Vortex Rangefinder 1000 Unbiased Review: With Pros and Cons

Planning to buy a Vortex Rangefinder 1000? Well, you are at the right place. In this detailed post, you will get to read an unbiased Vortex Rangefinder 1000 Review so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.

Rangefinders play one of the most important roles when you are on a hunting trek. I don’t think one would be able to come home with a successful hunt without using a rangefinder.

It is a primary device which helps you to find the range between you and your target. It also helps you to track the moving target like a deer, elk or other animals so that you could decide when to release a hit to your target.

Well, I have already covered some of the best hunting rangefinders in one of our posts, today, you will read a detailed review about the Vortex 1000 rangefinder. So lets’ start and know more about it.

Rangefinder is a must have equipment after your compound bow and tactical flashlight to make a successful hunt at the end of the day.

In this post, I have done a detailed review of the product so that you get to know the right information so that you could improve your hunting experience and come home with some meat.

Vortex Rangefinder 1000 Review- Is it a Good Buy or Not?

Watch the Video

I would suggest you watch this review video if you are running out of time. Although, I would highly recommend you go for the detailed review as well.

Now, that you have watched the video, it is time to delve into the detailed Vortex 1000 review. Let’s start by looking at the specifications of the rangefinder.

Vortex Optics Rangefinder 1000 Specifications

Details Specifications
Built Quality Rubber Armored Coating
Precision +/- 3 yard at 1000 yards
Range 1000 Yards
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 12 inches
Water Resistant Yes
Magnification 6x
Top Feature O-seal protection
Battery 1 CR2 Battery

Vortex Rangefinder is a device which not only comforts your pocket but also delivers great performance on the field.

It has a body made with impact absorbing rubberized material for easy grip and durability. With the impact absorbing material, this product comes with belt clip and tripod socket which makes it easy to carry and quite handy when you are on one of your most rugged hunting treks.

Using the tripod, you can target even smaller targets which define how fine this rangefinder is and it is nearly impossible you miss your target due to bad ranging.

If you think that smaller targets need better precision so yes, you would get that with the Vortex Rangefinder Binoculars.

The Vortex Rangefinder Binoculars have 22mm magnification lens which can provide 6x magnification that would help you to keep your target within your sight, just waiting for the right moment to hit it.

Hunters hunt everywhere, in grass, mountains, in the snow and dust so, you need something which can stand against all these barriers.

The Vortex Rangefinder 1000 got your back as it has O-ring sealed batteries which make it waterproof. Talking about the battery life, the rangefinder will stay for 2000 single range minimum.

The rubber armored provides the rangefinder a non-slip grip which is utmost necessary to range your target accurately. Not only that, the built quality is so strong that it can handle even the harshest climatic conditions quite easily.

Vortex 1000 Hunting Modes

All the above specifications may sound too technical so, the real part is, ‘How does the rangefinder help you in your hunting sessiona?‘.

The answer is ‘You would hunt better with this rangefinder’ as it has got two hunting modes which offer the scan feature that will help you to hunt your target with greater accuracy.

Let’s have a look at both of the Modes:
HCD (Horizontal Component Distance)
HCD is a primary mode for most of the rifle and archery shooting conditions. It calculates the distance of the target with the consideration of all the angles of the target without taking any user input which makes the calculation of the Vortex Rangefinder more precise.

LOS (Line of Sight)
The range number shown in LOS mode is the actual line of the range of vision without ballistic correction for the slope. Using the LOS range when calculating the wind drifts under these steep slopes/long reach, the conditions will provide a greater degree of precision than the HCD range. But, most of the archers and shooters won’t need LOS mode as it is required for the target beyond 500 yards.

The HCD and LOS will not only provide you the range but would also help you to keep the target in check.

Adding to the features, the Vortex Rangefinder 1000 provides 3 level of LED brightness (User Selectable) and O-LED Display for crystal clear display of the hunt so that you can target your hunt witha . clear display.

Further, it also provides good optics and great low light capability for the hunting session after sunset which makes it a good deal for an average hunter.

Well, to be frank, you do have cheaper options to select from but, if you are looking for a long term rangefinder that will stay with you for years to come then, the Vortex Ranger is a valid choice to go for.

