Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Review- With Pros and Cons

In this post, you will read about the ins and outs of one of the most anticipated compound bows i.e Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. Whenever there is a discussion regarding choosing the best bow for beginner-intermediate hunting, you’d definitely get to hear a lot about the Diamond bow.

We bet, by reading till the end, you will have a clear cut idea whether you should buy the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro or not. Rest assured, you will enjoy reading this detailed post about the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review where you will get to know about its features, specifications and pros & cons.

Since there is a lot to cover about this one of the best diamond bows, let’s first check the main headers for dicussion:bbb

Hunting and archery are a game of great precision where along with your personal skills, you also need to have the right compound bow for performing the best in the game. Thus, it is very important for you to do a good research while buying a compound bow for yourself.

Depending on your personal preference, you could either go for a recurve bow or compound bow that suits your body type(male or female).

Choosing the best bow for your type is somewhat tricky and confusing because you need go through a lot of details like – draw weight, cam system, draw length, draw cycle and what not. This is mainly because all these features will decide how you would excel in the game.

We have tried to cover the best and in-depth details about the Diamond bow. We won’t be revealing whether the bow is a good fit for hunting and target shooting. We have left that decision for you as you would be able to make the right choice after reading this detailed Diamond Infinite Edge Pro review.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Review


Diamon Archery is an initiative by the company named “Bowtech” which is one of the top manufacturers for producing highly precise and durable compound bows for hunting, target shooting, and archery.

The company was formed in 1999 by John Strasheim and Kevin Strother with an aim to provide the best compound bows to their customers.

  • Easy customization options.
  • Lightweight construction with solid limbs.
  • Used by top enthusiasts around the globe.

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge is one of the highly durable, lightweight compound which has helped the company to get a recognition among top archers, target shooters, and hunters.

What does the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package Include?

  • Infinite Edge Pro Bow
  • 3-Pin tundra sight
  • Hostage XL arrow rest
  • DeadLock lite octane quiver
  • Tube peep sight
  • BCY string loop
  • Comfort wrist sling
  • 5″ ultra-lite octane stabilizer

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro – Pros & Cons

  • One piece riser made of durable aluminum.
  • Uses parallel limb design to lower the vibrations and noise.
  • Package includes peep sight, quiver and arrow rest.
  • Great option for the money.
  • Outstanding draw weight range for additional stability and accuracy.
  • Best for beginners and intermediate archers.
  • Improves the shooting style according to professional way.
  • Best suited for archery, target shooting and hunting small animals.
  • After sale service is really good.
  • Trust of Bowtech and a brand which has stayed in the game for 15+ years.
  • Not for extreme hunting.
  • You need to add better equips for making it professionally ready.
  • May seem expensive to beginners.
  • Produces slightly more noise than the professional bows.

Specifications and Features

Cam System

Talking about the specifications, the bow is based on a dual cam eccentric system. The arrow when shot, it travels straight due to the presence of elliptical cams.

The dual cam scenario helps in the perfect synchronization which will help you to hit your target with a great accuracy.

The cam system of the Diamond Edge Infinite Pro is top notch. The cams are really smooth which will promote you to hit your target with high speed as it sacrifices only a tiny bit of speed due to air pressure.

The aluminum cams are specially architectured for greater adjustability and shooting ability. The 80% letoff along with the smooth draw cycles support the same.

The cams are elliptical and widely synchornised for creating a smooth draw cycle.

Feet Per Second

The FPS for this Diamond bow is 310. This is perfect for beginner to intermediate level hunters. For faster bows, you need to go for the higher end models which are basically good for pro level and athletic desires.

The 310 FPS for target shooting and bow hunting.

Axle-to-Axle Length

The axle-to-axle length as mentioned in the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro manual is around 31.5 inches. Agreed, it is a little shorter but still perfect for hunting. Basically, the only place where you’ll struggle is around bushy and dense areas where a tall length axle would have helped you with better stability.


The weight of the bow is around 3.2 pounds which is pretty good. It gives you better sight and better stability for hitting your target, especially in bushy areas.

Handling & Grip

Talking about the Diamond Infinite edge pro grip and handling capabilities, it is good. In fact, you can enhance the grip by using tapes. Though, you cannot compare the grip to those of recurve bows, it is still pretty good in the current scenario.

Draw Length

Most compound bows come with a fixed draw length while some include 10-15 pound of draw adjustment. The main idealogy here is to keep a smooth draw cycle so that there is very less loss of energy when a bow is released. With the Infinite edge pro, you can do wide range adjustments.

Lastly, the grip is OK, and you may want to personalize it a little bit with some tape. That’s a pretty common criticism of compound bows, though—most of them have grips that aren’t as comfortable as recurve grips.

So, is it good for beginners? Yes! Is it good for intermediate and professionals? Definitely yes. Although, professionals further have various options to choose from(which are expensive of course).

The Next Big Question!

Is it really good for beginners?

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is good for beginner and intermediate level hunting and archery sessions.

Though it may appear to be a little expensive for beginner level (you can go for SAS Rage Compound Bow in that case), if you have a flexible budget, you can go for the Diamond Edge Pro as it will stay with you in the similar shape for many coming years.

Being a beginner, you can use the bow rigorously as it is highly durable and it will help you to develop your hunting and archery skills to become a professional in the game.

The main concern with the cheap and basic compound bows is, once you develop your skills, you would then have to switch to a better version to enhance your skills.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is one bow which will let you get the gist of the basic archery skills as well it is a great option to learn the professional game.

