Best Wedges For High Handicappers – Top 7 Wedges You Cannot Miss

Choosing the best wedge for high handicappers is a confusing task. In this post, we have tried to ease your confusion as we have listed down the top 7 wedges for high handicappers.

Just to ensure you, we reviewed more than 14 wedges for choosing the top wedges based on their customer’s reviews and features like forgiveness, technology, versatility and ease of use.

If you are a beginner or someone who can be distinguished as a high handicapper, you will know that the wedge can be a very useful gear for you. Choosing the perfect wedges will increase the chances of you scoring better in the championships.

This post particularly focuses on the wedges for high handicappers. So what if you are a beginner level golfer? Need not worry, we have covered different wedges in this detailed post.

Choosing a Perfect Wedge – Important Factors

  • Ease Of Use

Starting with the clubs that are simple to use can be a great help. For that reason, the ‘adjustable’ wedges don’t really belong in here as they require some sort of experience in order to get used to it. For the beginners, starting out with some simple wedges is suggested.

  • Forgiveness

In the usual cases, you will have to make a hit to the golf ball with the club’s center face. However, there are some risk-takers who like to take the ‘half-shots’. For them, the forgiveness of the wedges matters a lot. Even if there is a miss-hit, the shot will not be that disastrous. That is why forgiveness matters a lot when it comes to the wedges.

  • Technology

The basic technology in the wedges is based on physics, concentration, and mechanics. With the help of technology, your disastrous shots can be turned into classic hits.

  • Versatility

The main point of focus is on finding the best wedge that works the best for you. You need to pick the wedges that you will be able to use in different cases and for varied purposes such as chipping, pitch shots, and greenside bunkers.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 wedges that we will be covering in this detailed post:

7 Best Golf Wedges for High Handicappers

Best Golf Wedges for High Handicappers – Detailed Review

Being a beginner or a high handicapper, it is necessary that you understand the importance of the wedges. A right wedge can significantly help you improve your score as compared to a brand new driver. In this post, we have tried our best to bring you the best wedges for beginners as well as professional golfers.

1. Callaway Golf Rogue Iron : Bestselling Iron for Beginners

Callaway Rogue X is just the perfect option for the high handicappers and beginners because of its forgiveness.

It is a widely used iron by beginners and high handicappers. You can imagine the popularity just by reading the reviews on Amazon.

The particular model is available in regular, stiff, and seniors varieties for you to choose from. With the help of this iron, the golfers will surely have a very high-quality and forgiving club.

It doesn’t punish the users even if they hit a disastrous shot and that is what makes it different from the other models of irons. With Callaway Rogue X, the beginners will have the ultimate chance of swinging their shots to the maximum distance as it has a very rough surface.

Also, the CG is pulled to the lower side and thus it makes the shaft just perfectly long. The club face is lighter which provides more accurate shots and better balance.

Made with proper Tungsten material it weighs just right and provides the right amount of control and stability to the golfers. Also, the 360 face of the cup is an amazing addition for varying thickness.

This also helps the golfers hit with more speed and makes the ball go a greater distance. This is a perfect iron for the beginners who feel taking big shots can be tough.

  • The product is designed specifically for high-speed balls
  • The ball flight is pretty great
  • The iron also provides more control and stability to the one who is using it
  • Well-balanced and gives a great feel on the hands
  • Longer and lighter design
  • Lover CG is guaranteed with wider sole
  • Impactful iron makes an amazing sound
  • Longer carry along with higher launching
  • The forgiveness of the iron is very limited
  • The graphics and the colors that are on the iron head can be a bit dull according to some players

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2. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Chrome Mack Daddy 4

Taking another model from Callaway, the Golf Men’s Chrome Mack Daddy 4 is another great option for high handicappers.

The Mack Daddy 4 has lofts from 46-64 degrees. It has 3 different bounce angles of 8, 10, and 12 degrees. The best part, you can choose from 21 different loft/bounce/grind configurations.

You can choose the chrome polished or matte finished version of the wedge.