In a decent price range, you’re not only getting a gadget which would tell you the precise distance of your target but, would also tell you the angle and ballistics for detailed targeting.

As already discussed, its two modes for hunting (HCD & LOS) make it a valid choice for both average and professional hunters.

Time for some Harsh Facts!

With all these features telling you to buy these binoculars as soon as possible, what points should make you think again?

The loopholes, faults or say, the imperfections one might experience while hunting, you should know them.

One such imperfection in these good binoculars would be in the Vortex Rangefinder 1000 manual.

The process for finding the correct range is a bit confusing. You would have to press the meter button once to turn on the rangefinder and you will see a red LED display.

Press the button for the second time to activate the point reticulated, press the button for the third time to get the range.

So overall, this might confuse you in the beginning but you will adapt to the working of the rangefinder soon.

Apart from the button, as it has the low light capability but, it might not be the best choice for hunting in the dark with extremely low lighting. I know that many of you are not into hunting after dark but, just in case, if someone is expecting the rangefinder to work in night hours, don’t do that otherwise you will be disappointed.

Let’s take a situation. If you are using the rangefinder in the dark, as you move closer to target, what would be your expectations?

The range finder should have told you the correct range so you could act accordingly. The Vortex Rangefinder 1000 tells you the correct range of the target until 850 yards for the reflective target and for non-reflective target, it is correct until 550 yards.

It is a pretty decent target distance for an average hunter but for the professionals, Vortex Rangefinder 1000 might not be the best in the business and they would have to buy more expensive gear for the same.

With the display of the target, it displays range only in one-yard increment but for the ballistics, one-half yard is a flaw hard to ignore.

It also does not display the incline angle in HCD mode but does display it in the LOS. Either way, the LOS feature is used rarely.

Vortex Rangefinder Review: So should you buy it?

Now that I have discussed about the features of the rangefinder, it is for your to decide whether the product would work for you or not.

Vortex Rangefinder’s price isn’t the only good thing offered but, being a promising machine for an average hunter, it does speak well for its fine performance and will prove to be a good choice to consider.

It has range detection issues in the dark which might make you say “It doesn’t do one thing for which it is made, why should I buy such machine?” but, the bad detection or say imperfections in finding range only occurs at specific conditions and as I have already told, its comes in the list of best buys for an average American hunter.

With its sealed battery which makes it waterproof, impact absorbing material for easy grip and different hunting modes which include HCD as a primary mode and LOS for professionals, it is certainly a good buy for an intermediate hunting experience.

Overall, the rangefinder will not disappoint you until you have a habit to hunt in the dark. It is a decent piece made with great precision and trusted by professionals alike.

The rangefinder is quick in detection, has a decent range of 500+ yards and with attachments like clip which can be manually set by the user. You can even use the tripod attachment socket for better and more precise range detection. The Vortex 1000 rangefinder is a deal worth considering.


Vortex Rangefinder 1000 is a device with a genuinely acceptable price and great performance.
Lets have a quick look at its pros and cons again.

  • Sealed and Waterproof
  • LOS and HCD hunting mode
  • Precise for 500+ yards
  • Decent low light capability
  • Range Acquisition is really fast
  • Impact Absorbing Material
  • 22mm magnification lens for 6x magnification
  • 3-Level user Selectable Brightness
  • A promising gear for a good hunting experience
  • Mostly good with non-reflective targets till 550 yards
  • Needs time in adapting to the operation of the rangefinder
  • Absence of Incline Mode in HCD

Overall for an average hunter, Vortex 1000 Rangefinder would exceed their expectations in terms of accuracy, performance, sustenance and long life as a product.

I hope you would have enjoyed this detailed review on Vortex 1000 rangefinder. It is certainly a product you can rely on for having a great hunting session. Check the Vortex ranger 1000 best price on Amazon if you are willing to have a more detailed look at the product.

Lastly, if you have found anything useful in this detailed Vortex Rangefinder 1000 Review , do share it with others and target the like buttons for ‘I scored a clean kill’.

Happy Hunting!

Vortex Rangefinder 1000 Unbiased Review: With Pros and Cons
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