Cobra King F8 Driver Review – Including Pros and Cons

Are you planning to buy the new Cobra F8 golf driver? This detailed Cobra King F8 driver review will help you decide whether the driver would be helpful for you or not.

Though, before we begin with the detailed review, we recommend that you check their official video to get a little understanding about the mechanics and built quality of the Cobra F8.

Let us be completely honest with one thing in here. All the golfers have a certain need for the straighter and longer tee shots.

If you do not believe us then all you have to do is go to one of the driving ranges. That too, on a weekend and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

The first thing that you will be greeted with is the sight of golfers trying to swing the driver. Well, why not? After all, they spend most of their time practicing doing that.

Although most of these golfers are not that patient enough to spend half of their time swinging the drive. For them, there are some additional methods to add some yards to their tee shots.

Cobra has been a market player for a decade. They manufacture and produce some of the best golf drivers, irons, wedges and clubs.

In this detailed post, we did the performance check of the Cobra Golf F8 driver so that golfers like you can decide whether this gold driver would add any benefit to your golf kit or not.

Cobra King F8 Driver Review

Every year, there are new drivers that come in the market and the golfers just wait for a chance to grab onto the best deals. But the questions that remain is how does one decide which is the best amongst the lot.

We have already covered a detailed review on the Ping G driver in one of our earlier posts. It is also a well-known driver which is being exclusively used by golfers.

Cobra is also a well-established golf. Their equipment and gears are used by professional golfers in championships and competitions.

Features Of Cobra King F8 And F8+ Drivers

While the design of Cobra F8 and F8+ are definitely for different players, there are a lot of similarities in there technologies and features. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • CNC Precision Milled Face –There is a process that is part of the products of Cobra and that is known as CNC milling or Computer Numerical Controlled milling.This milling process will yield a very precise face thickness. That will result in a fast pace of the ball from the golf club.
  • This technique also allows the engineers of Cobra to make a ‘Sweet Spot’ and will provide the driver with a very beautiful look.The milling face would provide more traction to the golf face when in damp situations.
  • Dual Roll Technology – The modern drivers these days have got an equal and slight curvature that is spread evenly both vertically and horizontally.This particular shape of the drivers helps the players in hitting longer and straighter tee shots. What we love about the ‘Dual Roll Technology’ of Cobra is that it has a slightly greater vertical curvature.This is on the top surface of the golf club. This enables the user to reduce the chances of mishits.
  • 360 Degree Aero Tips – The Aero Tips that are located on the sole and the crown of the driver plays a very important role in the modification of the aerodynamics.As a result of this, the club head speeds are increased and the shot goes a longer distance as well. This is done by reducing the drag and keeping the airflow right next to the head of the club.
  • There is a light-weight, polymer material used for the making of the aero tips in the crown. Also, the tips that are situated in the club sole have a titanium material for their design. This particular configuration will keep the gravity center low.
  • MyFly 8 Comes With A Smart Pad – There are 8 loft settings that are very easy to adjust and they help the golfers in increasing and decreasing the angle of the launch.They play a great role in the decrease and increase of the spin too. The golfers also have an option to choose the settings in the Cobra King F8 driver.
  • Adjustable– Another one of the similarities between the Cobra F8 and the F8+ drivers is that they both have two CG weights that are adjustable and this will offer the users an ability to tweak the trajectory of the ball as well as the ball spin.As a result, the distance is maximized as well. The F8 driver makes use of the CG weights on the club heel and also the backside of the head. In the case of the F8+, it uses the placement which is front and back.
  • TI-8-1-1 Body – One of the best things about both of these Cobra drivers is that they have a very amazing and light-weight body.This is because the material used for the build of these drivers is a basic titanium alloy and that is call TI-8-1-1. The benefit of this material is that it has a very negligible weight.
  • Also, the CG weights will be a great help in improving the angle of launch. Not just that but the speed of the ball is also increased when it hits the club face.
  • E9 Technology – The club face of the Cobra drivers have got a special ‘Sweet Spot’ which was made after much research.Careful analysis brought out the fact that golfers always made a contact that was a ball-to-club face. The pattern was an elliptical one and that is what made them discover this sweet spot which helped the golfers make great tee shots.
  • Cobra Connect – Here is another great thing about the Cobra drivers. They have got an app just for you. Yes, the Cobra Connect application has more than 40000 courses that are available all over the world.With the help of this app, the golfers will be able to properly track the distance of their drives every single time. But that is not all that it does.With careful analysis of the data from each drive, the app also provides recommendations for the placements of the CG weights as well.There is also a way to get recommendations for the loft settings. Apart from that, the application is able to record the fairways hit percentage, the dispersion and a lot of other things.You will also be able to pair the Cobra Connect application with some suitable sensors to get data about the strength of the shot. This will ultimately help you a lot in making proper tee shots.
  • Crown With Carbon Fiber – With a club crown that is very light-weight and has carbon fiber in it, the Cobra King F8 is a complete weight-saver, people.You will be able to comfortably reposition almost half of the weight that the club head has towards the club head’s back. This will result in the improvement of the launch.
  • Shafts – When it is Cobra King F8, the amazing shafts that it has is something that you would want to know about. There are three aftermarket shafts that can be used as stock.