Here is a brief video about the Mack Daddy 4:

The pattern for groove in the Mack Daddy 4 has gone through some changes and there is also an addition of a grind. The wedge face has the proper Groove-in-Groove tech along with some micro-groovers that can be great for providing a little bit more spin to the wedges.

Apart from that, these micro-groovers are protruded in order to provide a more rough and uneven surface. This will increase the RPM on the full shots that the golfers make.

With a classic Mack Daddy design, the sole has got 4 holes which are the main highlight of the wedge. Plus, these holes help in the removal of the weight from the head.

So, the CG is a bit higher. The Mack Daddy 4 also has 4 grind options for the users. In short, it can be said that for those high handicappers who are looking for a versatile option for wedges, this is the ultimate choice to go for.

  • The lofts that are available have 2-degree increments right from 46 to 60 degrees
  • The Groove-in-Groove tech used in the model helps in increasing the spin of the wedges
  • There are 4 holes that help in removing the weight and thus increase the CG in the club head
  • 4 grind options available in the soles that provide versatility to the wedges
  • 21 bounce and loft combinations
  • Steel shafts are long enough
  • The availability of these wedges for left-handers and the women is a little less
  • The options can be a bit confusing
  • The forgiveness is not that high.

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3. Cobra Golf King Black One Length Wedge

The King Black One wedge from Cobra comes along with some great features such as a very strong resistance to wearing and a metal finish of black color that gives it a stylish look and more durability.

The grooves that are present on the golf wedge are capable of delivering accurate and consistent performance. Also, the design of the head is done such as to match the spin performance and the loft that guarantees better performance and results.

With a relatively higher bounce, wider sole, and thinner sole as well, the wedge is an all-rounder that works on greens and bunkers.

Here is the official video by Cobra to have a clear look at the wedge:

The milled faces are made with 100% CNC and that provides more accuracy in the shots and spins. The face roughness in the Cobra products is not missing from here as well and it offers great surface roughness for maximized control and spin.

You can also use this wedge along with an indoor golf simulator to improve on your skills and performance in the game.

The spin technology is progressive and helps in providing consistent and better trajectories. The compatibility of the wedges with the mobile application allows the golfers to see the detailed information about their performance.

  • The amazing Spin Technology ensures great accuracy and control for the players
  • The Spin tech used in the wedge provides some consistent trajectories in between the different lofts
  • There is a varying face roughness that provides different levels of surface roughness in the wedge face which is great for control and spin
  • Different grind options are available
  • Mobile application to help in tracking the performance during the shots
  • Durable and reliable black metal finish
  • The product is more suitable for the professionals
  • The number of lofts that are provided in the wedges is limited

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4. Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge

When we talk about the wedges that have a cavity backed feel and style, the Cleveland CBX is what comes to mind. These wedges come with a greater forgiveness than any other type.

With such a high level of forgiveness, this particular model is best suited for high handicappers and beginner level golfers.

Here, take a look at its detailed explanation:

The toe and the sole of the wedge are relatively larger and wider in order to ensure that the golfer has got the balance that he/she needs for every single shot that they make.Every single loft in the wedge has got a particular bounce to it, but then that is compensated beautifully by the forgiveness. With a light-weight and long shaft, the wedge is just the perfect example of comfort and lightness.

The V-shaped sole is just perfect for offer more interactions with the turf. There is the Free Balancing Technology that removes the weight on the hosel and makes sure that the positioning is better.

You can use this wedge along with a swing analyzer to check your swing data and improve it for future championships.

Also, the Rotex Face Technology has got a milling process that will provide optimal spin to the users.

  • An extreme level of forgiveness due to the cavity back style makes it suitable for the high handicappers
  • Amazing and versatile model
  • V shapes on the toe and the sole for more versatility and forgiveness
  • These wedges are best for the turf due to the V shape in the front and the back
  • Micro Milling and Laser technology comes along with the Tour Zip Grooves from the brand of Cleveland to offer maximum spin and optimum control
  • The technology of Free Balancing will provide more stability for long-distance shots
  • This wedge is not suitable for the low handicappers and the professionals
  • There is a loft of sixty-four degree
  • The availability of the shaft is limited

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5. Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0

There is not a single doubt that Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX is one of the best-suited gold wedges for the high handicappers.

