XE1 Wedge Review : Hidden Features With Pros and Cons

Are you into serious golfing? Do the fat, thin pitches and the chip shots disturb you a lot? The nasty roughs, the bunkers, and even the tight lies must be a lot to deal with.

In this detailed post, we would be trying to solve all these issues and see whether the much anticipated XE1 Wedge solves these issues or not.

We have seen players joining courses to improve their game. Well, if you are one of those, hold a second. You now don’t need to spend huge amounts to get rid of that clumsiness.

In this detailed XE1 Wedge review, our aim is to review this wedge from top to bottom and let you know our unbiased reviews so that in the end you could decide whether to buy this wedge or not.

But before starting, let’s watch this official video to know the insights:

So now that you have seen the inside story, it is time to review this wedge and see if the above commercial holds true in all its sense or not.

XE1 Wedge Review: Including Pros and Cons

Just a single club is now enough to take care of your entire playing skills. The xE1 Wedge Club is currently the perfect club that can make any golfer with high handicap into a pro player.

Though players from any level of the skill set can enjoy the benefits of the club, all of them can visualize the development in their gameplay while they use the xE1 wedge. With this club, not only your short game is taken care of but, it will also take care of those hits that you miss.

Well, we will now look into the features that make the claims for this club to be the game changer at such an affordable price.

Square to Square Head

If we take a sneak peek into the history of the sport, we can find a fact that the square to square procedure was first designed by Doug Tewell, the record-breaking 12 time PGA Tour.

The same design is used in the making of the xE1 wedge. This provides the club with a bit of a heavier head than the other comparable ones in the same range.

This makes your aligning a lot easier and brings out for you an excellent approach for the game.

Amazing Looks and Cool Style

In spite of the fact that there is an absence of flashy brandings and big splash tags, this wedge has excellent sleek looks that will surely catch your attraction.

The high angle for the loft adds on further to the uniqueness of the wedge.

The combination of red and black colors as used against the silver finish brings up a high tech feel and a sporty touch for the club.

The sole also looks great, all solid and built up with its oversize, but ultimately the cast iron may disappoint you and leave your urge un-satiated for the forged iron feeling.

Standalone Designing of the Wedge

The xE1 club comes with a design that is not common to any other wedge currently available in the market. With such high angle for loft hits – 65 degrees or 59 degrees, it brings you a sufficient edge over the typical sand wedge allowing you to hit 56 degrees only.

This salient feature really does provide you the opportunity to get yourself out of the bunkers in a single attempt every time without any fail. It can also etch out a high trajectory for the flight of the ball.

Auto-Glide Sole

The latest technology of the Auto-Glide sole is equipped in the xE1 Wedge. For this reason, the design of the club is a lot bigger and wider for the sole and hence provides you with the maximum mercy in addition to a more springy bounce in cases of your miss-hits.

There is still no complaints about the technology. With the combination of high loft angle and the square to square method, this wedge has none as its competitors.

Repositioned Performance Mass

The approach of Heel to Toe weighting that is used mainly in the designing of putters really helps to add on to the forgiveness for your game play.

The science associated with it is pretty simple and clear. The reason is, the center of gravity is homogenously distributed throughout the face of the club. This provides you with a larger sweet spot thus allowing you to take better shots all the time.

Well, the features aren’t over yet, it was just a kind of a briefing introduction. Let’s look at the key features of the XE1 Wedge to understand more about it.

XE1 Wedge: Key Features

  • You will be amazed to know that this club has been specifically designed with the aim of compensating for the miss hits that you make in your typical short games. The club makes up for your unwanted mistakes. This wedge has called in to fulfill those gaps to smoothen your play.

  • The website and even the commercial boasts a lot of the ‘Auto-glide sole’ to be the game changer. They claim that it can make it easy for a golfer of any level to get rid of the deep rough and the difficult bunkers issues.
  • What is more to raise your awe is that the manufacturers claim his product to be the ultimate boon for golfers as the can now expect a mercy for all their miss-hits? To add on, they will never again take on a fat or a thin shot.
  • The perfect combination of the square to square head, the heel to toe weighting and the auto glide sole really does bring in a lot of perfect harmony in the golf course, thus making chip shots as enjoyable as a breeze.

So these were some of the promising features made in support of the XE1 Wedge. Time to wrap up this detailed post with pros and cons.

XE1 Wedge: Pros and Cons

  • The wedge provides a loft angle of very high range up to 65 degrees. The loft angle can be varied within a range of 59 to 65 degree depending on the way you want your shot to be played.
  • With this wedge, the ease that you will enjoy for aligning your shots is incomparable to any other wedge in this range. Its specially designed square to square head really helps you take those precise shots.
  • If we talk a bit about physics, this club has all its center of gravity well spread and balanced in its club face, providing you with a larger sweet spot.
  • The design of the club is very sleek and if you wield it once, you will know how good the club is.
  • The XE1 Wedge comes at an affordable price.
  • The auto-glide sole on the club is an advantage as it gives a great bounce to your shots.
  • Response time is a bit slow.
  • The club is kind of flimsy when you look closely and lacks the belief to last long if used rigorously.
  • Might not be the best product for professional golfers.


Well if we can overlook the few shortcomings, this wedge comes with amazing features at an affordable price.

The xE1 wedge is nothing but a great haul that you will cherish forever, or as long as you want to avoid the irritation of those fat or thin pitches and chip shots.

It also gets your headache killed for those treacherous bunkers, tight lies, and nasty roughs as well.

The wedge is not certainly a big enough name for a club brand well known for its quality. However, the xE1 Wedge is known to provide some of the best features for someone who is just starting golf or is an intermediate player.

Though the making and the quality are not in comparison with the Ping or Cleveland Wedge. The xE1, on the other hand, has a stellar technology in itself when it is brought out amongst its competitors in the same price range.

It is perhaps an even match to the Callaway Mack Daddy Grind Wedge, but less versatile in case of comparison with the Cleveland CBX wedges.

Well, it can give you no feeling close to playing with a forged iron club, but can really bring in in-game improvements for you.

Overall, if you are serious about the game, go and get it. It is an affordable buy and would certainly help you enhance your skills.

XE1 Wedge Review : Hidden Features With Pros and Cons
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