Cobra King F8 And F8+ Review

Here’s what you should know about the reviews of Cobra King F8 and F8+.

  1. Distance

When it is time for the launch of the products of Cobra, they always go to different players and ask them to play and test their latest products.

Normally, the results of the tests are not revealed to everyone. But since this time is an exception, we have some of the details.

Well, according to the latest reports, the players who tested the F8 driver gained about 4 years more on their drives. But that is not the limit.

Some people even got to add up to 12 yards on their shots. So, the average distance came out to be 8 yards in total. This leads us to just one conclusion.

When the CG weights are set up in the perfect place and the loft adjustments correct, then the distance of the tee shots increase a lot.

  1. Forgiveness

When it comes to the hits that are a bit off-center, most golfers fail to hit that. However, Cobra King F8 driver managed to make sure that this is not a problem for the golfers anymore.

With the help of the newly adopted ‘Sweet spot’ and the technology of ‘Dual Roll,’ these drivers have now succeeded to increase the forgiveness of these off-center shots.

  1. Looks

With a confident look and a traditional face, the Cobra King F* managed to impress the golfers a lot. There is a pretty long profile of the driver and the face of the Cobra King F8 is a bit shallow as well.

This provides a lot of confidence to the user. Along with that, there are the polymer trips and the carbon fiber club tail that provides a very stylish and elegant look. Also, the Aero tips are an added benefit to the design of these drivers.

Cobra King F8 Driver : Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Cobra King F8 driver.

  • There is an improvement in the distance of the drive when compared to the other competitors on the market
  • The look of the Cobra King F8 is great and the lining up is pretty easy as well
  • The increased forgiveness of the drivers makes it pretty accurate for the golfers
  • The shallow face and the elongated body provides a fuller look and profile to the driver
  • Cobra Connect application comes free of cost and offers the users with a lot of benefits
  • The price is not that much when compared to all the features that are present in the Cobra King F8
  • Some golfers might think that the additional CG weights along with the loft adjustments are unnecessary

Cobra King F8 vs. Cobra King F7

In the case of the Cobra King F8, the weight in the front side was dropped about 12g, unlike the Cobra F7 model. Also, the ports of the additional 2 CG weights were also repositioned and taken to the club’s heel and the back.

It was found that just 10% of the users of F7 were able to use the post that is on the front and most people were also placing all the heavyweight on the club’s heel.

This is something that was changed in the new model of Cobra King F8 and it brought some very interesting results for sure. That is not it as the colors were also changed from bright brown to Nardo gray and light black.

Which Driver Would Suit You The Best?

The development of the Cobra King F8 was made after thinking about many of the golfers that have mid/high handicaps.

The shape of the club head was improved a lot with the back having more slope which increased the spin. The additional Cg weights were added and their locations were changed to the heel and the back of the club.

This increased the spin of the drive. There were some other major improvements that were made in the Cobra King F8 which include the increase of distance, forgiveness.

Even average players could manage to hit many straight and long tee shots. So, according to us, Cobra King F* would definitely be a suitable product for the golfers who want performance along with quality.

Make Perfect Tee Shots With The Best Golf Drivers

We hope that by now, you must be clear whether you want the Cobra King F8 or not.

The buyers might find that it is a bit difficult to choose the best golf drivers when there are so many different choices that are available in the market.

There is just so much to keep in mind before choosing the best golf drivers. You need to think about the quality, the materials, the design, the forgiveness and so many other factors that decide the performance of the golf driver.

Also, there are plenty of options if you need a driver for hitting long distances.

Well, Cobra King is a brand that incorporates a world of knowledge and experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing the best golf drivers.

With amazing features, the products from Cobra are just the perfect combination of quality as well as outstanding performance. With all this on the list, the Cobra King F8 is definitely going to be a useful addition to your golf gear.

We hope that this review of the Cobra King F8 driver must have given you a lot of insights about the driver and put an end to a lot of your confusions.

Do let us know in the comment section below about this detailed review. You could also share your doubts if you have any regarding the driver. We would be happy to help you.

Cobra King F8 Driver Review – Including Pros and Cons
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