Thus, it is a one time buy as you won’t have to spend again to buy another bow for learning the professional skills.

Moving further to more details, the cable slide used in the bow is really smooth and sturdy and does not “pinch” the cable which leads to both distraction and loss of focus.

As you may have seen in the specification table as well, the draw length and the draw weight can be adjusted as per your requirement.

This is a great help for beginners as they can use lighter draw weights to enhance their stance and pose. Later on, they can shift to heavier weights once they get the experience of shooting the bow correctly.

How is the shooting speed of the bow?

As we have already mentioned that the bow can shoot at a great speed due to its eccentric dual cams and their elliptical shape.

Now, one thing to note in this case, the speed can be altered by using different draw weights.

The IBO speed rating of the Diamond Infinite Edge is 310 FPS. All the IBO ratings are assumed for a setting of 70 lbs draw weight, 30-inch draw length, and 350-grain arrows.

The heavier your arrow is, lower will be the FPS. From a young and beginners perspective, shooting speed is not that important as their main concern should be the accuracy and the form.

Once you learn the basics, you can then go for higher bow settings.

Overall, the bow is fast and stable. You can hit an accurate shot which is a prime important feature a good compound bow should offer.

Is Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Good for Hunting?

Diamond edge is purely a multipurpose bow. You can use it for archery, target shooting and for hunting as well.

For hunting, if you already have some experience, you must be knowing that the Kinetic Energy plays a major role in the game. So, if you are using really low settings on your bow, you won’t be able to achieve the feat.

For hunting, it is necessary to use higher settings so that the bow can deliver more power to pierce your target.

Below, we have calculated the Kinetic Energy for few settings of the Infinite Edge Pro.

Kinetic Energy(KE) for the Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow

Draw Weight(lbs) Draw Length(inches) Arrows Kinetic Energy (KE)
70 30 350 Grain Arrows 70 – 73 ft-lbs
70 30 425 Grain Arrows 72 – 75 ft-lbs
60 28 425 Grain Arrows 52 – 54 ft-lbs
50 28 425 Grain Arrows 44 – 46 ft-lbs
40 27 425 Grain Arrows 32 – 34 ft-lbs
30 25 425 Grain Arrows 20 – 21 ft-lbs

Frankly speaking, Diamond Edge has been primarily known to perform best for archery and target shooting.

You can definitely hunt small and medium-sized animals like the rabbit, groundhog, deer, wild bear and wild turkey.

How is the Overall Shooting Experience?

The Diamond Edge Pro is favorable for beginner and intermediate archers. It is light weighted and can be handled easily by small hands (for 8-15 year olds).

The bow comes with added peep sight, rest and a quiver which makes it a great bow for its price.

Talking about the shooting performance of the bow, the cams are smooth and do not produce much vibrations.

The Diamond Edge comes with a decent string stopper which is built into the riser and helps to eliminate any string vibrations.

If you feel the vibrations while shooting, in that case, you can get a bow stabilizer along with some rubber string whisker silencers to resolve them.

Although we promise, you won’t need them in the starting as the bow is well equipped and does not produce much noise or vibrations while shooting.

Although Diamond Archery by Bowtech is not a really a complex bow with super expensive features, it does come with materials that are used to make this bow highly durable, sturdy and best performing.

  • The one-piece riser made from highly durable aluminum makes the bow last for decades.
  • To eliminates the hand shock and minimize the vibrations, the bow uses the parallel limb design which is mostly used by high-end expensive compound bows.
  • Comes equipped with 3-Pin tundra sight, hostage XL arrow rest, DeadLock lite octane quiver which makes it a great buying option for the money.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro bow has got great reviews from top archers and professionals who have used it in competitions.

Many have claimed that the bow is even better than a $2000 expensive professional bow as it provides great accuracy.

We have personally used the bow and have suggested it to my students as well. The bow has helped them to get their archery basics right and improve their shooting style.

It has also helped them to get equipped with other professional bows as the other cheap bows in the market are comparatively really basic in structure and design.

Compared to the cheap options, Diamond Infinite Edge is a great option as it gives you a feel of an expensive bow for a really affordable price.

Talking about the after sale service, we don’t think you will need a service for the initial 15 months as the bow is fairly good and well equipped to handle various archery and target shooting sessions.

Although, you may need to replace certain parts like the peep sight and the stabilizer to equip the bow for professional archery.

The Diamond Infinite Edge parts are readily available on any common bow store or you may even get them replaced by the Bowtech also.

We were fairly amazed to see their service. They are fast, helpful and will fully satisfy your needs.

A company may offer a great product but the after-sale service should also be equally good otherwise the customer tends to give negative reviews.

This further spoils the reputation of a company even after delivering a great product.

Diamond Infinite Edge by Bowtech will satisfy you in terms of both product and the after sale service. For more, you can also read customer reviews on Amazon. The bow itself has got a great fan following.


We hope you would now be able to make the correct decision after reading this detailed post on the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro review.

The Diamond Edge is a great option for the money and it is crafted with perfection by Bowtech, a company which is manufacturing hunting products and equipment from more than 15 years.

Moreover, it is best suggested for beginners and intermediate professionals as the professionals have various other choices.

Let’s do a final unbiased review and see the pros and cons of the bow. No doubt on the quality standards but still, let’s see the final verdict.

Don’t forget to leave your suggestions and comments in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you!

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Review- With Pros and Cons
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