rear of the flashlight. Once you turn on this tactile button, the flashlight will toggle between high, low and strobe functions with a quick tap on the On/Off button. This means that the flashlight will turn off for 1 second and will revert back to high when it is turned on the next time, regardless of the previous mode it was in.

Talking about the body, the G4 is made of  6063-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum and also features O-ring seals on all parts for optimum moisture and weather resistance.

The company promises the LED life of 50,000+ hrs. This is a standard life promised by majorly all the flashlight manufacturers. Also, the flashlight can run continuously for 2.75 hrs in the “High” mode and upto 72 hrs on the “Low” mode. I think this is good when you want to excessively use the flashlight in some emergency cases.

Although Helotex does not offer any beam focusing feature, it is better suggested to use it for home security and personal purpose. It is surely one of the highest lumen flashlights and you can use it for trekking and camping.

However, if you are looking for an all-in-one tactical which is suitable for all-purpose, I would suggest you go for the Streamlight 88040 Pro Tactical Flashlight without any second doubt. Of course, you will have to pay 10-20 bucks extra but you will get a highly durable flashlight for life.

  • Durable and rugged.
  • Offers great brightness(1000 lumens).
  • O-ring sealed for all weather circumstances.
  • Tactile button to toggle light between high, low and strobe.
  • Good for home safety, military and emergency combat.
  • Batteries not included with the unit.
  • Only 1-year warranty.

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9. Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight– Brightest Flashlight On The Market

The Fenix PD35 is a portable tactical flashlight. Also, it is one of the brightest tactical flashlights on the market as it has a power of 1000 lumens. Now, you may think that I have already discussed many flashlights having 1000 lumens but why am I crediting the Fenix PD35 as the brightest flashlight in the league. The answer to this- the other flashlights may be sourcing 1000 or 1000+ lumens but, the Fenix PD35 is highly optimized tactical flashlight which gives the best brightness output in the league of tactical flashlights.

However, the other features remaining similar to any other tactical flashlight, the PD35 is also made of military standard aluminum. Thus, this flashlight is both strong and durable but not heavy.

The PD35 is said to be the brightest military flashlight. The reason for which, the flashlight is heavily used for professional military operations. The flashlight is made keeping military and law enforcement in mind.

The 1000 lumen intensity of brightness will blind anyone for minutes. Thus, the flashlight should be handled with care and responsibility.

I have used the tactical for my hunting and camping expeditions. It is quite sturdy and durable. Also, you may be surprised to know that the beam from the flashlight travels a distance of up to 200 meters quite easily.

The Fenix PD35 can be powered using the rechargeable 18650 batteries. This is a positive part as you can purchase the batteries from a normal shop. More to add, the power management of the flashlight is such that it lowers the brightness level once the battery starts to drain.

To make you aware that the battery is low, the flashlight flashes off and then back on every five minutes to remind you that you need to change the battery or recharge it. This functionality is not available in any of the flashlights discussed till now.

If you are typically looking for a highly sturdy and durable flashlight with the best brightness and long life, Fenix PD35 is your best bet in the market.

  • Durable and rugged.
  • Offers great brightness(1000 lumens).
  • Battery indicator functionality.
  • Brightest tactical flashlight on the market.
  • Optimized for best brightness.
  • Can travel a distance of 200 meters.
  • Good for home safety, military, hiking, camping, hunting and emergency combat.
  • Expensive as compared to other tactical flashlights.

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10. Klarus XT11S Tactical Flashlight– Best Hunting Flashlight

The Klarus XT11S is an ultra compact and lightweight tactical flashlight. It uses REE XP-L HI V3 LED for delivering a maximum output of 1100 lumens (another brightest tactical flashlight).

The XT11S has a dual tail switch and it was perfectly crafted for one-handed operation in mind. Also, it has got three different operating modes- Conventional Tactical Mode, Hunting Mode (Instant high- or low-light mode and tactical tail switch for using the flashlight without strobe), and Ultimate Tactical Mode (In this mode, the flashlight will only operate in Turbo and Strobe mode, the side switch is inactivated for use in extreme tactical situations).

The XT11S has a Direct Recharging Function which allows the user to plug a standard Micro USB cable directly intro the port located on the side of the flashlight. The unique battery indicator will allow you to control the usage of the flashlight according to the remaining charge. Also, the smart digital charging helps in tracking the charge of the flashlight for rapid and safe charging.

The maximum output of 1100 lumens is so powerful that you can project the flashlight such that its beam can reach a distance of 330 meters. Also, the dual tactical tail switch is a patented entity as it helps in one-handed touch operation.

The Klarus XT11S is one of the most advanced tactical flashlights and is certainly a unique one in this list. It has got ample features.

The side switch of the flashlight incorporates a specially designed lock which prevents the flashlight from accidental illumination.

Again, the body is an aircraft grade aluminum body for better durability and extreme usage.

Frankly speaking, the Klarus XT11S is one of those high lumen flashlights that are basically meant for advanced use such as military operations, police mock-ups, and drills and advanced security purpose. I won’t suggest this if you want a simple flashlight for home security and camping purpose.

  • Highly Durable and rugged.
  • Offers great brightness(1100 lumens).
  • Battery indicator functionality.
  • Optimized for best brightness.
  • Can travel a distance of 330 meters.
  • Good for all heavy purpose like military combat, police operations, and emergency combat.
  • Patented Dual Tactical Tail for one-hand usage.
  • Best for advanced and military level operations.
  • Expensive as compared to other tactical flashlights.

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Now that you have gone through the best tactical flashlights for 2017, it is time to decide the best one for yourself.

So if you are still not able to make a choice on your own, let me help you to choose the best tactical flashlight.

Best Tactical Flashlight (Suited for all purpose) -> Streamlight 88040 Pro

Best Tactical Flashlight for Hunting -> Klarus XT11S Tactical Flashlight

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight -> Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight

In the end, I would recommend you to buy the Streamlight 88040 Pro. It is good for home security, hunting, camping, trekking, night outs and military operations too. The product has got awesome reviews from the customers who have used. I hope it does the same magic for you too. Do share your views in the comment section below.

Best Tactical Flashlight For The Money- 2022’s Best Buyers Guide
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