Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX – Which one should you buy?

Confused between Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX? In this detailed post, we will tell you which grill is the best for you and why.

Talking about road trips and camping, what comes to your mind first?

Is it the hills and lush forests, the trails, and hiking activities? Or the sheer excitement of cooking food out in the wilderness and munching on grilled snacks with nature for the company?

If you can instantly relate to the latter part, then we belong to the same group! Yes, road trips are a complete package with balanced extracts on fun and excitement, but no one can deny the role played by food. Good food simulates a good mood which automates a good road trip.

For all those who wish to enjoy the best camping experience each time, first of all, make sure that you buy a splendid camping grill beforehand. It is one of the most important things that you should include along with your binoculars, flashlights, boots, and GPS devices.

Think of the perfect camping grill from Coleman

If you are an avid camper yourself, then you must already be familiar with the Coleman brand series of grilling machines for road trips.

Well, the Coleman Roadtrip grilling machines are among the most popular brands available, and most of the pro campers recommend it.

Coleman is one of the most trusted brands and has proved to be extremely durable and user-friendly for use on long road trips.

The two most popular models from Coleman – the Roadtrip LXE and LXX

The Coleman Roadtrip LXE

The Coleman Roadtrip LXE is one of the best grilling machines in the series. Let us take a quick look at the features of this model:

  • Easy set up: The easy set-up of the grill is one of the best features and makes this model convenient to use. Even if you are not a pro at using grilling machines, you will find it very simple while using.


  • Durable cast iron grilling surface: The cast iron grilling surface is much durable and long lasting. This is bound to deliver excellent value for money over the longest period.
  • Great cooking surface: The cooking surface is spread over around 1838.7 sq. Centimeters. So you can cook several food items at one go, and your fellow campers won’t have to wait for a long time.
  • Cooking for over an hour: You can easily cook for more than an hour without exhausting the machine.

The Coleman Roadtrip LXX

Coleman’s Roadtrip LXX grilling machine is no less behind, as this also comes equipped with excellent features. Let us take a look at them:

  • Easy set up: This grill offers a simple assembly or setup process. You can do it single-handedly and without any hassle.


  • Durable grilling surface made of cast iron: The cast iron grilling surface is highly durable and long lasting. Once you buy it, you can continue using this machine for ages.


  • Use with any interchangeable grate: You can start cooking or grilling by using any other interchangeable grill iron that fits onto this machine.


  • Can be used for more than an hour: Coleman Roadtrip LXX is excellent for grilling food continuously for more than an hour.

Given that both Coleman Roadtrip LXE and Coleman Roadtrip LXX models are equally sought after, choosing between one amongst them can be pretty tough.

How can you steer clear of all bewilderment about Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs. LXX and choose only that one which suits your requirements?

Time for the final judgment!

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs. LXX – which one should you choose?

The best way to choose between the LXE and LXX is first to analyze their similarities and differences.

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX – The Similarities

Before we move ahead to find the differences, let us check out their similarities first.

  • Easily Foldable and Lightweight:

After all, these machines must be portable, and that is why they come with a foldable structure. Both of these models are lightweight and can be carried from one place to another without any problem.

  • Instant Matchless Light-up:

If you have forgotten to bring your modern lighting tools to the campsite, then don’t worry. The ultra-modern and in-start automatic matchless lighting of these Coleman grills will tend to your needs for sure. Isn’t it remarkable that you can easily cook without worrying about lighting up the grill!

  • Foldable Tables:

The foldable tables attached to the sides of these grilling machines are a very convenient feature.

  • Removable Grilling Surface:

If you are planning to grill more than one food item, you can easily do that. The removable grilling surface will allow you to do so. This means that your camping team will no longer have to wait for food after a tiresome trek.

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX – The Differences


Now, it is time to check out the differences between Coleman Roadtrip LXE and LXX.

  • Cooking Power:

The LXX has a cooking power of 22,000 BTU, making it an efficient machine. The LXE’s 20,000 BTUs is not that bad as well.

But then again, this is one difference that may be important to many of you. With the LXE you can pull off cooking food for more than ten people easily.

  • Build and Durability:

The LXE model seems to have less steel and more plastic than the LXX. Of course, there is nothing much to worry about, but it makes the LXX heavier in comparison to the LXE.

  • Thermostat:

Coleman’s Roadtrip LXX grilling machine has a fully adjustable thermostat. However, this feature is missing in the LXE model.

  • Price:

The LXE comes with a slightly higher price tag than the LXX and depends on the color that you choose.

It might seem pretty expensive at first, but given the wide variety of convenient features that it has, you will find them to be worth every penny spent in the long run. If you wish to purchase Coleman’s Roadtrip grills at a discounted price, then check them out online for the best deals and offers.

Final Words:

After going through this in-depth comparison between Coleman’s Roadtrip LXE and LXX, you now know what to expect from each model. So by keeping in mind your specific requirements, you can easily strike a balance between the positives and negatives and then select.

For sure, in this battle of Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX, both of them are highly sorted products manufactured with precision and meet the requirements of every camper, hiker, and outdoor hunter. There’s hardly much difference between the two.

Make sure to buy the one that fits your budget and also fulfills all your requirements at the same time. So, here’s hoping you have a wonderful camping experience with delicious food!

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX – Which one should you buy?
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