Even the professional golfers love it as the wedge comes both in the left-handed and right-handed models along with different options and angles to choose from.

The presence of the Tour Zip Grooves from the 4th Generation is an added delight as they have higher walls, wider radii. Also, they are a little bit deeper than the other wedges that are found in the market.

This particular feature on the wedge will offer an improvement in the spin and will also create more room for contact. The pattern that is in the face of the wedge provides just the perfect amount of surface roughness for mastering the shots.

Also, the milling pattern is of the laser kind that will offer more consistent texture and roughness for every single shot.

With 3 different grinding choices, this model is basically the best for delivering amazing performance. Due to the steel shaft, the wedge is very durable and it is great for control as well.

  • There are different bounce options and angles provided
  • Laser milling pattern guarantees consistency
  • Grooves are improved for more spin and contact
  • 3 different options for grind
  • The satin finish gives it a modern look
  • The glare that comes from the steel shaft can be a bit uncomfortable in the sunlight

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6. Mizuno Golf- S5 Forged Blue Ion Wedge

One of the most amazing things that strike people about the Mizuno Golf S5 Blue Ion is the Sapphire blue color along with the other interesting features that it has.

Underneath the blue sapphire skin there is the pure carbon steel material that is used to forge this wedge. This is what increases the durability of the golf wedge.

There might not be variable options for the bounce, but the other things that are available in this wedge make up for that loss. The edge of the wedge is a bit rounded and that is what makes it easy to be closed or opened.

Not just that, but it also helps in keeping the shot aligned to the target. The grooves are specific to the lofts and that helps in providing more control.

The harmonic impact tech that is used guarantees that there is a bit more power and spins in every single shot that is made.

There are different sole grinds that come with various options which are dependent on the loft. 6 lofts are present between 50-60 degrees. This cover most of the angles which the beginners would need in the match.

  • The wedge comes with a blue finish that provides a handsome and stylish look to the wedge
  • Rounded and large blub head offers a lot of forgiveness
  • Decent control over the distance and the feel is excellent
  • Different grind options
  • The professionals might not be satisfied with the limited grind options
  • There are no bounce options
  • The spin is not that high

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7. Mizuno Golf- LH S5 Forged White Satin Wedge

One of the best models in the line, the Mizuno S5 is just the champion wedge made up of pure and undiluted carbon steel. It comes from just a single billet. The same types of materials are used in the irons from Mizuno as well so the entire feel of the wedge is just like the irons.

Also, this model is a bit larger than the other models of the same brand. This will allow the golfers to have more margins of errors. With a great-looking white satin feel and style, you will also get a touch of blue in there.

There are different grind choices and the long shaft is perfect for the control. The wedge loft that is situated on the club head will ensure that you get the perfect spin that will complement that loft. Not just that, but the impact of the shot from S5 is something that is commendable.

The wedge shows excellent performance on the bunkers and the greens as well. Basically, it is an all-around club wedge for the professionals as well as the beginners.

It certainly fits the bill as the best wedge for high handicappers who want more reliability and durability with their wedges.

  • The larger shape with a large head provides a greater margin of error
  • There is a solid shaft which is great for control and stability
  • Different grind options available
  • Elegant colors
  • Made with undiluted carbons steel gives it a better look
  • Not that suitable for the experienced players as the spin in not high enough
  • Faded wear

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Final Words

We hope that this detailed post on the best wedges for high handicappers would have helped in choosing the right wedge.

We do recommend that you check the details such as the built quality, forgiveness, ease of use and the accuracy before buying the right wedge.

Do share your views in the comment section below.

Best Wedges For High Handicappers – Top 7 Wedges You Cannot Miss
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