Ping G400 Irons Review – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Looking for the best golf iron that helps you take those accurate shots? This in this detailed Ping G400 Irons review, we will shed some light on one of the most anticipated golf irons of the current time.

Golf is one of the most addictive games ever, and you certainly don’t want to lose a match because you don’t have the right iron, right?

Ping is a very reputed brand which is famous for manufacturing some of the best golf drivers and irons in the industry.

We have already covered a lot about Ping G drivers earlier but in this post, it is all about the Ping G400 irons.

Before we start the detailed Ping G400 Irons review, do watch this video to get a little idea about the Ping G400 irons and its features:

Ping G400 Irons Review : Breaking Into Details

Whenever there is talk about creating innovative golf clubs for the players of all skills and in a reasonable budget, the first name that comes to the mind is Ping. The history of Ping in creating such golf clubs is very long.

Till now they have continued this tradition of making amazing gold clubs with the Ping G400 irons.

Although Ping has classified the G400s irons for the improvement in the game, they have also suggested that the G400 iron will also benefit those single digit players and help them advance their skills. This is quite a bold claim by the brand.

Here in this Ping G400 review, we will try to dig deep and find whether these irons are worth that hype or not.

Ping G400 Irons Specs

1. Distance

Ping offers an amazing feature known as the ‘Power Spec.’

This option in the product will produce even more distance as it strengthens the lofts. It goes to seven iron from four by 1.5 degrees and goes to nine irons from eight by 1 degree and wedges move to 0.5 degrees.

2. Forgiveness

The product has a low center of gravity, and the Custom Turning Port has a hidden tungsten weight. These features of the G400 iron help to keep the clubface moving forward. This means that the side to side mishits also fly quite well due to the increased forgiveness of the club.

The Ping G400 iron has a “Three Piece Cavity Badge’ which brings out a solid sound.

The G400 iron has smaller and more streamlined heads. This helps the players to find chipping with the product more interesting than the other irons of the same class.

3. Appearance

The Ping G400 iron has a Hydropearl finish. This provides a great look to the iron. Overall it can be said that the Ping G400 looks like more like those of ‘player’s’ club than the irons for game improvement.

Though the G400 iron has got a proper pearly finish, sleek lines and a blade like looks, the product is quite good as a game improvement iron as well.

4. Feel

The makers of the G400 iron has given a noticeable feature in the product which is a black plastic circle covers the COR-Eye. This feature in the club helps to damp the vibration, gives a rubbery feel on the contact and also creates a solid sound.

This type of feature is not present in those short to mid-level irons. The longer irons which have a larger cavity may sound a little bit hollow but are totally solid.

Ping G400 Irons: Key Features

Check out these interesting features.

  • COR-Eye Technology: The property of the COR –Eye Technology in the Ping iron is designed to generate the speed of the ball faster as well to cover a longer distance in comparison to other irons of the same class. The balls hit by this club fly high and have a soft landing. One of the testers of the product have stated that the G400 iron has turned into his 6-iron but into an 8-iron window.
  • Customisable Tuning Port: The product has a customizable and concealed tuning port that allows the players to customize the weight of their swings.
  • Hyper 17-4 Stainless Steel: Sometimes the bad face of the clubs becomes a main problem for the players. The Ping G400 iron has a flexible face that is made from Hyper 17-4 stainless steel that is 70% thinner.
  • Top Rail Undercut Cavity: The product also has a top rail undercut cavity that also increases the flexibility of the flex. This helps the ball to travel more distance and gain more height.
  • Three Piece Cavity Badge: the product is co-molded with a 3-piece cavity badge. This helps the club to provide a proper sound while hitting the ball as well as an enhanced feeling during a perfect or bad shot.
  • Hydropearl Chrome Finish: The Ping’s G400 has a Hydropearl Chrome Finish that reduces the friction up to 40% and also improves the spin and the launch also from the rough as well as off the wet turf.
  • Enhanced Hosel Geometry: Most of the clubs are just for namesake and do not have any proper finishing. However, the Ping’s G400 has a hosel geometry along with the combination of a chrome finish that creates a cleaner as well as better streamlined looks.
  • Ascending Weight Technology: The property of the Ping’s ascending weight technology makes the shafts a little bit lighter as the makers move to the long iron set from the shorter ones. The shorter iron wedges which are heavy helps the players to improve the feel, control as well the trajectory. The long iron shafts which are lighter help in squaring the clubface with an impact and increases the distance as well as accuracy.
  • Alta CB Premium Graphite Shaft: This feature in the product is an optional one. The Alta CB premium Graphite Shaft allows putting extra weight in the head of the clubs. It also helps to improve the transfer of energy from the head of the club to the golf ball.
  • Options: Numerous customization options makes it the best. The product not only has six different shafts like graphite or steel to choose from. The customers also have the option to choose from the GolfPride Tour Velvet grips that comes in six different colors as well as sizes. They can also choose from the GolfPride Tour Velvet Cord that comes in two different colors and sizes.

Ping G400 Irons : Pros and Cons

  • This product is best for the players that have a wide range of skills. The irons are good for beginner level golfers as well.
  • No other product out in the market is sharper than the Ping’s G400 iron.
  • The club is forgiving in both the toe and the heel. Even if there is a thin or fat mishit, the ball will travel distance.
  • Travels a good distance in comparison to the other clubs that fall under the same class of irons.
  • The product has an excellent launch as well as gains a perfect height through the whole range of clubs.
  • The Hydropearl finish of the G400 is same as that of the Ping Glide 2.0. This feature helps in easy integration and consistency.
  • A little expensive.

Comparing With Other Irons

The company has tried to keep the same ‘G’ line that lofts on the G400. But one thing to be noticed is that they offer through a fitting and an option to go for the power specs. In this case, the lofts of the four to seven irons are strengthened by the 1.5 degrees and the nine irons from 8 by 1 degree, and the wedges are strengthened by 0.5 degrees.

Like the other former models, the custom tuning port of the G400 has a hidden tungsten weight. This weight is located on the last part of the cavity which is situated on the back of the club head.

So, it is proven that Gs and G400s have the same type of shape along with a broad sole cambered to cut through the turf from various types of lies. Even the experienced players aren’t able to spot the difference between the two. The only difference between them is the sound, feel and the better looks of the G400s.

The new G700 has just been released by the Ping. This amazing product will be a super game improvement iron. The best part is that unlike a usual super game improvement iron, G700 actually has very good and appealing looks.

Is Ping G400 Good For You?

There are many game improvement irons out there, but Ping G400 is certainly worth a shot. Appealing to most players, these irons are something that you need to try out. This might be somehow true, but the G400 fits best for the handicaps that are between 10 and 20.

You can also use these irons and use them with the various swing analyzers and golf simulators for enhancing and improving your game.

The handicappers that are higher will love the forgiving nature on the mishits whereas the low handicappers might get the blade-like looks like a big plus.

The Hydropearl finish, the feeling, and the solid sound are liked by everyone. The extra distance and height provided by the G400s is a bonus.

Final Words

In this detailed Ping G400 irons review, we tried our best to bring the essential factors and features of the Ping G400 in front of you.

No doubt, it is one of the best and most useful irons for golf players out there. If you want to have a competitive edge against the players in your next golf match, you better have these irons in your golf gear.

Not only are they useful, but their forgiveness makes them very important for the tee shots as well. So, why don’t you order the Ping G400 right now?

Do let us know your views in the comments section below. We would be happy to help you.

Ping G400 Irons Review – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!
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