Ping G Driver Review – Including Pros & Cons

Do you know why the launch of the G driver has been so popular and renowned? Because they have combined the excellent performance head with an attractive packaging. All this has been since 2004. In this detailed Ping G driver review, we have tried to cover every important detail about the driver.

Stick tight and read this 5-minute detailed post which would save your massive time if you are really thinking of buying the Ping G driver.

We have reviewed this driver, it can be better categorized as “Game improvement drivers”. This is due to the advanced technology of aerodynamic design. It basically reduces the drag of the driver when you swing.

So let’s come to the review directly.

Ping G Driver Review – Including Pros and Cons

Ping is one of the most innovative golf brands in the market. In the past decade, they have been able to set a remarkable benchmark for other golf brands. Do you know why? It is because:

  • They take risks.
  • Create drivers that can really aid any kind of golfer, be they are of high handicap, average playing or a beginner.
  • Anyone who is serious about recreational golfing, Ping is the driver for you.

Our main purpose for creating this detailed Ping G review was only to help you so that you can make a wise choice on whether this driver would be a good choice for you or not.

Time to cover the features in more detail, in next 4 minutes you will be able to gain all the primary info you should be knowing about the Ping G golf driver.

Ping G Driver Features

Here is a detailed breakdown of the driver. Do read the features to have a detailed outlook about the driver.


If you are looking for the consistency then you will be amazed by the consistency that this driver can bring you with.

Worried about the power you need to provide? Just relax and take that shot first. It is totally effortless.

Even if you are thinking of attempting some big cuts, Ping G can surely perform the job for you.

A handful number of models can keep up with the constant average. What more can you expect? This extra loft that can give you the much-needed boost, allowing you to gain a few extra yards each time you trust on this driver with your shot. Ping G is certainly of the best long distance drivers you can buy.


If you come to how playable the club is, this one is surely a star to surprise you. It is more skillful than a club that is so forgiving and also has every right to be there.

Not only it brings you a high enough trajectory for driving your shot but also helps you adjust the loft. This lets you tweak the trajectory any way you see suitable.


The moment of inertia (MOI) has been risen by an overall 6% in case of the occasions when you take on accidental miss hits up and down in comparison of the face of the club. An additional 1% for miss hits on the horizontal basis.

The inviting head, sleek in shape provides the users with a boosted confidence to take the swing without it causing much of a headache when the shots are hit slightly of the center.

Perfect fitting in the mold – The perfect driver

To start with, the crown is molded with titanium and has a precise thickness of 0.43 mm. The last version was 0.50 mm.

Reducing the excess thickness close to 8 gm was a tough task to take on as that eight could have been used to redefine the head shape of the club.

Overall the total weight for the club is a little over 300 grams including the stock shaft.

Aerodynamic Stabilizer

Another salient point that has held the attraction of a lot of critics is the aerodynamic stabilizers fixed at the club’s top part.

This helps in the provision of the stability while the club slices through the air with a very high acceleration.

What is more to it is that the ridges that are present on the rear side of the club are one of a kind in the golf market till date.

The inspiration for the ridges has been derived from dragonfly wings. The crown has turned out to be a signature design with its radical texture and helps in the creation of a sleek and more filtered appearance.

Ping G Driver Pros and Cons

Now, that you know more facts about the Ping G driver than an average golfer, it is very important that we list down the pros and cons of the driver.

Certainly, there are many other options on the market and we cannot simply say that Ping G is the best one. It always depends on your purpose for what you want to buy this driver.

After reading these pros and cons, we think that you should be able to make a wise choice.

  • Maximized Forgiveness – The design aimed to bring out such an enlarged sweet spot permits the golfers to survive the distance as well as maintain the accuracy of the shots that are shot even off the center.
  • Extreme Playability – Not only this driver is suitable for players with a low handicap, but also professional players can enjoy this driver to make their game reach the next level. All of this is because of the feel and the feedback that this driver provides you with.
  • Lie and loft to be adjusted as per the player – If you have gone through the advertisement of the driver, then you know all about it. The feature of adjusting the lie and the loft works exactly as it claims to do in the promotions, thus giving the players an edge to make the most of their driver
  • Traditional shaping – The club is designed with the traditional pear shape and has a great look. Coupled with the finishing of the club in black matte, the driver carries a great traditional look and suits any hands put on it.
  • Noisy – The Ping G is a quite noisy driver. Similar to the other versions of the Ping model, this driver lives up to the infamous nature of being not so quiet.
  • Length of the shaft – The stock shaft has a height of 45.75”, thus making the Ping fall in the category of the long drivers presently available in the market. At a point of time where most of the famous players are driving the craze for short drivers, the Ping G has decided to take on the opposite way and maybe a bit problematic for the ones settled with a short driver.

Ping G vs G30 – Which One to Go For?

This is the most asked question, to be frank. On comparing Ping G vs G30 and doing a good research on both the drivers, we found that Ping G offers a lesser clubhead speed in comparison to Ping G 30.

However, having a lesser club speed doesn’t hinder the performance of the Ping G driver as it still caters to a higher ball speed as compared to that of Ping G30.

Ping G helps the ball travel a longer distance as compared to the G30. Also, it offers a lower spinner rate. The Ping G driver is really good if you are looking for a lower ball flight but more roll out.

Based on the above discussion, we could say that Ping G is the right choice for those who are playing for recreation. While the beginners may choose the drivers like the Taylor Made M arrangement.

By making absolution from heel-to-toe as well as through and through, Ping has constructed a driver suitable for beginners, high handicap or low handicap golfers – of all ability levels that ought to be favored by players who battle to locate the sweet spot on a reliable premise.

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic is the most sweltering driver, and all things considered. In any case, the Ping G driver is unquestionably in that discussion. It consolidates every one of the highlights golfers have generally expected from the organization and driver players can like.

Try the Ping G Driver out, you will love it. But all that said and done, we are not here to take the decision for you. What you choose to buy and incorporate in your play is totally your decision and you need to conduct your own sweet research before you plan to actually bag in any of the drivers you have been longing for long.

So, this is all about the Ping G driver review. Its various aspects would be essential for you to know whether it’s suitable for you or not.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ping G Driver Review – Including Pros & Cons
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